Extremely Sexy Bvlgari Lvcea Hollow Watch

This year’s Bulgari LVCEA series watch has a lot more features than in previous years. In addition to introducing the Bulgari’s iconic Tubogas bracelet into the series for the first time, it also symbolizes the top The hollow-out technique of the watchmaking process was introduced into the LVCEA watch, so that women also enjoyed the same right as men to appreciate the ultimate mechanical charm. Moreover, compared to the men’s skeleton, the Bulgari LVCEA series skeleton watch is sexy and can’t be seen at a glance.

  We have witnessed the charming charm of hollowed out machinery in the Bulgari men’s watches many times, and the hollowed out technique in the noble and luxurious precious metal LVCEA series watches is another enjoyment, just like the goddess above you in your mind And start to talk with you.

  The new model showcases the internal structure of haute horlogerie from a professional perspective, revealing the hidden parts of the Lvcea series for the first time, and is designed for women who love sophisticated and sophisticated mechanical timepieces. As the first skeletonized watch for women, the Lvcea skeletonized watch confirms Bulgari’s firm commitment to women’s watches.

  The new Lvcea skeletonized watch is hand-made by the Bvlgari watch factory in Switzerland. It adopts the BVL 191 automatic skeletonized caliber. As the ultimate new product of Bulgari, the Lvcea skeleton watch is not only a mechanical masterpiece that shows the inner workings of the watch to women, but also the first skeleton watch in history to incorporate the Bulgari logo letter into the internal structure design. .

  Paired with a crocodile leather strap with gem gloss, the Lvcea skeleton watch is an innovative masterpiece combining high-end watchmaking skills, high-end jewelry aesthetics and colorful colors, with a distinctive Bulgari style.

  As the embodiment of extreme charm, the logo on the dial of the Lvcea skeleton watch is also inlaid with diamonds, and the gorgeous light shines on the entire watch, embellishing the elegant time on the wrist.
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Blancpain Better Than Xizi’s Elegant Female Wrist

Su Di Chun Xiao, Liu An Wen Ying–the founder of classic timepieces and the leading Swiss watch brand BLANCPAIN, for the first time assembled a full range of high-end women’s watches from the brand, making their debut in Spring Day. Drawing on the unique aesthetics and supreme craftsmanship of the brand for nearly three centuries, the BLANCPAIN women’s series of watches are graceful and extraordinary, and have long exceeded pure timepiece attributes: soft curves, precious materials, classic timepiece elements, and fusion The core of ingenious precision machinery builds a flowery world on the square of the wrist.

 Among the many models this time, the BLANCPAIN women’s series large calendar window chronograph, eccentric date retrograde moon phase watch, meteor shower tourbillon watch and other watches are particularly touching. They seem to be enchanted, bringing the beauty of handsome machinery. Instantly turned into the glittering stars on the warm face; they seem to have opened a secret tunnel through time and space, guiding us to see the history of BLANCPAIN in the field of women’s watches.

 As the oldest watch brand in the world, BLANCPAIN is also a trend pioneer in the field of women’s watches. As early as 1930, it embedded magical and complex mechanical movements in small and exquisite ladies’ watches, for women with charm and connotation to review and play after decoration. In this contest that is to be both beautiful and functional, the BLANCPAIN masters spared no effort to win the title of the world’s smallest circular mechanical movement with Ladybird in 1956. Subsequently, records such as the thinnest mechanical movement, the thinnest female perpetual calendar movement, and the first female flyback chronograph were included in BLANCPAIN. It is this consistent creative thinking that balances aesthetics and functionality, which also made BLANCPAIN capture Swedish actress Gritti. Heart of many supporters including Garbo. Today, after nearly a century of accumulation, BLANCPAIN’s women’s watch family has become quite large. Let’s enjoy five of these representative works together.

BLANCPAIN Women’s Watch Large Chronograph Chronograph

 Flowers bloom, how many times does this cycle flow in the river of time? Or unknowable, but this flower lingers with the friendship of water and stays in my heart forever. Without staring, you can read this tenderness between the dial and the back of the large calendar window chronograph of the BLANCPAIN women’s series with just a glance. With a mother-of-pearl dial, this watch is shiny and elegant, showing elegance. The two diamond streamlines in the middle of the face plate are each composed of 17 gorgeous flash diamonds arranged from small to large. They resemble water waves and spread outward from the center. The face plate is also divided into two irregular spaces. The 12 o’clock eccentric faceplate above it looks like the new born sun. The Roman numeral hour and minute indicators contrast with the Arabic numeral scale below, which is unique. Two chronograph faceplates at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. Using the time scale, jumping figures like the reflection of the river waves are full of interest; at 6 o’clock, there are two symmetrical semi-circular windows lively, and the double-dial large date display is clear and readable.

 This watch has a diameter of 38.6 millimeters and is equipped with a BLANCPAIN Calibre 26F8G self-winding mechanical movement. Its number of parts reaches 495 and the water resistance is up to 30 meters. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can not only see the ingenious internal structure and the true look of the movement, but also the exquisitely stretched petal-shaped automatic rotor.

 Ingenious case back gives a glimpse of the ingenious internal structure and the true content of the movement

The large date chronograph watch is made of 18K rose gold, the bezel is set with 40 diamonds, and the top of the crown is set with a cone diamond.

BLANCPAIN Eccentric Date Retrograde Women’s Moon Phase Watch

 Moon shadows are lingering, and the thoughts and inspirations from the surplus and shortage are pouring out of the tide. In the face of the moon, we always have too many feelings to look forward to. Why not put it on your wrist? This BLANCPAIN eccentric date retrograde women’s moon phase watch has both moon phase profit and loss and retrograde date display functions. It perfectly integrates romantic feelings and watchmaking creativity, and wins the hearts of thousands of women. In order to create a delicate and elegant style, the watch face is perfectly made of four different mother-of-pearls. The cross-section of the mother-of-pearl is bright white or dazzling, or the fluorescence is bright, and the pieces are interlocked and intersected. On the blue sky of the moon phase display, the bright moon face echoes with the jewels and stars. The bezel is also set with 40 gorgeous diamonds.

 This watch is equipped with the Calibre 2660RL automatic movement. This movement consists of 302 parts set with 32 gems, powering the eccentric time faceplate at 6 o’clock, the moon phase plate at 12 o’clock and the central retrograde date indicator. 65 hours power reserve. The tip of the blue snake-shaped date retrograde hand is dotted with a dazzling star emblem, which shines against the background of the sky decorated with diamonds; the crown is also set with a gorgeous diamond.

 The watch is paired with a white strap to complement the elegant, light and gentle style.

BLANCPAIN Meteor Rain Tourbillon

 The meteor shower cuts through the sky, and it is rare to see it spectacularly. There is an old saying in the West that the wish made by the meteor shower will soon be realized. This shows the romance and mystery of the meteor shower. BLANCPAIN, which has always pursued top-level complex watchmaking craftsmanship, has used brilliant diamonds to create an unprecedentedly gorgeous meteor shower between square inches. The realization of such a spectacular scene can be attributed to the unremitting research of the BLANCPAIN mosaic master. This Meteor Rain Tourbillon watch uses the brand’s patented ‘orbital effect’ concealed mosaic method, centered around the floating tourbillon at twelve o’clock, emitting a whirlwind-like trajectory.

 As dazzling as the outside, the beauty of the inner movement is also interesting. The BLANCPAIN women’s series Meteor Rain tourbillon watch is equipped with the self-made Calibre 6925 self-winding movement. It consists of 307 parts. Up to 168 hours. There is a large date window at 6 o’clock on the dial, which echoes the floating tourbillon at 12 o’clock. Through the sapphire crystal case back, it was found that the approximately transparent oscillating oscillating weight was swinging handily, and the tourbillon flight trajectory and the linkage operation of the movement could be seen at a glance.

 The brand’s patented ‘orbital effect’ concealed mosaic method makes the diamond on the face like a meteor shower

Blancpain women’s watch

 The dark blue ocean, as opposed to distant outer space, is another mysterious kingdom. Colorful corals and strange sea creatures are calling on us. BLANCPAIN has a deep understanding with the ocean. As early as 1952, the originator of modern diving watches-the Fifty Fathoms. Today, the Fifty Fathoms diving watch and deep diving cap Bathyscaphe watch designed for women, adhering to the restrained and elegant brand temperament, the perfect pure white design reflects the extraordinary sports light.

 Among them, the Fifty Fathoms women’s watch uses a scratch-resistant sapphire manufacturing process and a white unidirectional rotating bezel to avoid the dangerous situation of prolonged diving time caused by any negligence. All-steel 45mm diameter dial with crown protection to enhance the safety of this diving watch. The outer ring with white background is matched with the hour markers and luminous hands with luminous shadows, which makes this diving watch show fluorescent colors even in the black world at the bottom of the sea. The Fifty Fathoms ladies’ watch is powered by the extremely stable self-winding movement Calibre 1315, which was independently developed by Blancpain. The 1315 movement is equipped with a balanceless balance spring and gold fine-tuning screws. This design can reduce external interference to the smooth running of the watch, thereby ensuring the absolute accuracy and effectiveness of the watch’s travel time. Three barrels give this watch a power reserve of 5 days, giving it constant energy at all times.

 In contrast, Bathyscaphe women’s watches with deep submersibles have a more exquisite and compact appearance. It is equipped with a carefully designed white ceramic bezel, case and strap, exuding pure and gentle femininity. This watch uses the Calibre 1150 self-winding mechanical movement. It is worth mentioning that BLANCPAIN injects liquid metal (Liquidmetal®) into the ceramic bezel to form a scale, which gives the bezel super wear and corrosion resistance.

 Fifty Fathoms Women’s Watch Perfect Pure White Design Fashionable Sports Style

BLANCPAIN Women’s Lotus Watch

 Flowers resemble the fairy fairy in nature, sowing the elegant fragrance in the breeze. In the search for new inspiration, the perfection and variety of amazing flowers inspired BLANCPAIN’s imagination, and naturally became the theme of saluting women. This lotus series watch adopts elegant lotus shape, with bold and avant-garde line design. The mother-of-pearl face plate is natural and gorgeous. Its unpredictable gloss and texture exactly correspond to the look and feel of lotus petals. At BLANCPAIN His men are perfectly united. In addition, two rows of delicately set diamonds make the classic double-layer bezel more vibrant. This watch movement uses a self-made Calibre 1150 self-winding movement with a power reserve of 100 hours.

    The muddy and unblemished lotus temperament embodies the elegance of the mother-of-pearl face plate

Oris Launches The Fourth Edition Of The Limited Edition Flight Watch

Flying Race Limited Edition Fourth Edition Front View
 Flight Contest Limited Edition Fourth Edition Back
To celebrate the proud achievements of the Oris Swiss Air Flight Team at the 2013 Reno Flight Race in Nevada, Oris, the Swiss independent mechanical watch brand, has launched Four editions, limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide.

The winner of the 2013 Renault Flight Contest was Oris’ image ambassador, pilot Don Vito Wypraechtiger, a very talented Swiss aviation pilot who drove his Scarlet Screamer fighter, won the competition, and became the gold award in the aviation field. The first non-U.S. National champion in 50-year history.

To commemorate Don Vito’s landmark and commemorative victory, Oris has launched the fourth edition of the limited edition of the flight contest, becoming the newest member of Oris’s latest product series-the big crown pilot series. The back cover of the watch is engraved with the outline of the Scarlet Screamer aircraft, next to it is the limited number of the model, the gray dial with black 3D printed numbers, and the hands and hour scale are embedded with green fluorescent material. The contrast between grey and green ensures the time readability of the watch under any conditions.

At the same time, the anti-reflection coating on the inside of the double-sided arched sapphire glass reduces glare caused by sunlight and cockpit reflections, further improving legibility when walking.

The surface of the 45mm case is coated with black diamond-like carbon coating, and the folding buckle developed by Oris with a gray fabric strap is also coated with black diamond-like carbon coating. The power of the watch comes from a fully automatic mechanical movement, which is waterproof to 100 meters.

第四 The fourth edition of the limited edition of the Oris Flight Contest will again compete with Don Vito in the US Reno Flight Contest in September 2014 to defend Vito’s title.