Rolex Rubber Strap Is To Test The Water Temperature From Yacht-master 116655

For a long time, the official strap of ROLEX Rolex is either a chain or a belt. If users want tape or NATO belt, they can only find the subsidiary factory. This third-party modification is in the labor fan. It is also highly controversial, and the result is often to make players with different tastes from the original. It is because of this that Yacht-Master 116655 provides an option for watch buyers who have such troubles, but it is exceptional. The move also caused a discussion in the market.

The alloy sheet inside Oysterflex has a memory effect, and the elasticity is quite good; there are two upright fins on the inner side of the outer tape, and the ends are folded horizontally. Because the rubber used is extremely soft, this pair of fins can fully fit the strap Wrist shape

Feature 1: a rubber-coated strap
Strictly speaking, this new Yacht-Master is not a tape, but a composite structure with metal inside and rubber overlaid, which Rolex calls \\ ‘Oysterflex \\’. The metal part of this composite watchband is a titanium nickel alloy, and its role is to replace the outer rubber to connect the lugs and buckle. This can avoid the problem that the general tape is easy to crack from these successive structural parts after a long time. There are metal parts as the backbone, and the outer rubber is not afraid even if it breaks from it. It is indeed a insurance measure with a strong Rolex style.

The numbers and scales on the bezel are presented in the same color of the Yang text. The bottom is treated with a matte surface, and the digital scales are polished. The texture is delicate and functional. The bezel is two-way rotatable, the whole circle has 120 grids, and the feel is soft

Feature two: black matte ceramic ring
In addition to Oysterflex, another selling point of 116655 is the ceramic bezel. In the past, the bezels of the Yacht-Master were all metal. For the first time, the black ceramic inner ring was used in this modification. It is beautiful and stylish to match the outer ring of rose gold. Therefore, in addition to watch players, many fashionable people also Love this one. Previously, Rolex’s ceramic rings used the precious metal plating method to express the digital scale on the ring, but because the Yacht-Master digital scale was originally the same color as the inner ring, the new version also adopted for the first time. The whole ceramic ring of the same color is quite fresh.

The case is made of Rolex’s own eternal rose gold. The material itself has good chemical properties and is quite special in color. With a black face and black circle black strap, it is visually stylish.

Feature 3: In addition to 40mm and 37mm
Originally, the Yacht-Master was divided into a large size of 40mm and a Boy Size of 35mm. This version also has two sizes, but the 268655 size of the small diameter was revised to 37mm, and the positioning became more neutral. It is worth mentioning that the 37mm model is equipped with a 2236 movement. The movement is equipped with the Syliox silicon spring used by Rolex for the first time in a female watch. This is a product that Rolex has finally commercialized after years of research on silicon materials. Both symbolic and substantive significance are extraordinary.

Yacht-Master 116655

18K eternal rose gold material / 3135 automatic movement / hour, minute, second, date display / Superlative Chronometer certification **