Citizen Sponsors Us Open 25th Anniversary Announces Partnership With Tennis Icon Billy Jane King

Citizen has been the official timer and watch sponsor of the US Open for more than 25 years. During this period, Citizen has provided game timers for all US Open events. At the same time, Citizen’s clock is also spread throughout the US Open. The US Open’s home court, and currently the world’s largest outdoor tennis court, Arthur Ashe Stadium, hangs the Citizen Clock.

   Thanks to the long-term partnership with the US Open, Citizen’s cooperation with Ms. Billy Jean King is a natural success. Billy Jean King is a former world number one tennis professional and is known for advocating for gender equality and social justice. In commemoration of the collaboration with Ms. Billy Jean King, Citizen has launched a special commemorative watch, and its revenue will be used for the Billy Jean King leadership initiative. Billy Jean King defeated the former top male tennis player in the famous ‘Gender War’ competition. The film about the game will also be released on September 22, 2017. Emma Stone, starring in the new Oscar, starred in the film Billy Jean King. As the film’s exclusive watch sponsor, Citizen will also be in the US Open and social media.

   Continuous improvement and pursuit of breakthroughs are important values ​​for tennis players, and this value coincides with the ‘Better Starts Now’ brand concept advocated by Citizen. Citizen hopes that players will make more achievements in the spirit of ‘Better Starts Now’ in the US Open this year, bringing more and more exciting games.