Official Leak! Rolex 2019 New Style

Rolex is the new product that is most concerned by watch friends around the world every year. Rolex’s new products will directly affect the global new watch and second watch market trends, and its importance is self-evident. However, the Rolex brand is strictly managed, and its new products every year will never be exposed until the show opens. However, Rolex has a tradition of releasing relevant spy photos one week before the opening of the Basel watch. Just one hour before this article was launched, Rolex released this year’s main new video on its official Ins. Although this video is only 10 seconds, and we can see that the part of the watch has been reduced to 5 seconds, we can still know what this Rolex’s new model is this year through this pitifully small message. In 2016, the new product launched by Rolex was the new generation of ceramic circle Daytona. At the time, the video spy photos showed a ‘luminous scale’. In 2017, Rolex’s new product was a new generation of scarlet sea ambassadors. At the time, the video spy photos showed a ‘magnifying glass calendar window’. In 2018, Rolex updated the GMT Greenwich series. The key point exposed by the video spy photos at that time was the ‘Five Pearl Belt’. And this year’s Rolex video spy photos have two information points, the first of which is the most important. This lens shows the Rolex logo and watch configuration. Although it is not complete, it can be estimated that it is ‘Oyster Perpetual Date’ through Rolex’s existing models, which translates to ‘Oyster waterproof case perpetual motion.’ Core calendar. ‘ At the same time, it is very important that there is no other logo under its ‘Oyster Perpetual Date’. Of the 15 series that Rolex currently sells, the only ones that meet these two requirements are Submariner (Water Ghost), Yacht-master Yacht, Sea-dweller, GMT Greenwich. Previously, the Milgauss series with the highest probability of update was not compatible with the two. It has no calendar, and the series name Milgauss will be printed under the trademark. The second information point released by Rolex video spy photos is to lock in this year’s new model, which is the Yacht-master yacht series. The reason is very simple. Of the four series of submarine (water ghost), yacht, sea dweller and GMT, the sea dweller and GMT have been updated in the past two years, so it is impossible to become the main new model. Ghost) and yacht. And through the second information point given by Rolex, we can clearly find that its case type belongs to the Yacht-master yacht series. Although the yacht was sold as a new product in 2015, it was an 18K rose gold version with a ceramic ring configuration at the time, and it did not spread to steel models and adopted the latest generation Rolex 32 series movement. Unless Rolex replaces the submariner (water ghost) with a new shell shape, it will not be updated in this series. The submariner (Water Ghost), as Rolex’s most classic style, has a very low chance of changing its shell shape. Therefore, this year’s Rolex mainly promoted the new 99% of the new steel-hulled yachts, using the 3235 movement, while replacing the original platinum ring with ceramic ring. —END —