Hublot Scores For Philanthropic Touchdowns, Joins Hands With Best Buddies International And Tom Brady

May 2015, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot joined hands with the charity organization Best Buddies International and Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady to jointly support the Best Buddies Challenge Hyannis Port event. This volunteer project is held annually to raise charity funds through walking, running and cycling to care for people with intellectual and physical disabilities and create equal employment opportunities for them.
   The Port Hyannis event is divided into two days, including a rugby match at Harvard Stadium. On May 29, Hublot kicked off the game as a sponsor of Best Buddies International. The New England Patriots quarterback, Super Bowl MVP, and Best Buddies International ambassador Tom Brady appeared to help out. This game attracted thousands of fans to watch, including New England Patriots Julian Edelman, MP Joseph F. Kennedy III, and actor Danny Cook, among others.

   During the intermission, Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot Boutique Partner Rick de La Croix, Hublot US Managing Director Jean-Francois Sberro, Best Buddies International Founder Anthony Shriver, Tom Brady And professional cyclists George Hincapie and Christian Venda Velde unveiled Hublot’s latest creation-the Classic Fusion Chrono Aero Carbon watch.
   This ultra-light watch is entirely made of carbon fiber and designed for cycling. It is limited to 100 pieces and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Best Buddies International to support the operation of charity projects. The Best Buddies International logo, designed and drawn by the famous graffiti artist Keith Haring, is printed on the bottom of the case. The strap with red caulking and colorful dial scales also showcases Best Buddies International elements. This watch is the perfect complement to cycling, with athletes simply timing the button to time a race.
   Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe said, “Best Buddies International’s charity is so impressive and it’s an honor to work with it. Like the Shriver family, Hublot has a long history of serving the local community. We’re very happy Tee off for the Best Buddies Challenge with Anthony Shriver, Tom Brady, and professional cyclists George Hincapie and Christian Venda Velde, and release our latest creation, the Classic Fusion ‘Best Buddies’ watch. Hublot will be from this The proceeds from the sale of the watches are donated to the Best Buddies International charity. ‘
   Tom Brady said, ‘Tonight is my highlight of the year, and because of Best Buddies International, Harvard’s rugby night is especially special. Friendship is an essential and essential part of everyone’s life. You go through difficult times in your life. For friends, people always hope that the more the better. The charity network of Best Buddies International, Anthony Shriver, has been working hard for many years, and I can do my best for this. I feel great. ‘
   Anthony Shriver, founder and chairman of Best Buddies International, said: ‘The Hublot launches the Classic Fusion ‘Best Buddies’ and donates some of its sales to charity to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual and physical disabilities. For Hublot’s commitment, we I am deeply honoured. I sincerely hope that the projects of Best Buddies International and Hublot dedicated to social inclusion and care will inspire more companies to follow suit and participate in this cause together. ‘