Introduction To Vacheron Constantin’s ‘fish’ Theme Watch

‘Fish’ watch: the crystallization of machine-engraved pattern decoration and filigree enamel technology
搭配 The shades of blue and gray are mixed together to create a scene of fish swimming together. This ‘Métiers d’Art Les Univers Infinis Collection’ watch combines machine-engraved patterns and filigree enamel techniques, inspired by a painting by Escher. The fish pattern is engraved on the base of the platinum dial, and then the eyes of the fish are carefully carved. Next, the master of machine-engraved patterning carefully carved and carved a symmetrical pattern with a length of only 0.1 millimeters. It is not difficult to glimpse his ingenious skills and passion for art sensitivity. The parallel curve outlines the head, tail and fins, while the body is covered with dazzling scales.
Finally, the enamel master used thin gold wire to distinguish different enamel colors and outline the outline of the pattern. This process is called enamel enamel. Finally, each fish is filled with enamel and fired in a high temperature oven. Usually, the artisans repeat this step many times in order to deepen the color. After the last firing is completed, a sanding and polishing process is performed to make the dividing line and the enamel filling area flush, and then glazing, that is, a layer of varnish, so that the dial can emit a dazzling light.