Bell & Ross Precisely Traveling Aerospace Country

BELL & ROSS has always been fascinated by the design of aerospace instruments and aircraft. Since the brand began to manufacture watches, all the timepieces developed by it have been around two major themes: including materials from aviation instruments, especially The Aviation series of the cockpit dashboard design, and the Vintage flight watch series that pay tribute to different periods of flight history, the two series constitute the world of unique timepieces of the brand.

 In the country of aerospace, the cockpit dashboard design is clearly displayed first, so matte black and white are the most common combinations in the cockpit. Matte black is very reflective and easy to read because of its non-reflective properties. In addition, orange is also a heavy task , Usually responsible for displaying important and critical flight data, so the orange element of the Bell & Ross timepiece has also become one of the brand’s design features.

 New BR 03-94 Carbon Orange chronograph (limited to 500 pieces)

 In 2014, BELL & ROSS launched the new BR 03-94 Carbon Orange chronograph, which is especially designed for professionals who often work in extreme or harsh environments and always need the time display to be clear.

 The BR 03-94 Carbon Orange model contains the design features of the aircraft’s cockpit dashboard, with bright orange details in matt black, making all the display related to the timing function more prominent.