Asian Debut Of Breitling’s New Xuan Ya Series Watch Elegantly Unveiled The Charm Of Time, Sea, Land And Air

On November 20, 2018, the independent debut of the new Swiss watchmaking brand Breiting’s new series of elegant watches launched in Beijing, with a new design concept to create a sea, land, A feast of watches in three major areas. Breitling CEO Georges Kern, Breitling Global Spokesperson, Famous Actor, Director and Producer Mr. Wu Yanzu, Beijing SKP Operations Director and Store Manager Mr. Liu Zhengming, and Mr. Alexander Melchers, Managing Director of Asia Hermes , And Ms. Li Xue, Managing Director of Breitling China, came to the scene to cut the ribbon for the opening of the exhibition.

Breitling’s new Xiya series watches debut in Asia

Breitling’s new Xiya series watches debut in Asia

 As one of the most iconic high-end fashion department stores in the world, Beijing SKP is located in the core of the capital’s business and politics, with modern and elegant design, which coincides with the overall style of Breitling’s new elegant series. Breitling CEO George Cohen
 Mr. Kern) said:
Breitling is one of the world’s most recognized watch brands. With rich and diverse products and excellent quality, Breitling has won extraordinary praise in various fields such as sea, land and air. Today, we are proud to present to you the new Breitling watch series, which not only inherits the elegant reputation of historical models, but also emphasizes the perfect fusion of style and function.

Wu Yanzu, global spokesperson for Breitling

 At the opening scene, Wu Yanzu, the global spokesperson for Breitling, wore the Breitling Chrysanthemum Chronograph 42 elegantly and shared his inextricable relationship with Breitling: ‘My first luxury watch came from Breitling! This time I can communicate with me I really appreciate the outstanding actor Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron joining the Breitling Film Action Team. Speaking of Breitling’s latest new product series, Wu Yanzu is also full of beautiful words: ‘Xiya series is a modern elegant watch series focusing on daily wear. Its design inspiration is from the historical models of the era, both retro and very modern , It will become my choice every day.

 This elaborately created Breitling brand new watch series debuts in Asia. It continues the brand’s usual high-end industrial fashion style, and the fashionable design combining art and modern atmosphere seems to return to the period of industrial architecture, reminiscent of the history of Breitling’s professional watchmaking. Golden age. The decorative display combining elegance and fashion not only provides visitors with a comfortable and pleasing space, but also the brand
 Throughout the years, the legendary journey has come so deeply that viewers deeply feel Breitling’s never-ending pace on the road to innovation and the spirit of excellence.

 More than 80 masterpieces of watches carefully presented in the exhibition area, from the classic and outstanding aviation chronograph series, to the super ocean series that conquered the deep sea, to the newly-listed Triya series and historical antique watches, paving the century for consumers Timepieces in three major fields: land, air and air. The opening of the exhibition coincides with the grand season of Beijing’s anniversary, and the exhibition period will be extended from November 20th to November 29th. Breitling sincerely invites watch enthusiasts to come to the scene, appreciate the timepieces, and experience the brand’s history and heritage, innovation and trends together.