Vacheron Constantin’s New ‘dige’ Watch

Vacheron Constantin is bold again, and will soon launch a new ‘M & eacute; tiers d & rsquo; Art La symbolique des laques’ watch series. It will be completed in Japan, and for the first time, part of the production process will be completed outside Geneva. In fact, the mysterious maki-e is from the traditional lacquer decoration process of ancient Japan.

Minjiang Shidanton’s forthcoming new ‘Lake’ watch series
系列 This series symbolizes the adventurous spirit of human beings, and is a process of exploring the unknown ‘distance’. And this layer of symbolic significance also foreshadows the innovativeness of cooperation between Vacheron Constantin and Xiang Yan, and foreshadows the infinite possibilities of blending watchmaking with traditional decorative craftsmanship.