Ceramic Circle Platinum Diamonds

Omega is one of the most famous watch brands. Excellent product quality and large product output make the sales of Omega watches always occupy a leading position in the industry, and the product quality is very good. Let Omega brand have a good reputation in the market.
The Ocean Universe GMT series also launched a new watch in Basel last year, which has made people’s eyes bright, and everyone still remembers it. This year, Omega launched two new watches of the same style, but the materials and colors are slightly different. Is this the Omega approaching the new era of GMT? A while ago, my colleague introduced the ‘Sao Orange of the same paragraph’. Let me briefly introduce this marine universe watch with platinum and diamonds in ceramic rings.

This watch can be said to be selected from the top materials in the material, the case is made of platinum, and is set with diamonds inside. In fact, this is simple, but it is very complicated to do, because these two materials are extremely hard, and the accuracy of the scale and groove must be maintained. It cannot be achieved without superb technology. And there are not only diamonds on the case, but also diamonds on the bezel and the back, a total of 113. There are only eight watch cases made with such a complicated technology.
For this watch, the functions are not very important bonus points, although its functions are also very good.

After launching the first coaxial movement in 1999, Omega kept improving the technology. This watch is equipped with movement 8615, which was born in 2012. It is also the first movement in the Omega family of coaxial movements with a day-of-the-week calendar display and instantaneous jump function. It has a built-in SI14 silicon spring for enhanced magnetic immunity. Because the technology is still very advanced and may not be mature in some places, Omega provides 4 years of after-sales service for this. However, the movement of this series of movements is still very stable, and the durability is still after effects.
Needless to say, the function of this watch has long been affirmed. Due to the high cost and the limited edition of 8 pieces, everyone can buy it. It is estimated that the real thing is a luxury, and it should be the object of choice for the real rich. Its appearance is already very beautiful, the built-in movement also belongs to the industry’s excellent technology, a good watch is certain, but it is too difficult to buy it.
 Watch details: omega / 30138 /

A Watch That Combines Beauty And Talent You Need A Watch That Combines Beauty And Talent

When choosing a watch, in addition to price and brand, what else will you focus on? Especially for girls, appearance must be one of the important references. A fine and pleasing watch is essential, but the exquisite watchmaking technology and quality are just as important as the ‘talent’ of a watch, so today Recommend some ‘collection of talent and beauty and one body’ watches.

Yibolu Elegant Series BBR608-422

Product model: BBR608-422
Domestic public price: 5450
Watch diameter: 36 mm
Case thickness: 8.5 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Movement model: Ronda 705.3
Case material: 316L stainless steel, electroplated rose gold
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details:

Product model: L4.321.4.52.6
Domestic public price: 9100
Watch diameter: 25.50 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: L561
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: longines / 58740 /

Watch Comments: The Rosewood series retains Longines’ classic and timeless style for a long time. The simple and elegant dial design is unisex. The dial is decorated with Roman numerals and a calendar display window at three o’clock. The dial is simple and elegant, making it easy to read the time clearly. The stainless steel bracelet has a crystal luster, and the metallic luster gives people a sense of safety, nobility, great atmosphere, and durability. The movement is automatic and has a power reserve of 38 hours. A unisex watch for every occasion.

Amy Longleimont Series 19.1168.L.

Product model: 19.1168.L.
Domestic public price: ¥ 8800
Watch diameter: 28 mm
Case thickness: 9.30 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: emile / 59669 /

Watch Reviews: Belongs to the iconic ‘wing’ lugs of Emilon, unique and beautiful, the watch is made of stainless steel, tough and delicate. The sun-sand dial has a clear hierarchy, and the studs and silver Roman scales are delicate and easy to read. Automatic winding movement, 45-hour power reserve, 30 meters life waterproof depth enough for daily wear.

Summary: Even if there is no gorgeous decoration, it is as simple as that, but it still makes people irresistible, which is its charm. Elegance and quality are both ‘beautiful and talented.’ The beauty of a watch also sets off your beauty.

Ascend To The Sky And Look Forward To A Grand Autumn Covenant – Oris Big Crown Analog Calendar Watch

It is China’s own custom to ascend the distance in the fall. From Li Bai’s ‘Ascent to yesterday’s ascent, today is even more embarrassing’ to Meng Haoran’s ‘Looking up to ascend’, the literati Mo Ke’s pen records a field and autumn grand contract. While the golden leaves have not yet withered and the chill has not yet been soaked, Oris selected two classic large-scale crown aviation watches, and used the brand’s ingenuity and elegant design to cherish the autumn together, and enjoy the autumn scenery.

Ingenuity-80 years of ascent

  To see the best scenery, one step at a time is needed to climb the highest mountain. This is a process that requires perseverance, like the watchmaking process of the Oris Grand Crown. In 1938, Oris created the first large-scale crown watch for the convenience of pilots wearing gloves to operate the watch. Over 80 years later, under the continuous efforts of several generations of Oris, the large crown series watches not only continued the original reliability and practicality, but also became the brand’s most representative products, climbing to the large crown category. The peak of the watch. In commemoration of the 80 years of constant climbing of this classic product, Oris launched the special edition of the 80th anniversary of the large crown pointer calendar in 2018. The bronze case with the dark green dial reflects the retro nostalgia. Bronze produces different oxidation effects after wearing it for a period of time. This is the most unique mark given by time and the best way to express the long history of large crown watches. In the fall, wearing an Oris Large Crown Analogue 80th Anniversary Special Edition watch to ascend, as if the brand has been carrying it for more than 80 years, and continues to climb to the top of the mountain to enjoy the gorgeous autumn colors.

Looking into the distance-settling down


  Compared with the enthusiasm of summer, the autumn scenery is a bit lonely and Xiaosuo, but this is exactly the unique charm of autumn scenery. Like the Oris Large Crown Analogue Watch with a grey-blue dial, it has an unmatched color but unique elegance. Oris designers took inspiration from the architectural color set of modern master LeCorbusier. With a gray-blue background, retro Arabic numerals and ‘snake-eye’ -shaped aviation pointers, they created a chic autumn landscape with beautiful colors. Picture, tranquil and soothing. The rounded and streamlined design, the convex mirror radian, and the coin-shaped bezel add more vintage charm to this ‘painting’ half a century ago. Looking at the view from the top of a high mountain, wear an Oris large crown analog date watch. If you break away from the disturbance of the world, you will set yourself in the embrace of nature, let the floating heart be calm and keep Sober up and re-orient yourself.

  The autumn scenery is intoxicating, and the sky is higher and bluer. The cloudless sky not only makes people want to continuously ascend to approach, but also wants to fly in the blue sky freely. If you can’t become a pilot immediately, wearing Oris Air’s large crown analog date watch to go to an autumn date has its own style. With a low-key and elegant design, it has paid tribute to the brand’s ingenuity for more than 80 years. The charm of Oris large crown aviation watch can make this autumn bloom more glorious.

product features:

Oris Large Crown Analogue 80th Anniversary Special Edition Watch
Product number: 01 754 7741 3167-07, table diameter: 40 mm
Oris754 self-winding mechanical movement, hands-on instant jump calendar, stop-seconds function, 38-hour power reserve
Stainless steel screw-in transparent bottom cover, bronze screw-in crown, waterproof to 50 meters
Sapphire ‘bubble mirror’ with anti-glare coating on the inside
Hands and scales coated with Super-LumiNova® C1 / C3
Bronze case, dark green dial,
Dark brown vegetable tanned leather strap with bronze pin buckle
Suggested retail price: RMB 13,800

Oris Large Crown Analog Date Watch
Product Code: 754 7741 4064/4065, Table Diameter: 40.00 mm
Oris754 self-winding mechanical movement with analog date function
Stainless steel case and screw-down crown, 50 meters water resistant
Screw-down stainless steel case back, mineral glass bottom
Double-sided arched sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating on the inside
Blue or black dial with hands and scales coated with Super-LumiNova®
Black plate style can be used with stainless steel strap or dark brown vegetable tanned belt (stainless steel pin buckle); blue plate style can be used with stainless steel strap or light brown vegetable tanned belt (stainless steel pin buckle)
Suggested retail price: RMB 12,400 for steel belts, RMB 10,800 for belts

Chronomaster El Primero Full Open Full Skeleton Watch

In order to better present the core charm of the flagship Chronomaster, Zenith launched the legendary El Primero chronograph in three different forms: full solid disk, half hollow disk, and today’s full hollow disk.

   The completely open design allows watch fans to capture and appreciate the precision operation of the movement. The new watch is equipped with the legendary El Primero integrated column-wheel automatic chronograph movement, which is assembled from 326 parts, vibrates up to 36,000 times per hour (5 Hz), and provides a power reserve of up to 50 hours.
   The three sub-dials are reasonably arranged. The 30-minute cumulative timer, the 12-hour cumulative timer and the small second hand are set at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, respectively, to confirm the smooth operation of the movement.

   The new watch is available in 38mm and 42mm versions, and is available in stainless steel and stainless steel with 18K rose gold bezels. The new watch is equipped with a brown alligator leather strap or a stainless steel metal bracelet, which is water-resistant to 100 meters.
   In addition to the fascinating mechanism that is now fully visible, the new watch also has a subtle compliment to the El Primero 1969 historical model in other aspects. The 38 mm date display window is set between 4 and 5 o’clock, just like the original version; the famous blue scale circle is also the same as the historical prototype.

Swiss Radar’s New ‘silver Diamond’ Series Xi’an Dazzlely Debut

Mr. Xia Xiaochun, General Manager of Xi’an Branch of Hengli World Watch Center, Mr. Huang Yi, Mr. Liu Xiaoming, Vice President of Hengli World Watch Center, and Mr. Wan Zhifei, National Sales Director of Rado

 On September 6, in the Xi’an Hengli World Famous Watch Center, the internationally renowned high-end watch brand Swiss Rado watch held a new ‘Silver Diamond’ series of watch tour activities. In the elegant and passionate music, the model showed the noble and elegant new ‘Silver Diamond’ series and other classic watches. Miss Huang Yi, who has just attracted worldwide attention at the Venice Film Festival, also appeared at the event. Her elegant and fashionable temperament complements the radar watch. The tour will continue until September 14th, and will open a door of luxury for those who are interested in watch culture in the ancient capital of Xi’an.

 As a star product of the radar watch, the overall shape of the new ‘Silver Diamond’ series is smooth, like a flying arch, integrated with a barrel-shaped dial. It is not only comfortable to wear, warm and smooth, but also visually elegant and harmonious. The dial with gorgeous diamonds is the finishing touch of this series!

 Huang Yi wears a radar watch with silver and super diamonds

 In addition, the Radar V10K series, known as the ‘hardest watch in the world’, the ‘precision ceramics’ series that pioneered the material of watches, the ‘founding type’ series with a glorious legend, and the ‘monolithic ceramics’ known for its exquisite design The series also debuted and performed a beautiful watch art show for the audience.

 The Radar Xi’an Hengli Store reflects the high international standards in terms of design style and construction specifications. The spacious store space continues the brand’s concept of customer service in terms of functions. It has specially set up a professional contracted repair center and VIP lounge area, which is very user-friendly. The store adopts the radar’s consistent modern and simple design style. From the black and white watch display cabinet to the simple main visual image with the product as the main body, the radar table ‘product is the protagonist’ concept is highlighted.

 Elegant Huang Yi wears radar watch silver diamond super diamond watch

 Half a century ago, Swiss radars were the inventors of hard-to-wear watches. Today, people from all over the world have linked the name of the radar watch to unparalleled classic design and extremely comfortable wearing. It provides the world’s most perfect watch-with a hard-wearing case, rugged performance and beautiful shape. When other brands are still making watches with general materials such as gold, silver, and steel, radar watches have selected advanced materials, such as hard metal, sapphire crystal, high-tech ceramics, high-tech lanthanum, or high-tech diamonds Materials for watch manufacturing. The design of the Swiss radar watch has a distinctive personality, smooth lines, and a strong sense of modernity and innovation. ‘What we admire is not a season or a year of popularity, because it is too short. We bring a long-lasting classic beauty that can withstand the test of time just like our materials.’ —— Radar Global President Roland Streule always describes the design pursuit of radar meters.

 Swiss Rado Henri World Watch Center Xi’an
 This is the perfect interpretation of the Rado brand concept: ‘The success of Rado depends on and will continue to rely on the philosophy behind its brand: pioneering spirit, coherent decision-making and people-oriented.’ Dr. Paul Lüthi, founder of Rado . Today, adhering to this extraordinary conviction, radar watch has become the most successful luxury watch brand in China and even in the world!

Vacheron Constantin Hollow Perpetual Calendar Watch

Patrimony Traditionnelle skeleton perpetual calendar watch uses Calibre1120QPSQ movement, has the Geneva mark certification, exquisite Art Nouveau engraving pattern is one of its characteristics. Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Openworked (43172-PinkGold)
    Vacheron Constantin’s sculptors were inspired by the tone of nature and the elegant lines of the Eiffel Tower. The complexity of decorative patterns and the exquisiteness of functional operation are another important feature of the movement, which makes it a masterpiece in skeleton models. The dial design needs to allow people to see the perfect craftsmanship of the hollowed-out movement and to read the display of the perpetual calendar function clearly.
Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Openworked (43172-Platinum-1)
    In order to achieve the above goals, Vacheron Constantin uses a transparent sapphire crystal dial, plus a silver-treated outer ring combined with the hour and minute scales. Therefore, through the dial, the perpetual calendar display becomes larger and clearer. The moon phase display also makes full use of the transparent effect and is interpreted by double-glazed matte glass.

Jin Dong Wearing The Three Time Chronographs Of Bucherer Plavier In Shanghai Will Be Screened In The Shanghai Drama ‘the Ancient City Of Ghosts And Blows’.

Recently, the well-known actor Jin Dong is wearing Shanghai in the time zone of the Bucherer Plavi three time to perform in Shanghai, preparing for the upcoming new film. A black locomotive shape, with three rose gold time chronographs on the wrist, undoubtedly become the biggest highlight. This watch has outstanding functions. The exquisite case and movement design can display the time in three time zones at one time. The time in the third time zone can be set by using the patented single-button system. Compared with other time zones, No doubt better. The personality is distinctive, and the sporty design complements Jin Dong’s tough and masculine appearance.

Well-known actor Jin Dong wears Bucherer Plavi’s three places chronograph

At the Basel Show this year, Jin Dong also visited Bucherer and had a great conversation with Sascha Moeri, the global chief executive.

Technical specifications


Model: 00.10620.03.33.01
Movement: CFB 1901.1 self-winding movement, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory, diameter 28.6 mm, thickness 7.3 mm, 39 stones, 42 hours power reserve
Function: timing, three places time display, date display
Case: 18K rose gold, screw-down crown, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 50 meters, diameter 46.6 mm, thickness 15.5 mm
Strap: black calfskin strap, 18K rose gold folding buckle

Traveling The Universe Real Shooting New Hermes Arceau Series L ‘heure De La Lune Monthly Reading Time Watch

At the SIHH 2019, Hermès has launched the new Arceau series L’heure de la lune moon reading time watch, which interprets the moon from a unique perspective and displays the moons in the northern and southern hemispheres. Profit and loss. On this dial made of aventurine, two sub-dials that display the movement of time around the dial display the mother-of-pearl moon phase disc with the rhythm of the original mechanism mounted on the Hermes-made movement.

Hermès new Arceau series L’heure de la lune moon reading time watch

Hermès new Arceau series L’heure de la lune moon reading time watch dial detail

   The Arceau L’heure de la lune monthly watch is a new interpretation of Hermès’s watchmaking skills. Loaded in a white gold case is a light, nimble, and unexpected movement-Hermès H1837 self-winding movement. Meteorite and aventurine dials embedded with mother-of-pearl shells create a dreamy universe, and satellite-like sub-dials suspended around the moon’s moon phase disks in the northern and southern hemispheres.

Hermès new Arceau series L’heure de la lune moon reading time watch dial detail

Hermès new Arceau series L’heure de la lune moon reading time watch dial detail

  The two naughty moon phase disks are intentionally turned upside down from north to south, with the southern hemisphere up and the northern hemisphere down. This upside-down approach conceals the mystery, which leads people to experience the mood of disorientation, immersed in the dream of looking up at the starry sky.

Hermès new Arceau series L’heure de la lune moon reading time watch dial detail

Hermès new Arceau series L’heure de la lune moon reading time watch
   Herma, the origin of Hermes since its inception, also galloped in this dream world with a beautiful pace. The moon phase plate at 12 o’clock is decorated with the Pegasus as depicted by illustrator Dimitri Rybaltchenko; this Pegasus pattern called Pleine Lune (full moon) outlines the fusion of the two worlds of ‘magic’ and ‘real’ The transition time and space are vivid on the 43mm case designed by Henri d’Origny in 1978.

Hermès new Arceau Collection L’heure de la lune moon reading timepiece strap

Hermes new Arceau series L’heure de la lune moon reading timepiece bottom cover

   Hermes, famous for its leather goods, is unequivocal when it comes to watches. An alligator leather strap is used on this watch. The inside of the strap is Hermes’ signature orange, which reveals a touch of vitality when mature.

Hermès new Arceau series L’heure de la lune moon reading time watch details of the crown

Hermès new Arceau series L’heure de la lune moon reading time watch

   The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2019 SIHH Geneva International Watch Salon brought by the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more exciting exhibition reports, so stay tuned.

  For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Let Everything Go To Miss: Four Big Moon Phase Women’s Watches Recommended

The moon phase watch is designed according to the profit and loss of the moon. Due to the changes in the weather and the pollution of the city, we may not always see the moon phase at that time. The most common moon phase in watches is now The display is reflected by the fan-shaped moon phase window on the dial and the moon phase disk on the movement.

Patek Philippe Calendar ref. 4936 Watch
For the first time, Patek Philippe introduced a ladies-only annual calendar. As a patented timer, the annual calendar can accurately display the date of the month and month. It only needs to be adjusted once a year in February. This model 4936 is extremely charming and attractive, and is specially designed for women’s wrists. 18K white gold case, black mother-of-pearl dial, smooth grey alligator leather strap; 156 white top Wesselton diamonds embedded in the base, flawless and rare. ‘Caliber 315’ self-winding mechanical movement; annual calendar, moon phases, long seconds; Geneva premium seal; water-resistant to 25 meters.
The moon phase watch is designed according to the moon’s profit and loss. Due to weather changes and urban pollution, we may not always see the moon phase at that time. Now the most common moon phase profit and loss display in watches is the fan shape on the dial. The moon phase window and the moon phase disk on the movement reflect the cooperation. The full moon and blue starry sky are printed on the moon phase disk. As it rotates day by day, the full moon is obscured by different angles of arcs on the fan-shaped window, thus showing the change of the lack of the moon. When the watch in your hand shows all the colors, it is to remind you, let go of everything in your hand, and run away with your thoughts.

MontBlanc Star Lady Gold Moon Phase Women’s Watch
From the name of the watch, Star Lady Gold, you can know that this moon phase female watch has twinkling stars, a total of 5 hexagonal stars of different materials, with 0.055 carat diamond, white or rose gold, hollow and black and white original styles, appearing on the surface, hands And crown. Mother-of-pearl dial with matching silk strap, bezel and lugs with stud diamonds, watch diameter 36 mm, bezel and lugs set with 104 top Wesselton step-cut diamonds; shiny pearls The mother-of-pearl dial looks like the deep night sky, with moon phases displayed between 9 and 12 o’clock. A star-shaped diamond on the dial coincides with the moon phase to form a star-moon map; the edge of the dial is inlaid with 80 diamonds; the outer ring of the calendar at 6 o’clock is also inlaid with 24 diamonds, forming a flashing halo.

Zenith ChronoMaster Moon Phase flagship moon phase women’s watch
With the charming and classic design of ChronoMaster Moon Phase’s flagship moon phase women, Zenith women realize their starry dreams. The double beaded case is more slim (37.5mm in diameter), set with brilliant diamonds, and the dial is covered with a glittering mother-of-pearl coat, but it still retains the Roman numeral intarsia and wheat ear pattern unique to ChronoMaster’s flagship. Complication watches are available in rose gold with a brown alligator strap or stainless steel with a black and white strap.

Longines Master Series Watches
不锈钢 This Longines master stainless steel moon phase watch is indeed a model of professionalism and keen insight. Built-in L600 automatic movement. The white mother-of-pearl is lined with a diamond bezel set with 100 high-quality diamonds in the top Wesselton VVS, weighing 0.9 carats. At 6 o’clock, there are moon phase display and date display; the day of the week and month display are set at 12 hours. The watch back sees through the moving movement. Water-resistant to 30 meters.

Introduction To Jaeger-lecoultre Tourbillon Movement

As the backbone of Jaeger-LeCoultre, the Master series emphasizes not only deep technological value, but also its performance and design in terms of practicality. And even if it is equipped with a precise tourbillon device, the Master series still does not change its precise and practical nature. In addition to being able to wear it with peace of mind, it also adds a number of practical orientation functions suitable for business people.

Master Grande Tradition a Tourbillon 43
 Cal.978 automatic refining movement. Platinum material. Diameter 43mm. Hour, minute, second indication. Date, time indication. Tourbillon. Sapphire crystal. Bottom cover. Water-resistant to 50 meters. Limited to 200.

 Cal.978 adopts Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new-generation tourbillon mechanism. The R & D team designed a new balance wheel with an inertia of ‘11.5 mg × cm2’. This new balance wheel has four weight screws that can adjust the inertia It can stably allow the balance wheel to run at a high speed. The energy loss caused by the friction of parts can also be solved by Jaeger-LeCoultre’s special low-friction coefficient ‘spyr’ shaped gear. Housed in a tourbillon frame with limited space.
 As for the Cal.978 automatic winding movement commonly used in the tourbillon watches of the ‘Master Grande Tradition a Tourbillon’ and ‘Master Contral Tourbillon’ series, in addition to the basic hour, minute and second indication functions It also has date indication and 24-hour second time function. The date indication part also has a special ‘jumping’ design. When the date reaches the 15th day, in order not to hinder the wearer from enjoying the tourbillon mechanism at the 6 o’clock position, the pointer will then jump directly over the tourbillon. On the 16th, in addition to the designer’s inspiration, such ingenuity must also have a certain technical foundation to achieve.
 In the most important part of the tourbillon, Cal.978 adopts Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new generation tourbillon mechanism, whose vibration frequency is ‘28,800 times / hour’ which is rare on the tourbillon. In terms of watch common sense, the size and vibration frequency of the balance wheel are directly proportional to the mainspring energy consumed. For a tourbillon mechanism with a high vibration frequency like Cal.978 movement, the general practice is to reduce the size of the balance wheel and increase the frequency. Boxes, but they will have a huge impact on the aesthetics and daily practicality of appreciation! Jaeger-LeCoultre’s R & D team refused to compromise, so they set out to design a new balance wheel in order to maintain its size enough, coupled with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s special low-friction “spyr” shaped gear, allowing the entire tourbillon mechanism to play its role. Maximum operating efficiency.
 This new tourbillon mechanism is not only used on Cal.978 movement, but also on Cal.987 derivative movement with perpetual calendar function. In addition, these two movements are no exception. Before leaving the factory, they must pass the Master Series exclusive and rigorous ‘1000-hour astronomical table test’ quality certification.

Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon aQuantieme Perpetuel
 Cal.987 automatic winding movement 炼 18K rose gold material ∕ Table diameter 42mm ∕ Hour, minute and second indications ∕ Perpetual calendar function ∕ Tourbillon ∕ Sapphire crystal surface and bottom cover ∕ Water-resistant to 50 meters ∕ Limited to 300 pieces

Master Date Tourbillon
 Cal.978 automatic winding movement ∕ 18K rose gold material Ø 39mm diameter, hour, minute, second indication ∕ date indication ∕ tourbillon ∕ sapphire crystal mirror surface, bottom cover ∕ waterproof 50 meters

Master Tourbillon
 Cal .978 automatic winding movement ∕ 18 K rose gold material ∕ table diameter 41.5mm ∕ hour, minute, second indication ∕ date, two places time indication ∕ tourbillon ∕ sapphire crystal mirror surface, bottom cover ∕ water-resistant to 50 meters — –