Love · Spiritual Watches-swiss Mido Commander Series Limited Edition Multi-function Chronograph Watches Grandly Available

Love, there are endless ways. Some love, take care of your clothing, food and shelter with meticulous care, some love, use his company to resolve your loneliness and loneliness, and some love, accompany you silently, as thick as a mountain, poor expression but warm and timeless. Just like the deep father’s love, the rough palm print is a stern and generous Tiehan tenderness, and it is also a tolerant and practical feeling for the calf. He used love to build a warm harbor for his children and support the burden of the family. Time is the most relentless change and the longest companionship. Father’s charm will not fade with the passage of time, but will settle with the passage of time. Swiss Mido recommends the Commander’s limited edition multi-function chronograph watch. The global limited edition is only 999 pieces. It passes the love of ‘limited’ on the wrist, blending toughness and dynamics on the wrist, showing the handsome man’s style.
Bit by bit, ‘limited’ love
    The love that father gave us became more and more mellow with the accumulation and polishing of time, just like architecture. After experiencing the baptism of time, it became more full of charm and artistry. Years are like shuttles. In the face of the erosion of time, only the classics and the love of ancient times remain unchanged. Therefore, Swiss Mido presents a new commander series limited edition multi-function chronograph watch for Father’s Day. Although it has experienced the impact of the trend, it continues the classic of the brand, and also creates a ‘core’, equipped with Mido 1320 movement. Observatory certified multifunction chronograph movement (based on ETA Valjoux 7750). The elegant and mature appearance design and the precise control of the minute and second time, just like the unique emotion between the father and the son, are implicitly restrained and warm-hearted.

    This watch draws on the essence of the Eiffel Tower design and restores its majestic and majestic architectural style and power aesthetics to the watch. With excellent watchmaking technology, Mido reinterpreted the shape and charm of the Eiffel Tower, and followed its resolute silhouette and beauty of strength. It resembles the resolute figure of his father’s mighty shore, which reflects the calm charm and connotation of mature men. The global limited edition of 999 words with such hot words highlights the pricelessness and preciousness of love, and the unlimited but exclusive love is limited. Give your father more care and more love from your ‘limited amount’. The watch case and strap are polished, staggered in light and dark, and have a strong sense of technology. The use of steel materials reproduces the curve from the spire to the base of the tower, smooth and agile. The metal bracelet uses a nut to replace the previous steel needle design to fix the watch section, which is not only easier to adjust, but also adds a mechanical feel to it, reflecting the designer’s unique ingenuity. Ivory white lacquered polished dial with bituminous gray vortex chronograph dial, pure and without connotation, the overall appearance of the silver watch is like the eiffel tower’s towering and sturdy attitude, which sets off the men’s masculine body. Inside the watch, the precise movement of the time, the exquisite design, highlights the Swiss watchmaking process of excellence. Ivory white lacquered polished dial is equipped with three multi-function chronograph dials of 60 seconds, 30 minutes, and 12 hours, highlighting a distinctive sports style. The various timing methods are simply born for speed, and the brand’s unique orange element is The dial is fully reflected, and the black and white hands are dotted on the ivory dial, which makes the reading more clear and convenient. The harmonious combination of the three colors also gives the man a dynamic charm. The hour, minute and scale are treated with white Super LumiNova®, which facilitates night readings. Adhering to the characteristics of the series and the brand, this limited series of multi-function chronograph watches of the Commander series once again brings out the sense of movement and speed to the fullest. The Commander series has once again increased its popularity and brand value. Outstanding styling, excellent performance, both internal and external, continuing the classic, giving the father the best return and love.