New Material Strap Longines Rubber Strap?

The development of technology is not limited to the inside of the watch. The material of the strap of the watch has also changed tremendously. Next, I will briefly introduce the rubber strap in the Longines strap.
Unique features of Longines rubber strap

 The molded Longines rubber strap has excellent mechanical and chemical properties. Its high quality and elegant and stylish watch are a perfect match. And it has a high degree of flexibility in its production process, so it can produce a variety of different colors and finishes.
Longines rubber strap is elastic and defensive

 The real rubber is a mixture of sulfur and other components after high temperature treatment, which can maintain elasticity and increase defense. Unlike natural rubber, it is made by extracting floating juice from oak trees, and it is known to have protection functions such as soft pads. Thermoplastics are objects between rubber and plastic.
Longines rubber strap is comfortable and durable

 True rubber feels comfortable when worn, and has been tested by the US Food and Drug Administration and BgW- to meet stringent standards for biocompatibility and skin contact. Under normal circumstances, the life of Longines rubber straps can be maintained for 18 months, but may also be accelerated by exposure to the stress of urban life and exposure to the sun.
 After reading today’s content, I believe that the rubber strap will become the best choice for everyone who loves watches.

Classic Aesthetics Chinese Taste 2019baselworld Feyada New Products Summary

In the spring of 2019, the 49th Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show opened in Switzerland. Fiyta upholds the spirit of professional watchmaking, giving the timepiece artistic beauty, and exhibited with the Dunhuang-themed watch from the Master Series, the M-20 ‘J-20’ joint limited edition, the Fengzhi series, and the heartstring series. As the first watch brand originated from China in Hall 1 of Basel Watch Fair, Fiyta has demonstrated its profound accumulation in professional watchmaking, constantly introducing new ideas, and bringing the aesthetic experience of watch perfection.
   Master Series Dunhuang Theme-Flying Watch: The wind is the air, and the air is flying

   Throughout the ages, people have never ceased to yearn for the sky. As a watch brand with many cooperations in the aerospace field, Fiyta has a long history of relationship with the sky. This time, it traces the ancient Feitian culture once again, and it will travel around the world. The magnificent imagination and romantic feelings of the sky are integrated into the art of timepieces. The flying mural ‘Bodhi Tree Double Flying Sky’ in Cave 321 of Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang is famous all over the world. Fiyta presents it on the flying pair of tables, one left and one right, reflecting each other, expressing the beauty of ‘always at your side’ Vision.
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  Nine-colored deer king is one of the benevolent beasts and beasts of the Buddha who was reincarnated to do good deeds in the past life of the Buddha. It is the embodiment of beauty, kindness and integrity. It is mysterious and noble, shining with dazzling light and awe-inspiring vigor. The mural ‘Deer Bundesus’ at Dunhuang Cave 257 is a work of art with a strong Buddhist color. It shows the miracle of the Buddha’s reincarnation into the deer king and rescues a drowning man. It reincarnates Buddhist love, good deeds, and karma. And so on. Doctrine runs through it.
   Nine-colored deer watch, carefully selected mineral glaze, showing a fuller and more pure Chinese painting color. On the dial, the three deer live in harmony with the rivers and mountains, and have a beautiful mood. One has a fur color like snow, with white antlers on his head, and a smart ribbon; pure and serene; one with white as the main color, and the green color and flint on the deer to show its nine colors; and the other with flint color The deer’s round body has smooth lines, four hoofs, and strong dynamics.
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  The Dunhuang-themed Heart Sutra watch is inspired by the rare treasure in Dunhuang’s posthumous scripture, the Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, with a unique Chinese character time stamp on the dial. The font is taken from the classical calligraphy in the Tibetan scripture cave scriptures, showing solemn beauty. Book style; in Buddhism, recitation of Prajna Paramita can relieve all suffering, this watch is engraved with Prajna Paramita on the case back— ‘ ‘Hey, Bodhisattva,’ imprints the secret seal of Buddhism.
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   Mach series ‘J-20’ joint limited edition watch, carrying the courage and wisdom of flying pioneers, to explore the sky with a strong body; Fiyta, as a pilot-only watch, has witnessed great moments with timepiece works recorder. To commemorate the spirit of flight, Fiyta and the ‘J-20’ jointly launched a limited-edition watch, taking design inspiration from the fuselage, using aviation materials and top watchmaking craftsmanship to create a strong timepiece, and continue to write the flight legend . The side contour of the watch case is inspired by the contour of the fuselage, showing a smooth and smooth streamline; the combined shape of the watch crown and the buttons just echoes the engine tail spray; the second hand shows the shape of an airplane and is decorated with a red tip Add color embellishment to black and white color matching; dial printed ‘J-20’ line drawing, a few pens, that is, outline the outline, you can see the ‘J-20’ posture on your wrist; the bottom cover is marked with ‘J The -20 ‘outline pattern is engraved and decorated, making this memorial meaning change over time.
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