How About Kunlun Watches? How About Kunlun Watches?

About Kunlun
   In 1955, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, a pair of uncles transformed their Golden Bridge studio into an independent brand. This uncle and nephew are watchmakers Gaston
Ries and designer Rene
Bannwart. The new company is called CORUM, which is derived from quorum, meaning ‘the legal minimum number of people selected.’ Extending to the most basic elements that make things work, and they feel that their interaction is the best combination. Rene
Bannwar simplified its spelling to Corum as the brand’s English name.
   While deciding on the brand name, they also decided to use a key representing perfect time (La
Clef du Temps Parfit) as the brand logo. This key symbolizes the ability to open and explore all unknown mysteries and territories. At the same time, it is endowed with bold innovation and unremitting spirit of pursuit of perfection, which means perfect time The upright key pattern of the key becomes the well-known brand identity of Corum.
   The first watch officially launched in 1956 has attracted attention. Then in 1958, a timeless watch with a blank dial inlaid with the Kunlun key symbol,
Fair is amazing. Not to mention the 1964 gold coin watch, the 20-dollar double eagle gold coin watch established Kunlun’s reputation and status in one fell swoop. But Kunlun is not satisfied with this, and continues to improve in craftsmanship and creativity. The Golden Bridge watch, which came out in 1980, has an astonishing movement structure that has caused a sensation in the table.
   In 2000, the key to Kunlun’s success was given to the Wunderman family. Severin Wunderman and his son Michael
Wunderman re-created the peak of Kunlun. Although changing hands, Kunlun Watch’s attitude and direction have not changed. Bold and surprising creative expressions continue to attract watch fans who have a strong and unique personality and always embrace their dreams. This is because the unique style of Kunlun watches and the perceptual creativity inspired from the depths of the heart can touch their hearts and get their deep appreciation.
   In Severin
Under the leadership of Wunderman, Kunlun showed another unique style of innovation. Artistic creations such as hand-painted and enamel are displayed vividly through a series of limited-edition watch faces. The most surprising bubble series in watchmaking has also shown amazing design ideas.
   The Kunlun watch at this moment makes time interesting, making time a naughty fairy on the wrist. Kunlun is writing an eternal history of time.
   Design series include: Bubble series, Trapeze series, Rocket series. Each model is refreshing, beyond the imagination, not only highlights the brand’s design strength, but also attracts watch fans seeking a unique style.
   In Severin
Wunderman’s new classic collection series is the most full of Kunlun history. In addition to maintaining the traditional spirit, it is also closely linked with the times. Admiral’s
Cup), Buckingham, Coin Watch
Watch), Romulus, etc. Each is balanced and reborn in tradition and innovation.
   Romantic series full of feminine beauty
Collection), which includes the heart-felt collection chanting love (HEART
Beat), a lady who takes care of women’s delicate hearts
Ovale and Suger, a sweet sugar cube
   The precious series is the watchmaking art limit that Kunlun constantly challenges, TOURBILLON
Saphir 999 Tourbillon; Classical
Pearl Dragon, Buckingham
Birds of Paradise and other painted watches show the Kunlun art and craftsmanship in different aspects.
   The jewellery collection perfectly presents the various looks of jewelry. Butterfly, Full
Moon, Classical
Haute Joillerie Green and others use a variety of gems to show a variety of unique gorgeous style.
How about Kunlun watches
   The Corum Kunlun watch, founded in 1955, has no century-old history, but with the efforts of Corum, it integrates its own style and makes ‘time’ interesting. In 2005, the 50th anniversary of Corum, Corum also introduced the world’s limited tourbillon minute repeater with years of watchmaking skills as a commemoration.
   If you are a watch player, you must know how to appreciate the complexity of the minute repeater. If not, you should have heard how precise the tourbillon structure is. Corum combines the two and at the same time puts the clock on the dial. The sound mechanism is reversed, producing different interestingness. The sound of the knocked-out sound of the Westminster bell ringing with a reverberation sounds very special.
   Kunlun watches are full of endless creative energy. Each one has its own unique features. Its watches can be divided into five series: design series, classic heritage series, romantic series, precious series, jewelry series.
   Kunlun watches use ETA movement, good shape, very personal, the price is not cheap. Some people say that Kunlun expresses that it is very handsome, and it feels like a literary film, with some historical marks everywhere.
   The price of Kunlun watches ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. It belongs to the first-class watches. Kunlun watches entered the mainland of China later. In addition to its high value, his popularity in China is relatively average, but in love The list is definitely not a niche.
Recommended Kunlun watches
42 series 395.101.20 / 0F61
AK10 watch

   Number: 395.101.20 / 0F61
   Series: Admiral Cup Series
   Style: Automatic, 42 mm, men
   Material: Stainless steel
   RMB: ¥
   Vibration frequency: 28800 oscillations per hour
   Number of jewels: 27
   Power reserve: 42 hours
   Case material: stainless steel
   Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
   Strap Material: Leather
   Buckle type: folding buckle
   Water resistance: 50 meters
   Function: Date display

BRIDGE series 113.550.56 / 0001
0000J watch

   Number: 113.550.56 / 0001
   Series: Kunlun Bridge Series
   Style: Manual Machinery, 32×37 mm, Men
   Material: 18k yellow gold
   Hong Kong dollar: HK $
   Movement model: CO113
   Vibration frequency: 28800 oscillations per hour
   Number of gems: 19
   Power reserve: 40 hours
   Dial shape: barrel shape
   Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
   Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
   Water resistance: 30 meters
   Function: Hollow
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