Glasutti Craftsmanship Creates Classics

At the Pakistani show in 2013, Glashütte, as always, did not let us down. The innovative design adds a halo to the new Pano series, which was launched only last year. As the latest masterpiece of the brand’s Art & Technik series, the modern dial arrangement and the flying tourbillon decorated with filigree have attracted everyone’s attention.

 Bright yellow lights and off-white sofas, the new and elegant Basel Pavilion almost reproduces the layout of the Glashütte boutique. The high-tech light and shadow effects perfectly present the details of Glashütte’s complex timepieces. Across the wall, the brand also displays superb works completed in the Pforzheim dial factory, showing everyone the process of making each fine watch dial. The four tablet computers at the entrance of the exhibition hall are also showing the brand’s four major watch series: the essence series, art and craft series, 20th century vintage series and women’s series. And we also enjoyed the brand’s freshest masterpiece this year in this friendly and comfortable environment.

Design and Innovation

 The heat of the tourbillon in recent years does not seem to have weakened at all, and major brands continue to challenge the extreme of horological craft with innovative designs. Traditional tourbillons need to have two fixed points above and below to compensate for the errors caused by the gravity of the watch. The tourbillon designed by Alfred Helwig, invented by the master watchmaker, cantilever the mechanical device, so that the tourbillon is fixed at only one point, and its design has gained the reputation of flying tourbillon. To this day, the flying tourbillon is still a world-class invention that is astonishing in both aesthetics and watchmaking.

 This year, Glashütte introduced the PanoLunarTourbillon watch, with an innovative design that adds aura to the new Pano collection, which was launched last year. As the latest masterpiece of the brand’s Art & Technik series, the modern dial arrangement and the flying tourbillon decorated with filigree have attracted everyone’s attention.

 The use of a larger cylindrical case with a slimmer and more elegant outer ring to magnify the dial’s visual effect seems to have become a popular choice for several brands this year. At this year’s Pakistani show, PanoLunarTourbillon also made its first appearance with an elegant new appearance of a 40mm red gold case and a warm silver dial. The unique asymmetric design of the Pano series places the larger hour / minute hands on the left side of the dial, aligned with the flying tourbillon at 7 o’clock. The settings of the various functions of the dial are in line with the golden section, also known as the golden ratio. This legendary harmonious aesthetic law has been sought after by artists, architects and musicians in the past.

Aesthetics and precision

 Although Glashütte has always known that he is good at combining craftsmanship and aesthetics, when I first saw the new Senator Chronometer Regulator, I couldn’t help but admire it. This watch perfectly combines the classic three-needle, one-line display with the official manual-winding movement certified by the Observatory.

 In the past, whenever the three-pin, one-line timing was lifted, it was related to a specific pendulum clock. The main use of such pendulum clocks is to allow watchmakers to set precise time in their watchmaking workshops to test the accuracy of smaller timepieces; on the other hand, they are also used in scientific research, As a very accurate time measurement standard. To facilitate reading time, the hands are arranged on different axes of the dial: in the center are separate minute hands occupying the main position, while the hour and second hands are smaller and placed off-center.

 The dial position of the new Senator Chronometer Regulator has been specially arranged and reduced to fit the watch. The brand’s iconic large calendar window is placed at 3 o’clock, and the date is accurately changed at 12 midnight. In order to adjust the time more easily according to the date change, our manual winding 58-04 movement is equipped with day and night display.

Pay tribute to women

 Known as the ‘Women’s Watch Year’ at the 2013 Bar Show, many women’s watch series have emerged. And Glashütte, who is good at watchmaking, is no exception, introducing a new Pavonina series women’s watch.

 The word Pavonina is derived from the Latin word pavoninus, which means ‘peacock’, and blooms with dazzling colors and eye-catching brilliance. The design styles of the new watches in this series range from simple modern, classic elegance to luxurious beauty. Whether it is minimalist elegance or the exquisite motifs of exquisite, sparkling mother-of-pearl and diamonds, it reflects the ever-changing women.

 The striking form of the case dates back to the 1920s, when wristwatches generally adopted a unique ‘cushion’ shape that was all the rage. Glashütte designers slightly modified this form to meet the needs of contemporary women, and incorporated flexible lugs in the case. The Saxon watchmaker applied a patent in this solution to achieve a perfect fit between the watch and the wrist of the woman wearing the watch.

 In addition, a series of carefully selected colorful straps complement the bracelet: dark green, violet or rich anthracite sparkling satin, or coffee brown and violet shiny patent leather. The bracelet is equipped with a quick-change device, which makes it easy for ladies to attach a watch to the strap that best matches their clothing.

Dark blue at midnight

 The Glashütte Sixties watch has been popular since its debut in 2007. In addition to the nostalgic fans, this watch series created by Saxon artisans is full of elegant, retro and independent design, which fully reflects the exciting 1960s. The individual shape design and all the small details are stylish and eye-catching, recreating the exclusive charm of the 60s.

 This year, the brand added a new member to the vintage watch series, adding new charming colors to the Sixties and Sixties Panorama Date models, bringing morning and night dark blue colored clothes to both watches to surprise everyone.

 The German arched silver dial is electroplated in the brand’s own factory and is decorated with sun-ray texture. In the minute circle, the Arabic numerals of the same style are used on the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock scales. Slightly curved platinum hour and minute hands with super luminous paint, slowly turning with the elegant second hand.

 Turning the watch over, you will find that the six arched sapphire crystals of the Sixties series are set on the bottom of the watch, allowing people to peep at the movement of the watch from a wider and clearer angle. From the beveled edge design of the two watch movements, polished stainless steel components, gooseneck trimmer, 21K gold skeleton rotor and the brand’s unique 3/4 splint with stripe decoration, you can easily discover the brand’s iconic design.

Bulgari: The Epitome Of Italian Quality

This limited edition chronograph is a gift to the common anniversary of two famous Italian brands. Bulgari and Maserati may have different styles, but they both represent the same artistic lifestyle.
  Alfirí Maserati and his two brothers, Edol Maserati and Ernest Maserati, established an automobile manufacturing company under their first names on December 1, 1914. Maserati’s headquarters is now located in Modena, in 2014, just one hundred years after its establishment. 2014 is also the 130th anniversary of the Bulgari brand. Two equally outstanding and creative brands have decided to launch a unique and unique sports watch in the common anniversary anniversary: ​​OctoMaserati chronograph to represent the collision of creativity between two different fields in Italy. Cars and watches, seemingly thousands of miles apart, are actually closely linked.

  Maserati, an iconic brand in the Italian automotive design industry, has won worldwide recognition in countless races-rigorous discipline and excellent performance, all of which are indispensable qualities for reaching the championship podium and achieving the best results. Of course, behind these brilliant achievements are the hard work of countless engineers, designers, and mechanics. They develop and debug each sports car, and the drivers use their hands to hold the steering wheel to grasp the fate of each sports car. With years of experience, Maserati is able to provide countless outstanding GT sports cars to the most discerning and delicate customers. Ordinary sports cars are subject to various limitations in pursuit of speed alone, and GT sports cars jump out of the fence and can also provide passengers with a comfortable and relaxed driving experience on smooth roads. Speed ​​and elegance go hand in hand. Motivation and performance, an artistic lifestyle.

  To celebrate the centenary of Maserati, BVLGARI, while adhering to tradition, has designed a timepiece that combines boldness, creativity and fashion, which represents the common spiritual connotation of the two Italian brands. In 2012, the advent of Maserati’s iconic OctoQuadri-Retro chronograph represented the beginning of the partnership between Bulgari and Maserati. This year, Bvlgari decided to equip the OctoMaserati limited edition chronograph with a Velocissimo movement. The nickname ‘Velocissimo’ of this movement means ‘fastest’ in Italian, and its vibration frequency can reach 36,000 times per hour, which is a veritable name. In addition, this self-winding movement is also decorated with 45 gems, which is the choice of many Bulgari Swiss watchmakers. This BVL328 movement uses a silicon escapement and swing gear to ensure the ultra-high accuracy of the chronograph. In addition to excellent performance and precise travel time, the movement also provides a 50-hour long power reserve. Just like Maserati’s sports car, this chronograph excels in both explosiveness and endurance.

  Beyond the technical level, many details of OctoMaserati timepieces reflect many resonances between the two major brands: from the unique case design to the perfection of every detail, there is a shadow of the Maserati brand spirit everywhere. This is a testimony of the perfect cooperation and exchange between the two Italian brands. Designers and engineers work together, and its significance has gone beyond ordinary partners.

The diameter of the OctoMaserati case is 41.5mm, which can clearly read the time; the waterproof design of 100 meters also reflects the Maserati’s consistent spacious body design and comfort first. The two buttons on the chronograph are stop / start and reset functions, which are located at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock, respectively, and perfectly integrate with the 110 faceted case. Octo series timepieces are inspired by the immortal masterpieces of Italian architecture and design, and the tachymeter scale bezel on this chronograph also confirms its excellent performance.

  The mosaic dial of the OctoMaserati chronograph, just like the odometer in a car, accurately displays the required information at all times. The design and manufacture of the inlaid dial is like a Maserati car, which is a complicated and time-consuming process that requires excellent control and absolute concentration: from hollowing out the dial to baking paint and polishing , Varnish, and finally all surfaces are polished by hand. In the end, the dial decorated with the famous Trident logo came out, elegant and clear, like a chronograph instrument panel.

  The logo of the trident is from an artist in the Maserati family: Mario Maserati, inspired by the Fountain of Poseidon in Bologna. The chronograph second hand features a trident design at the end, which is also low-key printed on the blue translucent case back. The dial color is Maserati’s signature blue, while the blue alligator strap and double-sided stainless steel folding clasp are as refined and smooth as the Maserati sports car interior.

  Each of the chronographs accurately realizes the designer’s vision, but each one is unique: the limited edition chronograph of OctoMaserati will only be issued in 1914, representing the founding year of Maserati.
  This Bvlgari watch for Maserati, with two brand logos, reflects the artistic temperament of life, but also represents the values ​​and philosophical beliefs recognized by Bulgari and Maserati.
  Needless to say, this chronograph is more than a limited edition commemorative watch designed for male riders. The OctoMaserati chronograph expresses the elegance of these two Italian families and their unremitting pursuit of high standards and elegant life.
  Self-winding chronograph movement (Calibre BVL328 Velocissimo), vibration frequency 36,000 vph, silicon escapement, 50-hour power reserve: hour and minute hands, chronograph long seconds, minute and hour chronograph small dials at 3 and 6 o’clock Position, the seconds dial is at 9 o’clock, and the date is displayed between 4 and 5 o’clock.
• Stainless steel case with a diameter of 41.5 mm and a bezel with tachymeter scale. The translucent blue case back has the Maserati logo printed on it with a thickness of 13.07 mm. The screw-down crown is decorated with ceramic inlays.
• Lacquered polished blue and white inlaid dial, Maserati blue alligator strap, stainless steel folding clasp.
• Limited 1914 pieces