Sihh 2015 Roger Dubuis ‘the Astral Gateway’ Online Event Preview

To celebrate the forthcoming 2015 SIHH (Geneva Haute Horlogerie), the pioneer of modern hollow-out craftsmanship in the watchmaking industry-Roger Dubbie specially launched the theme of ‘Astral Skeleton’ The promotional video leads us to explore the wonderful and wonderful world.
They are all waiting for your arrival … Between Earth and Haoyue … Are you brave enough to push the door through the barrier?

   No matter from a technical or aesthetic perspective, Roger Dubuis is impeccable, but it has never indulged in these laurels and auras and stopped still. This brand-new promotional film is called ‘The Astral Gateway’. It is based on the theme ‘Astral Skeleton’ and perfectly integrates architectural aesthetics and superb machinery. It is the 2015 countdown of SIHH. The seven-segment micro-film is short and powerful, which makes people hold their breath and explore the spiritual journey of Roger Dubuis’s wonderful world.
Fantasy journey to the world of ‘Astral Skeleton’
   Focusing on the idea that everyone is looking for their own lucky star, Roger Dubuis will release a clip of the promotional video every day for the week of January 12-18 until Roger Dubuis World (Roger Dubuis World ) On the opening day-January 19, the final chapter of the series of promotional videos will be launched. What is worth surprise and expectation is that the brand will provide tourists with Oculus glasses and enjoy the 3D ‘The Astral Skeleton Experience’.
Hitchcock-style filmmaking
   The location of the promotional film is set in the depths of one of the oldest and most hidden castles in France. It has been the glorious witness of the great dynasty for centuries, and prominent figures in history have also left their footprints here, but now they have disappeared. People’s tracks.
  Spectacular scene setting, an atmosphere of anxiety, comparable to the magnificent production of Hollywood, each frame of shot can arouse the emotions of the audience, the typical Hitchcock style, reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project ‘), The Shining (‘ The Shining ‘) and American Horror Story (‘ American Horror Story ‘) and other classic mysterious film and television works.
   The film starts with a set of close-ups in the castle room. The dim environment not only hints at the plot elements, but also creates an atmosphere of suspense and conspiracy. The focus is suddenly pulled away, and between the lens changes, the audience can experience the immersive experience.
Finding lucky stars
   In order to strengthen the audience’s emotions and immersion, the film uses a truly interactive plot. In this supernatural room, each meeting is launched around the opening of a door. The use of cameras and angles is very clever. The movie pictures are like real life scenes, and the audience is completely immersed in it, and they go back and forth between the decisions to open the seven doors.

   Behind every door, weirdness and suspense are hidden, and the specially created atmosphere is full of disturbing elements. Flashback? Is it phantom? Everything will be revealed! As the story unfolds, the audience will gradually approach the Lucky Star and certain truths … follow the guidelines of the detailed clues to pursue the ultimate goal, but pushing a door may step on the crazy illusion Only the last one, the eighth door, is the only way.
A star-studded event
   ‘The Astral Gateway’ is a continuation of online activities on the brand’s ‘Goodbyecuckoo # Helloextraordinary’ (Cuckoo Goodbye # 非凡 你好) social platform last year. The latter was shown as a special case last year on the YouTube Brandcast in Paris as a ‘Limitless Creativity’ movie and won the Grand Prix Stratégies / Amaury Médias du Luxe 2014 in the ‘Brand Content’ category.
   Interested netizens can go to the YouTube Roger Dubuis channel to search for the trailer for ‘The Astral Gateway’. Don’t miss the clip of the first season on January 12, fate is calling you …!

A New Wave Of Innovation: Swatch Adopts New Paramagnetic Nivachron ™ Hairspring To Create The New Swatch Flymagic Series Watch

The new SWATCHFLYMAGIC series watch is shockingly debut! This is the first Swatch launched by the pioneering new paramagnetic Nivachron ™ hairspring series watch. Swatch is always determined to innovate and lead the trend. The newly launched FLYMAGIC series watch will revolutionize the watch industry and set off a wave of innovation: the watch uses a new balance spring, fine modular structure and hollow wheel structure All are presented on the dial, and the transparent rotor of the automatic movement can be seen at a glance. This watch is not only a revolutionary masterpiece in the high-end watchmaking world, but also the first subversion of Swatch. Not only that, Swatch also achieved another innovative breakthrough, that is, the second hand reverses!

  The SWATCHFLYMAGIC series is the first Nivachron ™ hairspring watch made of a new titanium-based alloy with excellent paramagnetic characteristics. The magnetic field in our daily life environment will have a significant negative impact on the operation of mechanical watch movements. Depending on the type of watch movement, Nivachron ™ hairspring can reduce the negative effects of magnetic field effects by more than 10 times. This 100% Swiss-made component also effectively resists temperature changes, has excellent shock resistance, and has significant improvements in travel performance. All future watches with 51 models will be equipped with Nivachron ™ hairsprings.

  Not only that, the SWATCHFLYMAGIC series also introduced three models for the first time, each of which is limited to 500 pieces. The watch comes in a 45mm stainless steel or stainless steel PVD case with an anti-reflective sapphire mirror. The complex movement can be clearly seen, and all models are equipped with a rubber strap and two fine calfskin straps.
  SWATCHFLYMAGIC: the’’smagicinthisrevolution .