Bell & Cross Flight Heavy Aircraft Zhang Jinglan Duncan Rock Appeared

Tony, CEO of the North Asia region of Fortune Benjamin, who has been on the island of Treasure Island for a long time, is grateful and excited at Taiwan’s Bell & Ross’s miniature watch exhibition and new product launch. , Baohongtang watches and clocks, and support and love of BELL & ROSS in all distribution bases in Taiwan, plans to pass Xinyi Eslite, August 10-16 Baohongtang watches Taipei flagship store, August 18-20 The famous Kaohsiung Salt and Treasure Island Shop waited for three Asia’s first touring watch exhibitions, allowing watch fans to enjoy the most authentic BELL & ROSS annual topic masterpiece.

BELL & ROSS miniature watch exhibition event scene (from left) Zhou Qunda, Fu Zhan, CEO of North Asia District of Benjamin Feng and Zhang Jinglan

Stronger due to dream evolution
BELL & ROSS is known as the authoritative name of aerospace flight, and together with the classic super heavyweight king Shaw Harley-Davidson, following the friendship of perfect cross-border cooperation in 2011, in 2014, they once again launched the limitless work that spurs the infinite blood of watch fans ‘B ‘-Rocket’ both sides converge the soul of their own extreme craftsmanship, presenting classic masterpieces that shake the world for watch fans and car fans. The B-Rocket prototype was born in the 1960s when mankind dreamed of conquering outer space. At that time, the engine technology entered the era of rocket jets from steam power. This revolutionary technological leap forward relatively attracted mechanical engineers at the time to invest in the creation of flying motorcycles. Research and development, in order to recreate the speedy achievements of the heavy aircraft of the year, B-Rocket is equipped with rocket jet power, turbocharged engine and aerodynamic rear wing. Engineers restore the gorgeous fantasy that defines classic flight and speed in the 1960s. Conquering the sky and controlling the speed are both due to the nature of men’s challenges. Bell & Ross understands the deep desire of consumers, and integrates the power of Shaw Harley-Davidson’s heavy machine genes through the powerful base of its own flight watch to bring turbine power. With the oil and hour meters representing speed, the clever layout of the dial is transformed into the fastest sportsman yearning for Lingyun sky and Mercedes-Benz ground plane.

Zhou Qunda appears handsome and wears BR01 watch

Zhou Qunda wears a flying watch and enjoys the thrill of red hot again
Fu Jie Ben Zhe Ming company specially held BELL & ROSS miniature watch exhibition, so that many watch fans can enjoy the beauty of B-Rocket watches up close. BELL & ROSS miniature watch exhibition and new product presentation, invited the well-known Hong Kong and Taiwan Zhou Qunda and Zhang Jinglan as the main show of the first round of the Asian tour watch exhibition, recently Zhou Qunda Duncan and the male and female god Zhang Jinglan, both have become TV The new darling of advertising, Duncan has become the spokesperson for a new generation of well-known telecommunications industry 4G advertising, and Zhang Jinglan has become the star ambassador of TV channel dealers in the role of future interstellar goddess. Today, the two were invited by the famous Swiss watch brand to attend flight heavy aircraft wrist At the conference, the American Harley suit was used to express the fashion style of the American gold spray in the 1960s.

The male and female god Zhang Jinglan wears a BR03 watch

Often in the idol dramas, the highly performing Duncan said at the event that this trip to Taiwan was a brand cross-blade. Today, I saw the speed topic watch with a very strong flying concept. I was very excited. During the interview, Duncan revealed that he is a big fan of the brand. In the watch cabinet of his home in Hong Kong, he stored several limited-edition flying watches of the brand, each of which made him unbearable. During the interview, Duncan further stated that he would wear it BELL & ROSS BR01 is like seeing the rushing hands and turbine air inlet on the Harley speedometer. I feel full of confidence and boldness when I raise my hand. I feel that the moment of time starts to stop for him. Leaving behind, such a beautiful wearing experience made him reluctant to take off his watch, threatening to go directly to Baohongtang Taipei flagship store to check out. Another shining point on the scene of the brand presentation was Zhang Jinglan, a house and house goddess with a very high popularity index. Today, Jing Lan appeared in a sexy heavy machine style. The big show is sexy and charming, and it is different from the past. The handsome and handsome personality of the show made the fans scream again and again. Today, the event brought Zhang Jinglan, who is differently dressed for the brand, to pay tribute to the professional innovation of Bell & Ross, because the brand provides women with the sweetness and femininity. With the blessing of Bell & ROSS, the fashion watches of Halma have the opportunity to meet you with the brand new goddess of 2014. Jing Lan also revealed that seeing the power reserve display and large calendar device of BR03 aroused the dream of becoming a pilot when he was a child, and said at the event that he would go to the birthplace of Bell & ROSS, Nevada, at the end of the year. A round flying dream.
Limited releases of the BR01 B-Rocket and BR03 B-Rocket watches
The extreme pleasure that reflects the speed of time control is echoing the resurgence of B-Rocket. BELL & ROSS simultaneously launched the BR01 B-Rocket chronograph version and the BR03 B-Rocket dynamic display version. Two powerful new topics are commended. Friendship between two brands.
BR01 B-Rocket chronograph
The BR01 B-Rocket with chronograph function has a BELL & ROSS signature 46mm large diameter, matte black dial with oversized minute timer and dial edge speed scale, providing users to accurately calculate the rapid data at the moment of gallop, BR01 dial The detailed layout is taken from the classic black, white and red elements of the B-Rocket car speedometer. At the same time, to match the long-range endurance of the B-Rocket heavy machine, the movement is equipped with 60 seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours of long-term timekeeping performance. The striking fire red timing button doubles the B-Rocket.

BELL & ROSS BR03 Limited 500 pieces

BR03 B-Rocket Power Display
BR03 Rocket is inspired by heavy oil gauges. It has a dual-circle large calendar and power reserve display function. The large calendar is hollowed out to express the running elements of the generations in detail. The details of the power reserve scale are integrated into the characteristics of the Harley wheel frame. The watch exudes a sense of unrivalled speed. The 42mm diameter is suitable for neutral men and women. The B-Rocket watch has a classic blend of bones and blood from two major brands in detail. Through the contrast of black, white and red, it imitates the perspective of the dial in the shape of a turbine. The BELL & ROSS signature frosted stainless steel case matches Harley’s seat cushions are full of contrasting color strap processing, which shows the top achievements of cross-border watchmaking.

BELL & ROSS 46mm BR01 with a large diameter, unique and unique, limited to 500 pieces

Introduction To Patek Philippe 5153j Gold Watch

[Introduction to 5153J]
 5153J Rare and complex general-style watch, carefully crafted by Patek Philippe handmade artists. This new Calatrava is decorated with an exquisite round bezel, a sapphire crystal case back protected by a dust cover with shoulder hinges, round tail lugs, screwed strap straps, and a special rollback pattern Crown.

【The main parameters】
Brand: Patek Philippe
Series: Calatrava series
Model number: 5153J-001
Watch Style: Men’s Watch
Movement type: automatic machinery
Dial color: white
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Crown shape: round
Crown size: 38mm
Strap Color: Brown
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Water resistance: 30 meters
Manufacturer: Patek Philippe Watch Factory
Origin: Switzerland
Crown material: Gold