Commemorating Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s 200th Birthday And Celebrating Langer Stores In Beijing Skp

2015 is the 200th anniversary of Ferdinand Adolf Lange, the founder of Lange. On October 13th, Lange held a commemorative event in Beijing. The most influential contemporary Chinese soprano singer and Hui Hui presented saxony watchmaking history with a beautiful singing voice.
LANGE 1-Contemporary 1994

   Ferdinando Adolf Lange was born on February 18, 1815 in Dresden, the capital of Saxony, Germany. In 1842, he collaborated with his master and father-in-law, Gutkaes, to build the famous five-minute digital clock for the Dresden Semper Opera House.

Bronze statue of Ferdinando Adolf Lange

   In 1845, Lange set up a watch factory in the small town of Glashütte near Dresden, which was the cornerstone of His Majesty’s precision watchmaking industry. In 1878, the ‘Fairy King of Bavaria’ Ludwig II customized the ‘Wagner Pocket Watch’ to Lange, and Lange presented Wagner’s most brilliant opera in his case-‘The Ring of Nibelungen’ through enamel painting The five scenes represent the pinnacle of German watchmaking in the era of pocket watches.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Lange factory building, from left to right: Walter Lange, Angela Merkel, Stanislav Tillich and William Schmid

Merkel visits Lange’s new factory building

   After the heavy losses of World War II and the reluctance to withdraw from the Cold War, in 1990 after the reunification of Germany and Germany, Walter Lange, the great-grandson of the founder, returned to his hometown of Glashütte to re-register the Lange trademark and set foot on Saxony The revival of precision watchmaking. In October 1994, Lange’s masterpiece LANGE 1 returned to the altarpiece. Once launched, it became the most representative of the brand. The introduction of a large calendar window on the eccentric dial is a five-minute digital clock born from the Semper Opera House. Lange’s respect for history and tradition.

Five-minute digital clock of the Semper Opera House

   Lange is a firm recorder of German time, witnessing the changing times and historical development. On the afternoon of August 26, 2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the town of Glashütte to unveil the new watchmaking building of Lange. This is not only a high recognition of Lange’s achievements and contributions, but also the most solemn gift to Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s 200th birthday. At the same time, the development of Lange’s business in the world has opened a new chapter: the brand’s second store in China has entered the Beijing SKP mall in July.

Lange Beijing SKP Store 1

Lange Beijing SKP Store 2

   The commemorative dinner on October 13th seemed to be located inside the Semper Opera House. The exquisite five-minute digital clock stood directly above the stage. The dinner was kicked off by Mendelssohn’s ‘Goodbye Forest’-this is German The boy’s choir of the Holy Cross in Dresden sang for Merkel at the opening ceremony of the new factory, and culminated in the two classic opera arias of Hehui. The whole night was full of the charming charm of music.

Semper Opera House

Feeling Extraordinary Life Piaget’s New Gouverneur Series Watch

On November 1, 2012, Beijing Chaoyang Art Planning Museum. Piaget, Switzerland’s top watchmaker with a long history of nearly 140 years, has inherited the ultra-thin ‘core’, and launched the new Gouverneur watch, a pinnacle of homage to elite leaders. The new Gouverneur series inherits the brand’s consistent pursuit and insistence on ultra-thin movements, and its elegant appearance is a bold breakthrough in design: the clever superposition of circles and ovals forms a unique aesthetic structure, implying perfection and absoluteness And brave breakthrough, perfectly illustrates the extraordinary track of Piaget’s watchmaking legend. As the leader of ultra-thin movements, Piaget showed the world’s unique achievements in design, R & D and movement manufacturing, as well as outstanding watchmaking skills, to the world through this release.

     The event scene was constructed by circles and ellipses. The space intertwined with blue light and shadow is like a deep night sky. Nearly 50 pieces of the legacy of Piaget ultra-thin movements and the new Gouverneur series watches are dotted with stars. The historical tunnel of Earl’s ultra-thin world. This piece of ultra-thin jewellery is like a treasure trove of time, telling the earl’s ultra-thin story, giving a glimpse of the constant exploration and progress of the earl’s watchmaking technology.
     Mr. Murong Tao, Earl China’s chief executive officer, came to the scene to witness the Earl’s heritage and breakthrough on the ultra-thin road with the guests. The award-winning film emperor Liu Qingyun, the famous filmmaker Niu Chengze and the outstanding dance artist Huang Doudou also shared their insights on persistence and breakthrough in the extraordinary life. Performer Hu Qizhi’s big ring performance fully interpreted the geometric beauty of the new Piaget Gouverneur series through circular and elliptical trajectory changes, and models wore bright and elegant Piaget ultra-thin watches to shine on the stage, allowing guests to see the Piaget. The ultimate charm of an ultra-thin world.
Piaget’s new Gouverneur series watch glory debut event entrance, blue and gold light and shadow swaying brilliantly, just like a fantasy world Piaget’s new Gouverneur series watch glory debut event scene, Piaget brand story area tells the continuous exploration of Piaget watchmaking technology and the recent Piaget’s new Gouverneur series of watches that have been inextricably linked with ultra-thin movements for 140 years is on the scene of the glorious debut. The Piaget brand story zone showcases Piaget’s 1960s gem dial watch. This watch was Jacqueline Kennedy’s favorite during his lifetime. A Piaget’s new Gouverneur series watch glorious debut, Piaget’s brand story area showcases Piaget Altipalno ultra-thin skeleton watch, interpreting Piaget’s extraordinary skills in the ultra-thin field Piaget’s new Gouverneur series watch glorious debut, Piaget brand The story area showcases Gouverneur watches, dazzling

Piaget’s new Gouverneur series watch gloriously debuted on the scene. The performer Hu Qizhi performed a ‘big ring stunt’ on the spot. The round big ring combined with the smooth body performance showed the ever-changing trajectory of circles and ovals, perfectly interpreting the beauty of geometry. Famous filmmaker Mr. Niu Chengze, Mr. Murong Tao, Earl’s Chief Executive Officer of China, Mr. Liu Qingyun, the award-winning film actress, and Mr. Huang Doudou, celebrated the glorious debut of Piaget’s new Gouverneur series watches (from left to right). The model wore a Piaget ultra-thin movement as the ‘heart’ and dazzling jewellery, and displayed its unique design and distinguished charm on the scene. Piaget’s new Gouverneur series watch gloriously debuted on the scene. Supermodels Ji Huanbo and Wang Shiqing wore Piaget ultra The thin movement is the ‘heart’ watch and the dazzling jewellery, showing its unique design and distinguished charm on the scene. The Piaget’s new Gouverneur series watch gloriously debuted on the scene. The model wears the Piaget ultra-thin movement as the ‘heart’. Watches and dazzling jewellery Earl field to show its unique design and noble platinum diamond glamor new Gouverneur Chronograph Automatic 43 mm
18K white gold case set with 128 diamonds (total weight approximately 1.4 carats)
Transparent sapphire glass case back
Silver radial sun grain machine engraved with thin gold thread
18K White Gold
Matte Ring Polished Rose Gold Chronograph
Piaget 882P ultra-thin flyback automatic chronograph mechanical movement
Ref. G0A37113
Piaget New Gouverneur Moon Phase Tourbillon Moon Diamond 43mm
18K white gold case set with 128 diamonds (total weight approximately 1.4 carats)
Small sapphire glass tourbillon with perspective window
Silver radial sun grain machine engraved with thin gold thread
18K White Gold
Tourbillon frame with white gold trim on the outer edge
Piaget 642P World’s Thinnest Manual Winding Tourbillon Moon Phase Mechanical Movement
G0A37115 Piaget New Gouverneur Automatic Watch with White Gold and Diamonds 43 mm
18K white gold case set with 128 diamonds (total weight approximately 1.4 carats)
Transparent sapphire glass case back
Silver radial sun grain machine engraved with thin gold thread
18K White Gold
Piaget self-winding mechanical movement 800P
Ref. G0A37111

Table Of ‘toxicity’ (A)

After reading Mr. Kang’s ‘Poisons of Watches’, as a watchmaker who has loved watches for many years, I have a lot of emotions. The article mentions ‘If one day you have a chance to stand alone under the light at night, hold a magnifying glass more than 5 times, adjust your breathing, and stare at a good watch. Don’t rush to see anything initially, you can stare at the dial, hands or It’s a place on the watch that lasts five minutes, and you will definitely find some details that you usually miss. ”Tasting a watch is like tasting tea. Only with a peaceful state of mind can we experience the most in-depth, most detailed, most unique, and most valuable place of this small watch.
  Looking back at the beginning of my contact with the watch, I just entered the society just after graduating from college. I feel that the G-shock worn for many years is somewhat studentish, and it is also due to the relationship of vanity. Due to the limited budget, I checked a lot of watch information on the Internet, and was unknowingly paralyzed by the watch’s ‘toxicity’. The design of the dial, the style of the hands, the material of the strap, the type of buckle, and the model of the movement all dazzled me. Finally, I selected a watch from IWC. So far, I still remember getting the watch and exposing the inexplicable excitement of the mask. I believe that all watch friends have this experience.
 Back to this small watch, let’s talk about the “toxicity” of these watches that have the most exquisite technology and have the beauty of the country. What is the “poison”? Share some of my insights, and welcome all netizens to leave a message and let us make progress together.
Dial ‘poison’
  The dial can be said to be the facade of a watch. It gives people the most intuitive first impression. It plays an important role in ‘connecting and supporting’. Only when the dial is right, will people have the desire to continue to understand the watch. Measuring the value of a watch, in addition to the movement, the design of the dial is also one of the keys. Here we introduce some highly skilled dial technology and distinctive dials.
Dial enamel technology
  Enamel, also known as ‘Flang’ and ‘French Blue’, is actually also called Cloisonne, which is a transliteration of a foreign language. The most mysterious and noble ‘enamel watch’ in the dial is due to the enamel painting process.

  The technique of painting enamel originated from the Flemish land painting enamel area at the border of Europe, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands in the middle of the 15th century. At the end of the 15th century, the Limoges in the Midwest of France developed into an important town for painting enamels based on its enamel-making process. In the early days, religious-themed utensils were made, and gradually they were made into decorative crafts.

  Since the 18th century, enamel painting has been fully interpreted on enamel watches. At that time, most of the enamel watches were wall charts, exquisite and exquisite, elegant and noble. There are three types of single-sided, double-sided, and inner painting according to the location of the color. According to the theme of the performance, there are beautiful women, characters, animals, landscapes, Bible stories, war scenes, and local customs. Among these themes, Most of the beautiful pictures. In order to decorate the richness of enamel watches, watchmakers often use pearl-inlaid bezels or apply gilt gold to the frame to highlight the appreciation of enamel painting. The enamel watch’s fetal bones are mostly made of copper and gold, and there are some silver products, but gold is extremely rare.
  When it comes to enamel watches, Jacques Dro has to be mentioned. As one of the oldest watch brands in the world, Jacques Dro has been acclaimed for its exquisite watchmaking and enamel skills, and is particularly good at the ‘big fire’ enamel technique, showing the perfect works of blending classical aesthetics and modern technology.
  What is the ‘big fire’ enamel process?
  Daming fire enamel has always been respected as the highest state of enamel technology. On balanced fired copper or gold, multi-layered colors and even micro-patterned patterns are painted with delicate enamel powder, and then fired and strengthened multiple times until the final enamel glass is fired. Into. After the firing is completed, the enamel painter will manually draw the chronograph scales and time scales on the surface, and then roast it to ensure that the surface decoration is perfectly firm on the surface. To put it plainly, it is to apply multiple layers of color on the same enamel, and then strengthen it by baking in a furnace. Daming fire enamel can be said to be the art of skill and ingenuity, and it is a double strict requirement for art and craftsmanship. As many colors as there are on the dial, how many baptisms will be experienced.

  Jacques De Loire’s special watch. The watch is based on Jacques Droe’s most representative model of the hour and minute dial series, which uses its best-known big fire enamel technology and delicate enamel painting technology to draw lifelike tiger paintings in the eccentric disk. With the ivory white famous fire enamel dial, it shows a delicate and moist texture, just like jade.
  In addition to the large fire enamel, the filigree enamel is also used on the dial. Filigree enamel. Filigree enamel is the most complicated of all enamel crafts, but it is also the most familiar to the Chinese. ‘Croatia’ is a type of filigree enamel. Filament enamel is the outline of the pattern on the metal tire bottom with metal wire, fixed with natural adhesive, and then welded to the metal tire. Then the enamel glazes of different colors are filled into the outlined outline. These enamel glazes are composed of ore and metal oxides ground into fine powder. When the metal sheet is baked in a special furnace at a temperature of 850 to 900 degrees Celsius, the glaze will change color due to high temperature and produce bright colors.

  Filament enamel is difficult to be fine on the metal wire, the smaller the area of ​​the pattern, the more difficult it is to make the thin metal wire. Finally, a rather delicate polishing process is required. The raised gold threads must be smoothed, the surface will become smooth, the gold threads will be more shiny, and the enamel surface will emit a charming flashing luster. Due to the extremely complicated production process of filigree enamel, only a few top watchmakers have the ability to make it since the 1950s.

  The Hunting Minute Repeater introduced by Athenian Watches uses the silk enamel to be magical. The watch is equipped with a double-layer enamel face plate, with a small fish hidden in the middle of the double-face plate, showing the moment when the crocodile opened its mouth to devour the small fish. When the minute repeater function was activated, a thrilling African hunting trip began: the ferocious lion stretched out its claws and darted the little monkey, while the little monkey swayed and dodged in the tree, and there were elephants and giraffes deep in the jungle. In the water are lotus and waterfowl. The double-layered enamel faceplate and lifelike dolls are hand-crafted with filigree enamel technology, presenting the concept of time passing in a lively way. The complex and fine filigree enamel technique is vividly used, which is definitely the perfect crystallization of beauty and craftsmanship.
Dial carved craftsmanship
  Since ancient times, watchmakers have been pursuing the artistry of dials, and carved dials are one of them. The art of carving has long been used by ancient Greek and Roman goldsmiths to decorate handicrafts. They can use a small carving knife to carve out a variety of patterns. This technique has been widely used in jewelry in the 15th century And on the watch.

  Strictly speaking, fine carving is a collective term for several processes in the art of dial making, not a non-specific one. In other words, you can say that a certain craft belongs to the category of fine carving, but fine carving doesn’t stop there.

  One of the most common fine carving methods in gold relief, ‘hammering deep relief’ is actually a common art in European advanced gold and silver processing and is a specialized art. The ‘hammering deep relief’ process does not require a knife or a ‘mold’. With just a small hammer and a few simple tools, it can be bent, stretched, spliced, compounded and formed on a gold sheet according to the template of the original painting. , Polishing and other very complicated processes. Deep relief is mainly shaved, but real deep relief micro-relief can look very three-dimensional. Called engraving, that is, smashing down with a tool. Although a knife is not used, the relief effect is not inferior to the work of the knife carving, and because there are no traces of the knife, the pattern is more uneven, and the characters’ lines are vivid and smooth.

  Jacques Dro’s golden hour and minute seconds dial-four seasons series, decorated with golden birds. Exquisite workmanship and lifelike.
  Bas-relief is also the most common method of fine carving in gold relief, which is easier than deep relief. For the sculptor, bas-relief and bas-relief are often used in the shape of a shadow. On the basis of bas-relief, the background or foreground part of the bas-relief becomes bas-relief. This not only looks more layered, but also breaks the flatness of the bas-relief, which also increases the difficulty of carving.

  The Breguet classic complex series watch, the 18k white gold dial uses a bas-relief process. The rotating dial of the Niuzuo pattern depicts a child’s hand struggling to reach the adult’s hand depicted on the flange, which has a strong sense of hierarchy.

  In addition to gold embossed shell engraving is also one of the more common methods of fine carving, which is attributed to the large number of mother-of-pearl used in dials. Shell carving can also be made into deep relief and bas-relief. The difficulty is that no mistakes can be made in the carving process, because there is no chance for correction after each knife cut. This requires the sculptor to be absolutely stable, accurate, and cruel.

  Breguet Queen of Naples watch with embossed dial on the dial. With a simple steel needle, the technician scribes patterns with a depth of less than two millimeters on different levels of the shell to form an extraordinary detailed carving decoration, which makes the shell appear three-dimensional and exude gorgeous beauty.
  There is also a fine engraving process that combines enamel, engraving filled enamel and carved transparent enamel. The finished bas-relief or relief is covered with transparent colored enamel for firing. Usually, the relief under the enamel is in a geometric pattern. The engraving technique of filling enamel is an ancient enamel technique. The difficulty lies in that when a carver sculpts a pre-designed pattern on a silver tire, the thickness of the line on the pattern must be accurately reflected. The sculptor needs to carefully sculpt the grooves of different figures to show the structure pattern with vivid lines. In addition, there is the carved transparent enamel process, which uses the transparent texture and colored enamel glaze to show the finely carved patterns on the silver tire.

  Vacheron Constantin’s ‘Angel’ watch. The sculptor first sketched the shape of the angel on the dial and dug or carved the groove in the corresponding area. Then the enamel master filled the groove with enamel and then used 800 ° Repeated firing to a high temperature of 850 ° C, and finally grinding and glazing, can be said to challenge the limits of the dial technology.
  There is so much appealing about a small watch, it is impossible to talk for three days and three nights, so I will continue to talk about the ‘toxicity’ of the watch in the next episode, so stay tuned! (Text / picture watch home Dong Hang)

Nicola Andreatta Becomes Roger Dubuis’ New Ceo

Richemont Group announced the appointment of NicolaAndreatta as the CEO of Roger Dubuis, effective December 1, 2018. NicolaAndreatta has 20 years of management experience in the luxury and watchmaking industries. In 2013, he became the first employee of Tiffany Swiss Watches, managing the Tiffany Watch Division as Vice President and General Manager.

 Earlier, NicolaAndreatta founded N.O.A. Watch Company in Ticino, Switzerland, and has achieved good development for more than a decade. Before starting his own company and becoming an entrepreneur, Nicola Andreatta also served in the Asian luxury goods and watchmaking industries, with ACServices, Harwood Investments and ArtConcord serving as managing director, chief operating officer and chief financial officer. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Tissot Xinyuan Series Roman Scales

Among millions of people, there is neither an early step nor a late step, and it is just a moment of fraternity that is remembered by Roman characters; on the shore of thousands of purple and red, there is no heavy touch of color or light outline , Just love the simplicity and elegance of black and white; in the speculative gap between the welcoming to us, there are no more or less words, only seeing my clear and calm ‘core’ visible. This is Tissot’s new Xinyuan series of Roman scale models, dancing gently between the wrists, feeling the classic beauty of time. Tissot Xinyuan Series Roman Scale
    Tissot’s new Xinyuan series Roman scale watch combines simple and classic design concepts. The perfect combination of polished metal case and black leather strap shows the harmony and elegance of black and white. The round dial, soft lines, packs up sharp and stern edges, such as the young girl of Waner, lowers his head to get lotus seeds, and the lotus seeds are as clear as water. The dial features a radial pattern that resembles the rays of the sun, while some ‘black lines’-chic Roman numeral scales inherit this pattern and appear naturally on the dial. These lines are slender but resolute, which is different from the past soft and gentle style. The nostalgic and classic style reveals the female consciousness of present independence. Simple lines sometimes cross and sometimes parallel, such as ballet dancers standing on tiptoes, each elegant rotation is recording a special moment worth remembering. At the same time, they are so freely retractable: the scale at 3 o’clock is replaced by the Tissot logo, the skeleton movement at 12 o’clock, and the scales at 11 and 1 o’clock are slightly smaller, balancing the visual experience. Isn’t this a portrayal of the changing personality of modern women?
    On the dial, the slender stainless steel hands move elegantly in the dial. Its material and color echo the bezel, and accompany the wearer through every midnight until the early morning, day after day, week by week. The classical time is flowing, starting far away. The legend of the age continues
Open the ‘core’ woman with long-lasting charm
    Twelve o’clock at midnight is a magical moment in Cinderella’s fairy tale. The Tissot Xinyuan watch also has this magic. At twelve o’clock, a circular hollowed out window displaying a delicate Swiss automatic movement jumps to the dial. My ‘core’ of the hollow dial can be seen, reflecting a clear bottomlessness and self-confidence, and also conveying the beautiful blessings of Tissot designers to the women in the world. I hope they can be happy all the time and wish to radiate the long-lasting charm of women.
    The watch uses the ETA 2824-2 movement, a vibration frequency of 28,800 times / hour, and a power reserve of 42 hours. The high-performance mechanical automatic movement guarantees the watch’s precise travel time, bringing the dual experience of retro feeling and modern rhythm to the female wearer The sharp bounce of the dial hands and the fine and delicate movement of the movement of the movement of the watch core contrast with each other, as if a woman who is capable and decisive on the outside but slender and sensitive inside, when people accept their instructions for time, they can also find the hidden Behind the cuteness and playfulness; the exquisite classic dial reflects the elegant and feminine face of the hostess, which makes people feel the beauty of time flowing from the wrist when they look up.
Technical Parameters:
-ETA 2824-2 mechanical automatic movement
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case
-Water resistant to 30 meters / 3 atmospheres
-Leather alligator strap with folding buckle
Suggested retail price: RMB 5,200

Elegance Between Exclusive Men’s Wrists Four Top Brand Men’s Watches Recommended

If the elegance of a woman is a flower, beautiful and fragrant; then, the elegance of a man is a glass of mellow wine, thick and warm, light but elegant, and intoxicating. Elegant men exude charming temperament between their hands and feet, which not only requires a certain cultivation and connotation, but also must have a certain taste in dress. As one of the few men’s accessories, watches play a key role in collocation. Today, Watch House will recommend several top brand watch masterpieces for elegant men, for reference only.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Q1368420

Basic Information
Watch Series: Automatic
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 39 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 79,000
Watch details: ULTRA THIN ultra-thin master series watch series Q1368420 watch, silver stainless steel case exudes a faint metallic luster, 39 mm diameter leaves enough space for the dial, the visual effect is very striking. The silver-white dial has simple gold-plated hour markers, the silver hour and minute hands and the overall background tone are combined into one, and the blue second hand is thin and elegant, becoming a smart design element on the dial. The moon phase display window is located at six o’clock, and the deep night sky is dotted with stars and the moon, so that the wearer can witness the moon’s gloomy sky from his wrist. The small dial is surrounded by the date from 1 to 31, and the time and date can be read at a glance. Black alligator leather with folding buckle is convenient and comfortable to wear, and the thinness will not add any burden to the man’s wrist. The watch is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre Cal.925 movement, 28800 oscillations per hour, and a power reserve of 43 hours, which is enough to meet daily wear needs.
IWC Automatic IW500113 watch

Basic Information
Watch Series: Automatic
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 42.3 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 162,000
Watch details: iwc / 6096 /
Watch Comments: This chronograph watch uses a warm 18K rose gold case. The 42.3 mm case is suitable for most men’s wearing sizes. The noble materials exude a unique luxury style. On the silver-plated dial, the blue hands used to indicate the timing period and the silver-plated dial form a sharp and dazzling contrast effect. The power display at three o’clock and the small seconds at nine o’clock form a symmetrical style. The watch has super long power, which provides a lot of convenience for watch wearers. The calendar display window is at six o’clock. The brown alligator leather strap is elegant and atmospheric. Finally, the watch is equipped with a Cal.51011 automatic mechanical movement with a power reserve of 168 hours for up to seven days. The tradition of precise timekeeping in Portuguese watches is derived from the various precision navigational instruments used by great navigators to explore the world. In this traditional collection, a chronograph movement accurate to a quarter of a second is naturally indispensable. The elegant design of the Portuguese chronograph and the moderate thickness of the case make it one of the most coveted models in the Portuguese collection. The dial layout is neat and lively, and the recessed accumulator, raised Arabic numerals and proportioned leaf-shaped hour and minute hands are harmoniously integrated.
Piaget Altiplano G0A40031

Basic Information
Watch series: Altiplano
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18k white gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 41 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 314,000
Watch details: piaget / 37705 /
Watch Reviews: As always, this Altiplano series watch adheres to the simple style, while balancing the complicated display required for complex functions, and the delicate balance of both. The 41 mm case is inlaid with bright and gorgeous diamonds. Through the mirror, you can see that the dial is polished and modified by the sun’s radiant matte surface, revealing a radiant and bright light. The slender Barton pointer with single-row and double-row alternate time scales makes reading at a glance. There are three small dials on the dial, and many people think that it only has a timekeeping function, and then surprises are often unexpected. In addition to the small seconds at 6 o’clock and the 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock, the second time zone display at 24 o’clock is set at 9 o’clock. Inside is equipped with a new 883P movement developed by Piaget. This movement is based on one of the thinnest automatic winding movements on the market, the 880P. The craftsmanship that has been honed for a long time has enabled Piaget to produce this outstanding hand-wound flyback chronograph.
Breguet Classic 5177BB / 29 / 9v6 watch

Basic Information
Watch Series: Classic
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k white gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 38 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 186,800
Watch details: breguet / 11276 /
Watch Reviews: Breguet Classic Series 5177 date display white gold watch with a simple white enamel dial, exquisite hollow eccentric ‘moon-shaped’ blue steel hands depict Breguet’s elegant style, with classic Breguet Arabic numerals Shows the classic beauty of classics. This watch is equipped with a 777Q self-winding mechanical movement equipped with a silicon flat balance spring. The movement frequency is 4.0 Hz and it can provide a power reserve of about 55 hours. Breguet has been known for its absolute influence on technology and art since its birth. It is not only synonymous with excellent watchmaking skills, but also a perfect example of humankind, creativity, grace and fairness, and also in the cultural field Plays a pivotal role.
Summary: The price range of the above watches ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, but each watch has a unique design concept, which is a classic of major brands. The status symbol is a measure of man’s taste, revealing charming charm between raising hands.

Blancpain Pays Tribute To Fifty Fathoms Mil-spec ‘only Watch’ To Help Charity Auction

The ‘Only Watch’ charity auction in 2017 will be held in Geneva on November 11th at 2:30 pm. At that time, Blancpain will once again present a single-volume watch that is limited to one piece in the world. The inspiration for the production of this orphan watch comes from the “Respect for the Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC” re-engraved at the Basel Watch Fair this year.

All the proceeds from the ‘Only Watch’ charity auction are donated to the Monaco Association against Muscular Dystrophy (AMM). AMM was established in 2001. For 17 years, Blancpain has provided firm support to the AMM Association. , And actively participate in various operational matters organized by the association:

Blancpain is the first and only watch brand to participate in the Only One charity auction in 2001 and 2003. It is the predecessor of Today Only Charity Auction;

All six auctions since the official establishment of Only Watch in 2005 have not been absent from Blancpain. In 2017, Blancpain glorified and participated in the 7th Only Watch Charity Auction.

    This ‘Only Watch’ watch pays tribute to the 50-year-old MIL-SPEC, equipped with Blancpain’s own 1151 self-winding movement. The movement consists of 210 parts and is equipped with two main barrels connected in series, ensuring a power reserve of up to 4 days. The watch is equipped with a stainless steel case with a diameter of 40 mm. Through the sapphire crystal on the back of the watch, the movement and the gold oscillating weight coated with NAC (a platinum alloy) are clearly visible, and the ‘Blancpain’ classic logo and the ‘Only Watch’ logo on the oscillating weight are also immediately visible. .

The new MIL-SPEC orphan replica watch has all the characteristics of professional diving watches. These characteristics were first established by the Fifty Fathoms watch released in 1953, and then adopted by the entire watch industry. This watch is the only one of its kind in the world, with a black dial and graduated indexes with a Super-LuminNova yellow luminous coating. These elements are exactly the same as the MILSPEC 1 watch introduced in the 1950s. On the watch dial, the date is displayed in yellow, and the humidity indicator is still at six o’clock. Black unidirectional rotating bezel with yellow fluorescent scale and arched sapphire crystal bezel. This is a major innovation introduced by Blancpain on the 50th anniversary of the 50th anniversary in 2003, which aims to provide comprehensive protection for the fluorescent scale on the bezel. The new MIL-SPEC solitary replica watch is water-resistant to 30 bar (about 300 meters in depth) and is equipped with a NATO military strap.

As the pioneer of modern diving watches, the first Fifty Fathoms watch released in 1953 was designed by Jean-Jacques Fichte, then CEO of Blancpain. This watch was worn by French Navy diving commandos in the 1950s. Jean-Jacques Fichte knew that a reliable watch was vital to the safety of divers, so he decided to add a humidity indicator to the watch. In case of water vapor infiltration, the white part of the disc will turn red at 6 o’clock on the dial to serve as a warning. This watch is called the Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC 1, and was selected by the US Navy from 1957 to 1958.

Ceramic Circle Platinum Diamonds

Omega is one of the most famous watch brands. Excellent product quality and large product output make the sales of Omega watches always occupy a leading position in the industry, and the product quality is very good. Let Omega brand have a good reputation in the market.
The Ocean Universe GMT series also launched a new watch in Basel last year, which has made people’s eyes bright, and everyone still remembers it. This year, Omega launched two new watches of the same style, but the materials and colors are slightly different. Is this the Omega approaching the new era of GMT? A while ago, my colleague introduced the ‘Sao Orange of the same paragraph’. Let me briefly introduce this marine universe watch with platinum and diamonds in ceramic rings.

This watch can be said to be selected from the top materials in the material, the case is made of platinum, and is set with diamonds inside. In fact, this is simple, but it is very complicated to do, because these two materials are extremely hard, and the accuracy of the scale and groove must be maintained. It cannot be achieved without superb technology. And there are not only diamonds on the case, but also diamonds on the bezel and the back, a total of 113. There are only eight watch cases made with such a complicated technology.
For this watch, the functions are not very important bonus points, although its functions are also very good.

After launching the first coaxial movement in 1999, Omega kept improving the technology. This watch is equipped with movement 8615, which was born in 2012. It is also the first movement in the Omega family of coaxial movements with a day-of-the-week calendar display and instantaneous jump function. It has a built-in SI14 silicon spring for enhanced magnetic immunity. Because the technology is still very advanced and may not be mature in some places, Omega provides 4 years of after-sales service for this. However, the movement of this series of movements is still very stable, and the durability is still after effects.
Needless to say, the function of this watch has long been affirmed. Due to the high cost and the limited edition of 8 pieces, everyone can buy it. It is estimated that the real thing is a luxury, and it should be the object of choice for the real rich. Its appearance is already very beautiful, the built-in movement also belongs to the industry’s excellent technology, a good watch is certain, but it is too difficult to buy it.
 Watch details: omega / 30138 /

A Watch That Combines Beauty And Talent You Need A Watch That Combines Beauty And Talent

When choosing a watch, in addition to price and brand, what else will you focus on? Especially for girls, appearance must be one of the important references. A fine and pleasing watch is essential, but the exquisite watchmaking technology and quality are just as important as the ‘talent’ of a watch, so today Recommend some ‘collection of talent and beauty and one body’ watches.

Yibolu Elegant Series BBR608-422

Product model: BBR608-422
Domestic public price: 5450
Watch diameter: 36 mm
Case thickness: 8.5 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Movement model: Ronda 705.3
Case material: 316L stainless steel, electroplated rose gold
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details:

Product model: L4.321.4.52.6
Domestic public price: 9100
Watch diameter: 25.50 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: L561
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: longines / 58740 /

Watch Comments: The Rosewood series retains Longines’ classic and timeless style for a long time. The simple and elegant dial design is unisex. The dial is decorated with Roman numerals and a calendar display window at three o’clock. The dial is simple and elegant, making it easy to read the time clearly. The stainless steel bracelet has a crystal luster, and the metallic luster gives people a sense of safety, nobility, great atmosphere, and durability. The movement is automatic and has a power reserve of 38 hours. A unisex watch for every occasion.

Amy Longleimont Series 19.1168.L.

Product model: 19.1168.L.
Domestic public price: ¥ 8800
Watch diameter: 28 mm
Case thickness: 9.30 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: emile / 59669 /

Watch Reviews: Belongs to the iconic ‘wing’ lugs of Emilon, unique and beautiful, the watch is made of stainless steel, tough and delicate. The sun-sand dial has a clear hierarchy, and the studs and silver Roman scales are delicate and easy to read. Automatic winding movement, 45-hour power reserve, 30 meters life waterproof depth enough for daily wear.

Summary: Even if there is no gorgeous decoration, it is as simple as that, but it still makes people irresistible, which is its charm. Elegance and quality are both ‘beautiful and talented.’ The beauty of a watch also sets off your beauty.

Ascend To The Sky And Look Forward To A Grand Autumn Covenant – Oris Big Crown Analog Calendar Watch

It is China’s own custom to ascend the distance in the fall. From Li Bai’s ‘Ascent to yesterday’s ascent, today is even more embarrassing’ to Meng Haoran’s ‘Looking up to ascend’, the literati Mo Ke’s pen records a field and autumn grand contract. While the golden leaves have not yet withered and the chill has not yet been soaked, Oris selected two classic large-scale crown aviation watches, and used the brand’s ingenuity and elegant design to cherish the autumn together, and enjoy the autumn scenery.

Ingenuity-80 years of ascent

  To see the best scenery, one step at a time is needed to climb the highest mountain. This is a process that requires perseverance, like the watchmaking process of the Oris Grand Crown. In 1938, Oris created the first large-scale crown watch for the convenience of pilots wearing gloves to operate the watch. Over 80 years later, under the continuous efforts of several generations of Oris, the large crown series watches not only continued the original reliability and practicality, but also became the brand’s most representative products, climbing to the large crown category. The peak of the watch. In commemoration of the 80 years of constant climbing of this classic product, Oris launched the special edition of the 80th anniversary of the large crown pointer calendar in 2018. The bronze case with the dark green dial reflects the retro nostalgia. Bronze produces different oxidation effects after wearing it for a period of time. This is the most unique mark given by time and the best way to express the long history of large crown watches. In the fall, wearing an Oris Large Crown Analogue 80th Anniversary Special Edition watch to ascend, as if the brand has been carrying it for more than 80 years, and continues to climb to the top of the mountain to enjoy the gorgeous autumn colors.

Looking into the distance-settling down


  Compared with the enthusiasm of summer, the autumn scenery is a bit lonely and Xiaosuo, but this is exactly the unique charm of autumn scenery. Like the Oris Large Crown Analogue Watch with a grey-blue dial, it has an unmatched color but unique elegance. Oris designers took inspiration from the architectural color set of modern master LeCorbusier. With a gray-blue background, retro Arabic numerals and ‘snake-eye’ -shaped aviation pointers, they created a chic autumn landscape with beautiful colors. Picture, tranquil and soothing. The rounded and streamlined design, the convex mirror radian, and the coin-shaped bezel add more vintage charm to this ‘painting’ half a century ago. Looking at the view from the top of a high mountain, wear an Oris large crown analog date watch. If you break away from the disturbance of the world, you will set yourself in the embrace of nature, let the floating heart be calm and keep Sober up and re-orient yourself.

  The autumn scenery is intoxicating, and the sky is higher and bluer. The cloudless sky not only makes people want to continuously ascend to approach, but also wants to fly in the blue sky freely. If you can’t become a pilot immediately, wearing Oris Air’s large crown analog date watch to go to an autumn date has its own style. With a low-key and elegant design, it has paid tribute to the brand’s ingenuity for more than 80 years. The charm of Oris large crown aviation watch can make this autumn bloom more glorious.

product features:

Oris Large Crown Analogue 80th Anniversary Special Edition Watch
Product number: 01 754 7741 3167-07, table diameter: 40 mm
Oris754 self-winding mechanical movement, hands-on instant jump calendar, stop-seconds function, 38-hour power reserve
Stainless steel screw-in transparent bottom cover, bronze screw-in crown, waterproof to 50 meters
Sapphire ‘bubble mirror’ with anti-glare coating on the inside
Hands and scales coated with Super-LumiNova® C1 / C3
Bronze case, dark green dial,
Dark brown vegetable tanned leather strap with bronze pin buckle
Suggested retail price: RMB 13,800

Oris Large Crown Analog Date Watch
Product Code: 754 7741 4064/4065, Table Diameter: 40.00 mm
Oris754 self-winding mechanical movement with analog date function
Stainless steel case and screw-down crown, 50 meters water resistant
Screw-down stainless steel case back, mineral glass bottom
Double-sided arched sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating on the inside
Blue or black dial with hands and scales coated with Super-LumiNova®
Black plate style can be used with stainless steel strap or dark brown vegetable tanned belt (stainless steel pin buckle); blue plate style can be used with stainless steel strap or light brown vegetable tanned belt (stainless steel pin buckle)
Suggested retail price: RMB 12,400 for steel belts, RMB 10,800 for belts