The Korean Drama ‘mist’ Was On Fire, And 47-year-old Kim Nam-joo Wore Jaeger-lecoultre’s Overbearing Taste!

I want to insert an essay today. Actually, as early as a week ago, a rabbit fan asked me privately: ‘Does Bunny chop Korean drama? Recently, there is a trend of fire in’ Mist ‘, and the heroine wears a watch.’ Then she sent the screenshot intimately, which looked a bit distant from afar, but at that time, looking at the round dial, she felt a faint shadow of Jaeger-LeCoultre. Later, because of being busy (lazy), this matter was put on hold for a few days, and it wasn’t until the next two days that I had gone through a few episodes that I suddenly realized that Jaeger-LeCoultre really did something again! Let’s take a look at how this highly acclaimed drama (Douban scored 9.2 points) is on fire. Of course, I believe that there are many large-scales who have seen the dress of the heroine Gao Huilan (Jin Nanzhu). Originally, I was a person who didn’t care much about Korean dramas, but because the anchor and the reporter were closer, in general, they were journalists. The rabbit had been in the industry for more than 10 years, and said it was not fake. First, I think this is a rare (at least not seen in China) professional drama that sets the female lead as gray. She is not stupid and sweet, nor is she a savior, but she is swaying in the wind and rain, and even uses all means to protect herself. Comparing the domestic workplace drama ‘Negotiator’ just finished, in addition to changing clothes and finding a rich second-generation boyfriend to fall in love, Yang Mi basically felt unable to take care of his job. In the end, the plot turned over to help reverse the overall situation. Mysterious characters, but still friends of the deceased parents, have been engaged for a long time and have not escaped the routine of relying on their parents to marry a wealthy family, so disappointed. In my eyes, the only highlight of the whole drama is probably the ink pen of the Montblanc Meisterstuck series used in Yang Mi’s plays. Pull away, come back quickly! In domestic dramas, the so-called women’s hard work we see is ultimately a model that relies on men’s superiority (Although Ma Yizhen in ‘My First Half of Life’ chose props for one hand, he came all the way from his ex-husband to his girlfriend boyfriend), Why is this happening? The social environment, or in other words, the environment in which screenwriters live determines their understanding of women’s success, only to this extent. No experience, no experience, don’t blame them, but you can learn how others do it. ‘Mist’ is not a perfect drama. There are also plots of dog blood. For example, the heroine has to run to the scene to find that the mysterious sports superstar is actually an old lover, but the small problems do not hide the great wisdom, at least in shaping a strong professional woman ‘Mist’ still played hard. She is not something that was pure and was blackened by the wicked until she reached the cliff, but has always been so, she knew what she wanted, and even chased it at all costs. For example, to prevent young people from robbing themselves of the position of 9 o’clock news, she can dig each other’s black materials to consolidate her position, or she can promote others to promote herself. These are real, naked workplace stories. If you have experienced similar living conditions, you will understand why a model who looks superb and hardworking will show no mercy in suppressing subordinates. Because of survival and status, in this industry, many people once thought that they would stay in that position in their lives. Of course, it is best to climb up until retirement, just like the older generation (but the cruel Internet) The 40-year-old has been forced to a turning point in the second venture, but this is a story later. Fortunately, this drama faces various contradictions encountered by women, from the family (husband-wife relationship) and work, no When men come to cook, there is no man to rely on, everything has to fight for themselves. Jin Nanzhu is 47 years old. An actress of this age can hardly receive any decent drama in China, let alone a female lead, but she has actually become a hit, and of course she lost 14 kg for this role. I have to admit that some roles are only suitable for hard-working and experienced people. Her watch is definitely a highlight. After finally finding multiple clear pictures, Rabbit has confirmed that she is wearing Jaeger-LeCoultre and more than one. Dating series, just written, the top three mid- to high-end women’s watches in the Chinese market, many girls have no resistance to this. There are square watches, naturally the famous flip. And he wore more than one flip, and a blue strap. Where does this watch come from? Rabbit has confirmed to the brand that it is indeed provided by Jaeger-LeCoultre, but the implantation work was done by the Jaeger-LeCoultre South Korean team. I feel that Jaeger-LeCoultre has a unique vision for the past two years. The last time I remembered ‘Dr. Strange’ successfully. Hot, the details are also eye-catching. Of course, the rabbit also has a small selfishness. I personally think that the role of Jin Nanzhu is more suitable for flipping such angular watches, showing her strong personality and ability in the workplace. Dating such a soft girl is a breeze for her, slightly bland. In addition, everyone is picking Jin Nanzhu’s clothes, but what the rabbit wants to say is that no matter how colorful the clothes are, the finishing touch on the dress will definitely require a good watch to instantly improve the whole. For example, a person who wears Gucci and a fashion watch all over, and a person who wears ordinary clothes and wears more than 100,000 watches, who looks more financially capable? The facts tell the rabbit that the former is basically the former, because those who can buy a full set of first-line brand clothing are really rich, but the role of a good watch is four or two pounds (yes, it looks very rich). Interestingly, in an interview, Jin Nanzhu mentioned that the clothes she entered into the crew this time were all private goods, which she had taken down for 25 years. She usually had no chance to wear them, and this time she encountered a good script through addiction. This also proves that the rabbit has always maintained that with the same financial resources, it is more important to buy more than more. Good clothes will not be out of date for more than ten or even two decades. As for good watches, it is more likely to be a lifetime. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!

How Fearless You Are, Life Is Beautiful

There are many types of beauty in human beings. There is a kind of beauty that we call very advanced.
   This has nothing to do with face, more, it is a kind of weather.
   There are many types of beauty on the 6th person. There is a kind of beauty that we call very advanced.
   This has nothing to do with face, more, it is a kind of weather.
   The weather presented by a woman is roughly related to the inner structure.
   What kind of structure you have determines what kind of sky you can see, and how you will go next.
   Even though, this road takes a long time and is very difficult.
   And in the minds of people with a big pattern, that’s the way to go.

   They believed that there were gems in front of the road.

   Can’t help but think of Cate Blanchett. Born queen of temperament, countless people worship. Play with Meryl Streep, play with Leonardo, and play with Matt Damon … a long list of shining names, a long and long list of winners.
   It’s such a ‘queen’, but you don’t know how she experienced a stinging life change when she was 10 years old. Suddenly his father died of a heart attack, Kate always remembered the day he broke up with his father: ‘I went out to play the piano, and my father waved goodbye to me by the window, and then he died.’

   Since then, like obsessive-compulsive disorder, she kisses farewell to everyone in the house every time she goes out, even if she goes to get milk across the street. If you forget it, you will return to the house and say goodbye again, like a ritual. ‘

   The pain is in the heart. Others cannot replace it, nor can they really understand it. It only depends on time and one’s heart. Some people are sunk by the pain, others are stronger because of the pain. Sensitive Kate is the former. She is as tough as a diamond, and flashes a light. Behind that light is a brave heart.

   In the movie ‘Flying Home’, Martin Scorsese invited her to act as the legendary actress Catherine Hepburn. She received an invitation to call, and she was pleased and panicked. Speaking with her husband, playing Catherine Hepburn was suicide, but how could I refuse? Scorsese.

   A courageous person, a person who does not seek peace and stability, each time they are involved in a risk is a huge opportunity for her, so she promised with great pride, and it is precisely for this that she got the first Oscar in her life Little golden man.

   There is also a beauty in her mind. The wise, extreme, beautiful, and dangerous wife in The Lost Lover … This authentic British woman named herself Pei Chunhua. The beauty of her books seems to be god-sent. Then in the play, she completely broke out her female power. In her 17 years of debut, she did not celebrate herself as a star. She said that she was an actor and always stood by herself. Position.
   Break down Pei Chunhua’s works, Hysterical lover in ‘The Lost Lover’, ‘Action Code: Ape Man’ the wife of a Nazi officer, and ‘Nervous Woman’ in ‘Growth Education’. The role she chooses is rarely snowy, and she needs more torment in her heart. Depression, struggle, and extreme in the play. Not everyone has the courage and conviction. The experience is half a flame of purgatory experience and half a peaceful life of sea water. Making her heart strong is her pursuit and yearning for beauty.

   Finally, she became a hit in David Finch’s movie, and then she received belated applause, which reminded me of the domineering and real words: how much stigma I can withstand, how much glory I can withstand.

   And to bear this glory, not only bear the stigma of others, but also the test of time, and not hesitate.

   There is also courage, and the big KK in your heart. This fascinating Czech supermodel, look at her ability to absorb gold compared to Gisele Bundchen, you see her proud catwalk experience, thinking that this is a downright pride girl, can you imagine that her debut can be described as a countercurrent Up. At that time, the trend of decadence was prevailing, but she firmly believed that the image of sunshine would bring people more energy and confidence.

   The ability to face up to your own body is not available to everyone … For the girl who was laughed by the boys on campus that was too high and too thin, you now see her harvesting, but do n’t just sigh about her talent … Under her blonde hair and red lips The hard work and the fearlessness of imperfections have made today’s enviable open life.

   Today, she is not only a model and an actor, but also a more important life role. The mother of two children, a dilemma in the eyes of many people, there is only one answer here at KK, both of which are outstanding. Even if it takes more effort and labor.
   While discussing with her husband, who is going to work today and who is responsible for bringing children; on the other hand, when they are working, they are fully engaged. ‘As a model, I have fans and a lot of people who follow me. I need to continue to be a good role model, and it is my responsibility to make them proud.’

   The same harvest time gift is also Zhou Gongzi. And you also know that she didn’t come from a professional science class. Her original career was a singer. Like many Beibei, she also tasted the turbulent and anonymous life. She said that each character is herself.

   Zhou Gongzi, who has stopped ashore, has been floating in love for many years. She has a good show, but she has a rough road. However, she always believes in love, and some people may think that she can come to a luxurious century wedding and make a big marriage, which is the perfect ending in the eyes of the world.
   And she didn’t.

   Compared with the giants, she has another option, and she likes the case with the people she likes, and lives a beautiful little life of ‘accompany you to see the long stream of water’. Such a look through is not easy. For those in the entertainment industry, being able to set aside the glorious vanity market and seeing the clouds requires a lot of courage, wisdom and responsibility.
   She is as thin as her body, but has a vigorous energy in her body. The beauty released from it is very special and has a texture.

   Determined, and then go on, no matter what you are dealing with is work, life, or a woman’s career: love, without showing some fearless attitude, how can you look forward to the colorful harvest next.
   Women are becoming more and more brave. It is really an open mind. The beauty of the fearless female paper blooms. It is surrounded by the tranquility of the years, the determination of the ups and downs, and the true light that is released after approaching self … The beauty of the magnetic field is just like the charming texture that IWC has always presented to the world. Fearless, beauty is perfect. This beauty can withstand various tests and naturally comes closer to the word ‘wonderful.’