Summer To Watch In The Summer

How can summer endure depression? Pleasant sea breeze, bright sun, comfortable beach, and of course colorful watches to show good mood! Women pursue dazzling, and therefore can’t refuse color tease. On hot summer days, colorful watches drive away the rolling waves of heat for refreshment and vitality! Don’t worry about dazzling you with colorful watches. Wear such a watch to the beach in summer!
Who can appreciate the sweetness of caviar? Apple and lemon caviar watches from Hublot, with cool colors and deliberate flow, bring you the most refreshing experience this summer! The ceramic texture is light and solid, and the bezel is inlaid with 48 green The tsavorite or citrine contrasts with the dazzling alligator leather strap, bringing a more vivid visual impact.
HUB1112 self-winding mechanical movement design and 10 standard atmospheric pressure waterproof performance make collectors love it!
Audemars Piguet
Want to ride the underwater world? Ask Audemars Piguet to swim with you as a companion! As a Royal Oak offshore diving watch, it not only has superb and reliable technical performance, but also takes into account the outstanding and stylish design. The black rubber under the bezel echoes the black rubber covered by the crown and the strap. The outstanding aura, the bright yellow indicator area makes the data eye-catching and easy to read, and freedom of professional achievement, Audemars Piguet is the best choice for your underwater extreme journey!
De Grisogono
降 Nightfall is the beginning of De Grisogono’s light. In the newly launched Tondo by Night series, a watch is like the most neon neon at night, reflecting the colorful halo from the wrist.
It possesses pearl fluorescent composite high-tech materials, and its subtle luminous characteristics are still bright and colorful even in the dark, and the small grain mother-of-pearl of the bumpy texture also makes the watch more novel and unique. The hot summer is not afraid of the hot sun, wear it, you will be more brilliant than the sun!
Toy Watch
As a model of Italian fashion watches, the Toy Watch with its flamboyant and youthful taste will definitely not miss this gorgeous summer
Baby-like soft tones, people can’t help touching this cute pink watch, which combines practicality and fashion sense, it is also an essential eye-catching accessory in fashion street shooting. For you who prefer Japanese and Korean clothing, Toy Watch is definitely the first choice for personalized fashion!
Price reference: ¥ 1429
Juicy Couture
Juicy Couture, full of young girl feelings, did not forget to bring a coolness in the hot summer. If you are vacationing by the sea, then you may wish to try its latest colorful diving series watch! The bright and eye-catching colors will definitely make you ‘clear’ heart. The white case matches the rose dial, which is sweet but not greasy.
Black case with lemon yellow dial, refreshing and pleasant. If you want to show your youthful color, Juicy Couture will be your best choice!
Price reference: ¥ 1238
Dazzling summer, how can there be a lack of color collision? The simple silhouette of Nixon’s summer colorful series watches can not hide the gorgeous appearance. On the contrary, the condensed shape makes the whole more dynamic and dynamic.
Bingqi forest purple collides with fluorescent red, directly touching the tenderness of the girl’s heart; like the red, green, and yellow multicolor collision of the fantasy tangram, it also brings the most exuberant fashion expression to the personality girl. Needless to say, it is synonymous with summer vitality and passion.
Price reference: ¥ 4428
For O’Clock’s fanatical followers, it is simply the summer sacredness of the soul. Take a look at O’Clock’s latest cool and dynamic colorful watch, you will also understand the neutral style defined by it-men and women are crazy! Simple and concise design with refreshing colors, like melting ice cream in the mouth, Makes your heart cool instantly.
The waterproof performance of 30 meters is just enough to meet the rain storm coming in summer. However, if you are thinking about its health, don’t take it to dive.
Price reference: ¥ 2382

Chopin’s Superior Quality

As the 2012 of BASELWORLD closed the door, we are launching high-end jewelry watches that exquisitely and vividly reflect the superb technology. When jewelry tradition with watchmaking expertise, different arts and crafts, Chopard’s genius index united to create their talents in L’Heure du Diamant.

Show noble glory as watch jewelry? Such a commitment is in a unique model to get rid of the heart chicks of our workshop every year. Creating the best they call the artisans in the house and takes hundreds of hours of work. It all starts with human hands-Chopard’s artisans, who take turns to delicately shape these special pieces of expert, patient and creative hands. The interactive and complementary nature of different talent flows promotes the physical integration of more than 30 crafts under one roof-a privilege that the Scheufele family takes care of properly, cultivated through the heritage of generation-generation know-how and focused training. Chopard is keenly aware that the most valuable of all corporate assets is human expertise.

   From drafters to watchmakers, jewelers, gemsetters and polishers, a full range of experts unite to form their boldest dreams with their skills. High-end jewelry watches vividly embody superb craftsmanship, dedicated to highlighting contemporary art and traditional watchmaking techniques. Time is an important factor because each takes hundreds of hours of work in a fine jewelry watch. Depending on its shape, it can accommodate a mechanical or quartz movement. Traditionally crafted in 18 carat white gold, it is an elaborate combination of carefully set navette, bread or brilliant-cut diamonds that carries forward the beauty of its lines and proportions.