The Pioneer Of Modern Diving Watches Blancpain Fifty Fathoms “Deep Ocean • Legend” Tour Anshan Bloom

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the fifty-two series, the founder of the modern diving watch, Blancpain, Switzerland’s top watch brand, launched the ‘Deep Ocean • Legend’ series of fifty-series exhibitions in China. On April 25, 2014, the touring exhibition kicked off in Anshan, the steel capital. From now on, it will be displayed on the first floor of the East Tower of Anshan Huitong Watch & Jewelry Store in Blancpain. In this exhibition, the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms watch family and related documents are displayed, showing the glorious years of the Fifty Fathoms series. At the same time, a number of Blancpain’s top sophisticated collection watches were also unveiled in Anshan, demonstrating the powerful and extraordinary watchmaking capabilities of ‘the creator of classic timepieces’.

 The birth of Blancpain is a legendary story full of innovation and pioneering. In 1952, Mr. Jean-Jacques Fiechter, Blancpain’s current CEO who was passionate and passionate about diving, based on his own experience and needs in diving, he created a special one for diving. Watch. The origin of the name ‘Fifty Centuries’ comes from the collision of passion and romance. When Mr. Fiechter devoted himself to developing this watch, his heart echoed Shakespeare’s famous book ‘The Storm’. The singing of Ariel. Ariel sang in the ballad — ‘Father lying in the depths of your water, your bones have turned into corals’ The word ‘噚’ is a unit that people use to measure water depth, so Fiechter ) Mr. added the word ‘前面’ to the name of this new work, because it was considered to be the ultimate depth that divers could dive at that time. Since then, this watch has been called ‘Fifty Fatty’ by the world. Later, after official British measurements, its water resistance did reach a depth of 91.44 meters (50 inches). In 1952, the birth of the Fifty Fathoms watch wrote a brilliant stroke in Blancpain’s own development history, and also laid the cornerstone of modern diving watches, and set a dazzling monument in the modern diving watch industry.

 In 1953, due to the accidental encounter between Mr. Fiechter and two French naval officers, Bob, the co-founder of the French elite combat diving unit who had tried many times in the country to find qualified suppliers but ended in failure. Mr. Maloubier finally selected Blancpain from Switzerland as an important working instrument for the French Navy’s special forces. The figure of the fifty-five also began to appear in the French diving commando. Of all the difficult and dangerous underwater military operations. Today, the Fifty Fathoms watch series has been adopted by many naval forces in France, Israel, the United States, Germany, and Northern Europe, and has become the standard military diving watch in many countries.

 Fifty’s unique many technical features and product characteristics have steadily established its pioneer position in the diving watch industry, with many leading advantages such as safety, reliability, ruggedness, readability, anti-magnetic and aesthetics. So that its achievements in the industry are still unmatched. Blancpain’s first set of diving watch specifications set by Fifty Fathoms has led the world’s diving watch development standards and trends. In order to regulate the performance of diving watches, the standard of the diving watch NIHS 92-11 (ISO 6425), introduced in 1996, almost coincided with the standard set by Blancpain in the 1950s, but the latter was born. Late enough for more than 40 years. Several patents unique to the Fifty Fathoms series are even more outstanding and outstanding. They are: 1) Water resistance of the crown: Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is used to enhance the waterproofness of the case. It is arranged on the crown. The upper double ‘O’ seal ring, because the crown is not a tightly fixed part, may expose the watch to the risk of water leakage when suddenly pulled out underwater. The double ‘O’ seal ring better protects the watch in It can be sealed and leak-proof under all kinds of underwater conditions; 2) Water resistance of the case back: Blancpain’s special metal guide groove for placing the ‘O’ ring on the screw back cover, and the double-layer barrier is tight. Waterproof; 3) Safety of diving: Blancpain Fifty Fathoms has a lockable unidirectional rotating scaled bezel to check the diving time and remaining oxygen storage capacity, and accurately display the underwater environment data to provide divers with Reliable judgment.

 The situation is changing. The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms series is not limited to the initial achievements, but has steadily conquered the peak of research and development of diving watches one after another. Its handsome design has created the outstanding appearance of the Fifty Fathoms watch, and has been rated as the most fashionable wild watch by fashion magazines at home and abroad for several years. The movement of the king with excellent functions and specially developed for sports has shaped the profound and timeless connotation of the Fifty Fathoms watch, which can be called the industry’s original and masterpiece. In addition, Blancpain lasted for 3 years. In 2003, it launched a specially developed adhesive for its sapphire crystal rotating outer ring, which enables the bezel and metal case to be more firmly bonded. This is Blancpain 50.噚 Another unique patent of the watch, so far no one can break through. And a series of classic masterpieces that stand out from the crowd are even more amazing. Among them: the Fifty Fathoms Tourbillon watch released in 2007, for the first time brought the complex function of the tourbillon into the deep sea;噚 Refreshing; launched a 500 ; GMT watch with a water resistance of 1,000 meters in 2009; a full-calendar flyback chronograph moon phase watch presented to the world in 2010 incorporating moon phase functionality into the diving field; launched in 2011 in the industry The pinnacle of the X 噚 watch has many ‘world’s first’ leading technologies; and the 50 噚 ‘Deep Submersible’ (Bathyscaphe) diving watch released in 2013 is another outstanding masterpiece in the history of the 50 噚. Every step forward, every technological innovation, every innovation and achievement is a shining pen in the development process of Fifty Fathoms, and it is also a glorious legend in the development history of human diving watches.

 Blancpain knows ‘only real understanding can stimulate passion’. Blancpain supports a number of important marine scientific research projects for a long time. Among them, it is particularly worth mentioning that it cooperates with National Geographic to implement the ‘Primitive Ocean Expedition Plan’ which combines exploration, research and protection. , Designed to continuously explore the vast and mysterious underwater universe, to show people the mystery and magnificence of the pristine ocean, to let more people feel the extraordinary charm of the ocean, so as to guide people to spontaneously respect and protect the humanity. This azure territory. In addition, Blancpain has also published a special edition of Fifty Fathoms to highlight the beauty of undersea science and adventure. This special issue also stands out in its peers for its exquisite photography. All these are aimed at awakening people’s attention to the marine issues that plague the current international community and the initiative to protect the oceans. This is Blancpain’s responsibility to the oceans, but also to the whole society and humankind.

 After several generations of innovative research and development, Fifty Fathoms, with its unique technology, has been deeply imprinted with the industry’s first, most professional, and most luxurious modern diving watch in terms of movement and appearance from the day of its birth. It has achieved historical achievements that are hard to reach and has an unshakable industry status.

 Years change, more than sixty years of pioneering innovation, more than sixty years of extraordinary achievements, and the Fifty Fathoms watch series is leading the way, with the glory of time flowing on the blue ocean floor. Looking to the future, Fifty Fathoms will also take a firmer step, continue to challenge the limits, conquer the deep sea, and continue to write legends …

Love The Ocean, Protect The Sea: Seiko Prospex And Padi Launch A Joint Watch To Jointly Protect The Most Beautiful Blue Heart Of The Earth

SEIKO has always spared no effort in the cause of environmental protection. In 1989, the SEIKO Group formulated its internal environmental protection policy, and in 1999 formulated the basic environmental concept again. In 2016, in order to reawaken people’s awareness of marine ecology and preservation of marine conservation, SEIKO and Taiwan’s well-known underwater photography director Yuan Xuhu specially went to Lanyu to shoot environmental protection films to protect the heart of the blue, thereby calling on the public to protect the ocean. At the same time, in order to welcome the summer, the SEIKO Prospex professional sports series also cooperated with the world’s most authoritative diving training organization (Professional Association of Diving Instructors, PADI) to launch two new limited-edition PADI co-branded watches, and three by LOWERCASE creative director Yurihara A special diving style designed by King to lead underwater adventurers to experience the beauty of the deep sea.

SEIKO implements the green corporate spirit and protects the blue ocean
   SEIKO’s basic environmental philosophy has always been: ‘As a company and an individual, we will cherish our environment and work in the direction of protecting the environment.’ Not only limited to product development, manufacturing, transportation and sales, and reuse of product containers, SEIKO insists on the company There must be complete planning and supporting measures to support environmental protection. From the smallest details to the relationship between the environment and people, this is not just a slogan, but also practical action! Therefore, since 2000, SEIKO’s business units have fully complied with the European Union’s environmental protection regulations for nickel, packaging and hazardous waste. After December 2008, all series of quartz watches use non-toxic mercury-free batteries.
   In 2016, in order to awaken the public’s awareness of marine environmental protection, SEIKO focused on ‘love the ocean and protect the sea’, and joined Taiwan’s well-known underwater photography guide ‘Little Tiger Brother’ Yuan Xuhu to travel to Lanyu to shoot the guardian of the blue for three minutes. The environmental protection film carefully captures the innocent faith of the local people of Lanyu to protect the ocean. ‘Don’t leave the ones that do not belong to the sea in the sea.’ Through the determination to love the ocean, maintain the beauty of Lanyu’s hometown. Through the video, it is amazing to lead the public to explore the beautiful ocean of Taiwan. There are many plastics and bottles that are not in the sea. SEIKO also hopes to publicize the ocean and protect its ocean through publicity of the film, and reiterate its determination on ocean and environmental protection.

PROSPEX designer special models, classic catfish canned reproduction, explore the beautiful marine world.
SEIKO X PADI joint watch model interpretation of deep sea moments
   The diving industry leading indicator PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) has been established since 1966 to have 6,300 diving centers and train 136,000 professional diving instructors. As early as the previous year, SEIKO’s first diving watch came out in 1965. It has continuously challenged itself to develop many world-first diving watch watchmaking technologies, such as a patented bellows strap and a double-layer case structure that enhances water resistance. Even the ISO 6425 standard is based on SEIKO’s custom standards. SEIKO diving watches are already a pivotal benchmark, becoming the most trusted wrist partner underwater. This time the SEIKO Prospex professional sports series cooperated with PADI to launch joint watch models ‘SUN065P1’ and ‘SRPA21J1’ to interpret deep-sea moments, conveying the call and nostalgia from the ocean.

SEIKO PROSPEX PADI joint watch model, model SUN065P1, stainless steel case, sapphire crystal mirror, 200m diving dedicated, 5M85 human power movement, automatic power generation by human power, full power about 6 months, GMT time, machine The core uses exclusive Kinetic power technology, equipped with a bellows-type strap that can respond to changes in water pressure, the timescale uses a patented Lumibrite luminous paint, and the PADI badge is a red and blue tone design concept.
   The design of ‘SUN065P1’ comes from the PADI badge color system. The power source of the model is SEIKO’s exclusive patented 5M85 human power. Once fully charged, the watch can continue to run for about six months, making SEIKO a driving force for ‘ The benchmark of “green energy and environmental protection” also provides accurate timing function through this technology to improve the safety of divers. The dial design with a sense of science and technology, because it has two places, the hour hand in the second place is intimately distinguished by red. The enlarged time scale and thick hands improve the legibility of the deep sea. The blue dial color also It symbolizes the ambition of marine adventurers who are not afraid of challenges and move forward in their dreams.

SEIKO PROSPEX PADI joint model, model SRPA21J1, stainless steel case, strengthened mirror surface, 4R36 mechanical movement, automatic and bracelet, power reserve about 50 hours, day difference + 25 ~ -15 seconds, 23 stones, 200 meters for diving , See-through back cover, crown at four o’clock, does not hinder the movement of the wrist, using SEIKO’s patented Lumibrite luminous paint, with PADI badge as the design concept red and blue tone.

   ‘SRPA21J1’ is also inspired by the PADI badge. The bezel is designed with PADI red and blue tones as the main color. In order to increase the safety of diving, SEIKO uses the minute dial of the faceplate and the red indicator of the bezel. In the underwater operating environment, the remaining minutes of the cylinder can be identified at a glance, reducing the risk of underwater operations. When diving, it will not hinder the movement of the wrist of the diver, and the crown is specially placed at the four o’clock direction, which further increases the convenience of use. The gaze is gradually blue, as if you are swimming in the colorful underwater world. Two PADI joint watches with very different styles are printed with the word PADI on the dial at six o’clock, symbolizing the cooperation between SEIKO and PADI, leaving a classic historical witness.

PROSPEX designer special model SBDN021, stainless steel case, hard-coated plastic outer ring protection ring, waterproof 200 meters, V147 solar movement, fully charged up to ten months of power.

PROSPEX designer special model SBDN026, stainless steel case, hard-coated plastic outer ring protection ring, waterproof 200 meters, V147 solar movement, fully charged up to ten months of power.
SEIKO PROSPEX designer special new classic diving watch launched
   PROSPEX diving watch’s anti-impact coated case is a major feature of it. It looks like canned catfish at first glance, so it is also nicknamed ‘canned catfish’ by watch fans. With SEIKO precise moment, it is well received by professional divers. trust. This year, SEIKO also invited the creative director of LOWERCASE to participate in the design of Yoshihara Sugawara. Inspired by the first TUNA Watch in 1975, it designed easy-to-use sizes, and launched three classic black and white ‘SBDN021J’ and textured blue gold ‘SBDN026J ‘, Stylish black gold model’ SBDN028J ‘. The time scale uses SEIKO’s patented Lumibrite luminous paint. The watch can be submerged to 200 meters. It can clearly identify the time in the ocean where light cannot penetrate, and is equipped with an environmentally friendly solar movement to ensure the safety of divers under water.

PROSPEX designer special model SBDN028, stainless steel case, hard-coated plastic outer ring protection ring, waterproof 200 meters, V147 solar movement, fully charged up to ten months of power.

Greg Norman Attends Omega Brand Event In Chicago

At the exclusive event of Omega from September 8th to 9th, 2014, Omega Celebrity Ambassador Golf Legend “Great White Shark” Greg Norman met with the guests and customers.

On the evening of September 8th, Greg Norman received and signed some 50 guests at a signature book sales event held at the Omega Store on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago.

The following Tuesday morning, the member of the World Golf Hall of Fame left a precious memory for Omega’s customers and club members for about 40 at the OakPark Country Club at RiverGrove. Norman talked to everyone on the golf driving range and played an hour of golf to share his experience and knowledge. Guests then left the golf course and started a nine-hole golf game.

The event was held at Omega Michigan Avenue and Oak Park Country Club to celebrate the cooperation between Omega and Norman, and also to celebrate Omega’s official timing and brand support for American golf in the American Professional Golf Association.

Greg Norman’s nickname ‘Great White Shark’ is not only reminiscent of his Australian nationality, but also represents his extremely aggressive style of play. It is this style that has made him one of the most iconic golfers in the golf world. Since turning professional, Norman has won a total of 91 titles, including 20 U.S. PGA Tour titles and two British Open Grand Slam titles in 1986 and 1993. What’s even more amazing is that between the end of the 1980s and the early 1990s, Norman once held the top spot in golf for 331 consecutive weeks.

Greg Norman not only has a brilliant record on the golf course, he has also performed brilliantly in the business world. As the CEO of GreatWhiteSharkEnterprises, he has created a global business kingdom focused on golf and the lifestyle of golf. In recognition of his extraordinary achievements as a golfer, athlete, entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist, Norman was inducted into the Global Golf Hall of Fame in 2001. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)