Simplicity Is True Elegance Tasting Mido Belem Celli Watch

It has been 40 years since the launch of the Mido Berencelli series, and its extraordinary design has become a popular choice for taste and elegance today. It inherits the original classic shapes and styles, and integrates the aesthetics of classic architecture, revealing elegant and noble qualities. The attention to detail can be observed through its meticulously crafted movement and automatic oscillating weight decorated with the Mido LOGO, and the diamond-cut hands can be observed. The true classics and beauty are timeless in the passage of time. Today I will introduce the Mido Berencelli watch. (Watch model: M027.

   The watch case is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 34 mm and the case thickness is 9.11 mm. The 34 mm diameter is not small in ladies’ watches and is suitable for women who like large dials. The combination of black and white makes this watch look simple and generous, and the versatile colors are also suitable for various occasions.

   The dial is made of mother-of-pearl. The white dial is matched with silver stainless steel hands. The time scale is set with 8 diamonds.
Ancient Roman numerals and stainless steel hands complement each other. The right embellishment can bring out the elegance of women. Day at 3 o’clock
Calendar window, hour hand, minute hand, second hand are all available, without other complicated functions, easy to read the time.

   This watch draws on the architectural features and baroque architectural style of the arcade of Emmanuel II of Milan. It is curved, three-dimensional and rich in lines. The double-layered bezel is derived from the dome design of the arcade of Emmanuel II, and the layered sense gives the watch a rich external expression.

   The stainless steel case is polished to show the perfect radian, and the crown is rounded to blend with the superior lugs. The smooth lines are harmonious and glow with charming colors.

   This model is equipped with a black alligator leather strap, which is comfortable to wear and low-key, making the entire watch more mature and atmospheric.

    The buckle is a folding buckle with the ‘MIDO’ logo engraved on the buckle.

   The back-through craft movement meets the wearer’s curiosity about the movement. Self-winding with Caliber 80 silicon hairspring certified by the Observatory
The movement has a long power reserve and accurate travel time guarantee, which further improves the performance in terms of anti-magnetic, anti-temperature difference and anti-shock.

   Mido This Belem Sairee silicon hairspring long kinetic watch is elegant and timeless. The smooth line design shows the unique charm of women. The delicate and charming mother-of-pearl dial shines in the light, which is very suitable for women. taste.

Comments: This watch does not have complicated functions, but it is exquisite but not exaggerated. The simple color with a few diamonds is simple and temperamental. Such
The watch is also favored by many women, and the price of this watch is relatively close to the people, selling for 9,000 yuan.

Roger Dubuis

Accelerating galloping, sprinting, sprinting … Roger Dubuis is ready to take the lead, explore the way, and carnival with like-minded partners. Whether it’s subversive design, thundering technology, or exciting performance, this “brilliant and extraordinary” brand can rely on the continuous innovation of its R & D department to stand out quickly. In recent years, brands have been carefully observing environmental pulsations and trends, and actively drawing inspiration from other industries. Roger Dubuy firmly believes that every day is full of new challenges worthy of being faced with, so he ignores the constraints of any boundaries and advances fearlessly into the future of fine watchmaking.

  When the extraordinary vision of the engineer meets the extraordinary creativity of the watchmaker, it will inevitably bloom a brilliant spark. Since 2017, Roger Dubuis’ strong alliance with two outstanding partners is the best testimony: the legendary car manufacturer Lamborghini Squadra Corse and the leading tire manufacturer Pirelli-which has been All Lamborghinis cars have been equipped with high-quality tires, but now they are specifically designed and built for their specific models to provide excellent performance, handling and safety. Against this background of courageous spirit, the unrestrained imagination and peak design aesthetics have jointly created two extraordinary and unique cooperative relationships: on the one hand, it combines passionate enthusiasm, superb performance, and outstanding skills. Raging Mechanics 桀骜 machinery; on the other hand, it is a ‘Perfect Fit’ made with Pirelli, which reflects the two parties’ love for materials technology and their dedication to avant-garde innovation.

  Disruptive super watch

  With two years of strong cooperation, the carbon atom hexagons emphasized by Lamborghini’s aesthetic design have continued to integrate into Swiss precision machinery and excellent technology, creating another stunning work. Roger Dubuis will participate in the Geneva International Motor Show 2019 (March 7-17) for the second year in a row with these strong allies to enter a new racing circle with a prestigious supercar Run side by side. Roger Dubuis will take this grand event to present three new models of the Excalibur King series, and expand the lineup of its popular ‘supercar style’ timepieces. These include two new interpretations of the popular Excalibur Huracán timepiece: one in blue and the other in rose gold and titanium; and a limited edition of 88 Excalibur Huracán Performante watches. The latter is paired with excellent honeycomb structure graphics, and the back of the strap is printed with the unique texture of Performante PirelliP Zero ™ Trofeo ™ R high-performance tires. Thanks to Pirelli’s century-old expertise in racing, this custom tire not only provides a great driving experience, but also achieves excellent track performance with cutting-edge technology.

Excalibur Huracán Performante

  The 45mm diameter Excalibur Huracán watch is a bold and innovative combination of sophisticated technology and avant-garde design (inspired by the automotive world). It has the same high performance, lightness and safety as the supercar of the same name. The RD 630 self-winding skeleton movement is equipped with a balance wheel tilted at a 12-degree angle. It is an iconic movement element of the brand in cooperation with the Lamborghini Squadra Corse sports department; it was inspired by the rims of the Huracán sports car. The 360-degree oscillating weight embodies the sense of speed emanating from the wheels of a super sports car; the splint on the upper part of the movement emulates the ‘engine room tie rod’ design of the Lamborghini Huracán super sports car V10 engine, which is also an interpretation of the car aesthetics . This model is paired with a magnificent case. The avant-garde material known for its solidity (safety benefits) and lightness (performance benefits) is made of carbon fiber, reflecting the Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini Squadra Corse. The subtlety of subversive materials when applied to their area of ​​expertise. Another superb idea worth mentioning is: Compared with the traditional mechanical movement, the balance of the hairspring has been changed here to ensure that the wearer can fully enjoy the watch movement.

Excalibur Huracán

  Enthusiastic supercar-style watch enthusiasts will enjoy a unique treat at the Geneva International Auto Show and watch a brand new Huracán Super Trofeo EVO race car. This supercar, which will usually compete in the prestigious Lamborghini Lamborghini Single Brand Championship, will reside in front of the Roger Dubuis watch factory near the International Motor Show, accompanied by a series of spectacular Lamborghini highways Sports car.


  A hot-selling, limited edition 88-piece Excalibur Pirelli self-winding skeleton watch will also be unveiled on this occasion, expanding Roger Dubuis’ timepiece lineup. This model is equipped with an ingenious strap, which is inlaid with Pirelli-certified tire rubber that has won in actual races, and is decorated with a legendary pattern, which is a unique tire of Pirelli Cinturato ™ neutral tires. The face texture is copied above. The solid and durable black DLC titanium alloy case is proudly equipped with the RD820SQ movement. Through the classic styling elements of ‘Astral Skeleton’ and the structure and height of Roger Dubuis’ unique miniature oscillating weight, the brand’s signature is highlighted. 3D visual effects.

  We highly recommend to those super sports car and super watch enthusiasts who actively enjoy life: Be sure to visit the 2019 Geneva International Auto Show, it will take you through another exciting and emotional sensory rally, a kind of Luo An extraordinary experience of Jadepe.

Excalibur Pirelli Automatic Skeletonized Watch