Tag Heuer Dubai Mall Flagship Store Reopened

On October 15, 2014, TAG Heuer Dubai Mall flagship store reopened. The new flagship store design perfectly combines high-tech materials (such as black glass and sandblasted metal) with classic construction materials (such as marble, leather, and sandal oak). .

   Adjacent to the adjacent Dubai Mall, the architectural design industry shows avant-garde design and modern style, which exactly fits the core values ​​of TAG Heuer. The eye-catching red tire-like pattern decoration on the display window makes the flagship store more distinctive, showing the TAG Heuer’s brand concept of “Fear no challenge, make yourself successful”.

   Mr. Kolia Neveux, General Manager of TAG Heuer Middle East, said, ‘It is an honor to participate in the celebration of the re-opening of the flagship store of the TAG Heuer Dubai Mall. The decoration is also in harmony with the brand’s sports style concept. ‘

   The reopened Dubai Mall flagship store is one of the brand’s three most prestigious flagship stores in the world. The remaining two are the Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York, USA and the French Champs Elysees flagship store.

To Commemorate The Year Of The Dog, These Brands Have Also Exhausted Their Minds

What is the zodiac? Qi Xiaofei explained this in ‘Zodiac Culture’: The birth year indicates that Xiao is like Xiao. The zodiac is also called the genus, the aspect is the facial aspect, and the genus is the facial aspect. The twelve animals belong to the zodiac or belong to it, and everyone can find their own zodiac sign or animal sign according to their birth year.

   Zodiac culture is not only for the Han nationality, but also for ethnic minorities; not only China, but also some foreign countries. For example, France also has the twelve zodiac signs, the constellations we often say; Egypt and Greece have twelve beast calendars; Myanmar has eight zodiac signs, and so on. It can be seen that the culture of the zodiac is not unique to China. It is an important part of culture in many countries. In our country, the signs of the zodiac have far-reaching effects. For example, we often say which person of the zodiac has any characteristics, or some couples want a baby of a certain zodiac, and they plan to conceive and have children in the corresponding year. It can be seen that as a culture that has accompanied us for nearly three thousand years, it has become a unique culture.

   You may ask, what does having said so much about the zodiac have to do with watches? Everyone knows that as a big luxury country, many brands will deliberately cater to the preferences of the Chinese, such as what is called the zodiac culture today. 2018 is the Year of the Dog in China, and many watch brands have launched the Year of the Dog to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Taking this opportunity, let’s take a look at how major brands have gone to great lengths to interpret zodiac watches.

Vacheron Constantin master watch series, carving, enamel craftsmanship show excellence

   Over the years, Vacheron Constantin also launched some limited edition zodiac watches, such as snakes, goats, chickens and so on. This year’s Year of the Dog watch is available in brown and blue as in previous years. The dial is decorated with a leaf pattern and a semi-embedded design. The reliefs with different depths are carefully combined to create a layered depth effect. Makes the carved plant suspended above the dial. The enamel process was then used to apply several layers of enamel glaze on the dial to highlight the visual tension of the color. The zodiac pattern in the center of this watch’s dial is carefully crafted using these superb craftsmanship. There are no hands on the dial, and the hour, minute, day of the week, and date are displayed through four small windows. The first two displays are sliding, and the last two are skipped. This original display was designed and produced by Vacheron Constantin, showing the brand’s classic and excellent manufacturing process. Vacheron Constantin Lunar Year of the Dog is limited to 12 pieces each.

Jacques de Loire hour and minute dial series watch, or lively cute or elegant

   To celebrate the New Year, Jacques Dross has launched two new models with two different styles: the small dog hour dial and the golden dog hour dial. The spirit dog hour and minute dial model shows the scene of Beijing dogs playing with butterflies in the flowers of Kao Peony, which reflects the innocent and mischievous nature of the dog, and it is also a praise of female charm. The golden carved spirit dog is characterized by graceful and elegant hours, showing the vivid Beijing dog in a naturalistic landscape composed of rocks and plants. The picture is exquisite and suitable for both men and women.

Breguet Year of the Dog Special Zodiac Watch, Traditional Machine Engraving Crafting Super Cute Chow Chow

   At the end of 2017, Breguet also launched a special zodiac watch for the Year of the Dog, limited to 8 pieces, in order to welcome the arrival of the Chinese New Year. Breguet reproduces the traditional superb machine-engraving process, and presents a Chow Chow on a Classique 7145 watch in a sculptural manner, perfectly presenting the outstanding craftsmanship of classic watchmaking. This super cute Chow Chow sculpted by Baodi makes the whole watch a lot of smart.
Athenian Classic watch, golden husky husky

   Athenian Watch launched the Golden Mastiff Watch on the SIHH 2018, which shaped a siberian husky playing outdoors on the dial. Like Vacheron Constantin, the ancient enamel technology is used to make the composition delicate and realistic. After the enamel is baked and burned to high temperature and polished, the engraver will carve all the metal dividing lines again to enhance the visual three-dimensional effect of the pattern. This gilt schnauzer watch is limited to 88 pieces.

Piaget ALTIPLANO series watch, ultra-thin body, unisex

   The Piaget’s zodiac watch uses a filigree enamel process to outline the birth sign of the dog. The overall shape of the pattern is somewhat similar to the golden retriever from the point of view of the tail. This watch is inlaid with 78 brilliant diamonds. The color of the pattern on the dial is layered, and the Piaget ultra-thin body is unisex.

Chopard L.U.C series watch, graceful Akita

   Chopard chose the beautiful Asian Akita dog and created a unique dial for Chopard using lacquer painting techniques such as lacquer painting and dill painting. With a dark dial as the background, an Akita dog on the dial looks into the distance, and under the dial are engraved blooming orchids and dragonflies flying, indicating a good sign.

Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series, slightly happy illustration dog

   Panerai has created zodiac watches every year since 2009, this is the tenth work. Compared with other brands, this Panerai watch is slightly more optimistic. The pattern on the dial comes from traditional Chinese illustrations, carved with fine techniques, and surrounded by auspicious plum blossoms. This limited edition is only 88 pieces, each of which was hand-decorated by an Italian master seal engraver using ancient ‘sparsello’ techniques. The steel cover is first engraved with grooves, and then filled with parallel gold wires layer by layer; then hammered until the gold wires completely fill the grooves, thereby forming the outline of the zodiac dog and delicate decorative patterns.

Fiyta series watches, subtle embroidery skills are precious

   To be honest, of all the zodiac watches, I like this Fiyta the most, because I think the dog embroidered on the watch is the image of the dog in our own house, which is closest to our life. And the dog’s pattern is made by Chinese traditional and rare craftsmanship-subtle embroidery skills. Limited to five pieces worldwide. The design of the dial is inspired by the ancient Chinese coin ‘Kaiyuan Tongbao’. There is a square in the middle. There are quaint pin nails in Lishu style at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock. A simple red ‘戌’ character, Indicate the lunar year of the year 2018. This watch combines the profound cultural connotation of China with modern craftsmanship, which is very precious. This watch will be unveiled at the Baselworld 2018.

SWATCH Zodiac watch, full of animation

   SWATCH is a fashion brand that is often unexpected in creativity. This watch has an anime color. A pink puppy on the golden dial is eager to ring the New Year’s bell. It is very cute. Watch straps are decorated with gold and red wavy patterns. From the overall design and appearance, it may be more popular with young people. I want to come here is why SWATCH invited Wang Junkai to be an endorsement.

   From a brief introduction to these zodiac watches, in addition to the SWATCH pattern is printed, several other brands have combined modern technology with ancient craftsmanship, using quite exquisite craftsmanship such as enamel, carving, and embroidery. The major brands are in great competition, and the new year of the dog zodiac watch has its own strengths. I wonder which one you prefer?