Poetic And Picturesque Design Van Cleef & Arpels Interpretation Of Extraordinary Creativity

Van Cleef & Arpels is a century-old jewellery brand. In the world of jewellery, it does not represent the pearly jewels of general significance, but the lofty French temperament. In the eyes of VanCleef & Arpels, time is a manifestation of poetry. Now Van Cleef & Arpels reinterprets the jewellery and diamond setting technique on the watch, making the timing more elegant, romantic, and full of poetic painting, making each Each watch is infected with Parisian art. Below, the Watch House takes you into this poetic and artistic design.
 Dancing in the four seasons, full of vitality
  Butterflies are colorful and colorful. Dancing in the leaf gap between flowers and springs by the stream, dotted with picturesque nature. According to legend, in the ancient Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, our great thinker Zhuang Zhou dreamed that he would become a beautiful butterfly, dancing and dancing in the flowers. Waking up with deep sleep, he was surprised to find that he was still Zhuang Zhou. Thinking back to the sweet dreams, I don’t know if the butterfly has become itself or it has become a butterfly. Thus, this eternally controversial story; the butterfly of Zhuang Monday Dream has confirmed together: the harmonious coexistence of human and nature is the philosophy of the symbiosis of all things. Today, cleverly conceived watch brands have also applied butterflies to their watches, allowing you to witness this beautiful and harmonious natural landscape on your watches.

  This Van Cleef & Arpels poetic complication watch has a 38 mm diameter, and the large dial provides enough display space for the internal picture. Most of the dial is an ancient tree, which is very lush and foreshadows a vibrant nature.
  This tree is not like people think. Instead of using pure green color, it uses some color transitions. From faint yellow to faint cyan to emerald green, this evolving color is like a tree that has gone through four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, giving people a sense of time interlacing.

  With the help of the watch’s dual retrograde movement, on the mother-of-pearl lacquer dial, a butterfly is used to indicate the hour and another butterfly is used to indicate the minute. Two pairs of wings fluttering, one large and one small, like four beautiful small fans. The two butterflies are purple and blue, both of which have meaning. Purple is the shortest visible light wave. It is beautiful and mysterious. It is impressive. It is both threatening and encouraging. Blue is a symbol of eternity, it is the coldest color. Pure blue expresses a beauty, quietness, reason, serenity and cleanliness. At the turning moment of time, two butterflies surround the forest tree, and the constant encounters are separated and met, showing gracefully the dancing posture. The large black background gives people unlimited reveries and creates a mysterious atmosphere. The white gold diamond-studded case shines brightly, showing the most dazzling luster on the wrist.
 邂逅 Paris, sweet lovers
  Van Cleef & Arpels poetic complication series VCARN9VI00 watch shows us a beautiful relationship, Paris itself is a country with a romantic atmosphere, classic and magnificent architecture, pedestrians on the banks of the Seine, a touch of fruity wine … When I think of a scene, it makes people have a sense of endlessness. This watch makes us have a better yearning for sweet love.

  If you were lucky to have lived in Paris when you were young, she will be with you wherever you go in your life. because
Paris is a fluid feast.
                                        —— [Beautiful] Hemingway

  At this moment, Van Cleef & Arpels has moved such a romantic scene into the watch, which is really amazing. The surface of the plate is decorated with enamel art that requires a high level of craftsmanship, creating a romantic midnight scene. It vividly reproduces the tranquil night scene. A curved moon is dotted with several blinking stars. A peaceful scene appeared on the night. At this time of night, a couple met at the Kongqiao, the watchmaker was very detailed, not only the bridge is very sculpted, like the fence and trees under the background are perfectly reproduced on the watch, it is difficult Imagine how this great craftsmanship can be accomplished on such a small dial. These are the atmosphere created for the appearance of the protagonist, moonlight, night, and a curved arch bridge.

  The most beautiful part of the watch is the encounter between men and women. The clock part of the watch is indicated by the woman on the left side of the watch, and the minute part is indicated by the man on the right. Rose, one frame every hour, after each time slipping away, they will take a step closer to each other, and finally kiss each other at 11:55 minutes, the duration is 5 minutes, and then return to the origin and continue to each other. In order to realize such a concept, it is equipped with a Swiss self-winding movement of the Jaeger-LeCoultre-type 846 movement, and is also equipped with a module developed for the brand. It uses two sets of retrograde modules. Jump form to achieve aesthetic mood. This is the result of the brand’s capture of the mysterious time, and the embodiment of the brand’s romantic atmosphere, showing us the fairy tale of the moonlight. It’s like a real date for a night, but also a dream.
 Mysterious sky
  The night sky has been full of reverie since ancient times. How much mystery and unknown are hidden under the distant, mysterious black giant screen? People in ancient times looked at the stars and knew the sky, and those who liked to explore the night sky and the universe knew the story, positioning and meaning of each star. Today, Van Cleef & Arpels is innovating once again, displaying it on the wrist, so that the wearer is full of eyes.

  The MidnightNuit Boréale watch draws inspiration from the Greek gods and strange beasts and presents a glorious ode to the northern hemisphere. The dragon gazed at the golden fleece; Zeus, who was a swan, was about to seduce Leda; the arrogant and beautiful silhouette of the queen Casio Pea, imprisoned on her throne. Finally, the fairy Calisto and her son Arcas turned into big and little cubs in Hera’s jealousy. The description of each character or animal seems very simple, but it contains the rigorous thinking of the designer’s ideas and drawings.

  The MidnightNuitAustrale watch with the theme of the southern hemisphere night sky is a tribute to scientists and navigators of the 16th to 18th centuries. The swordfish and cuckoo galaxies on the watch reflect the strokes of the Amsterdam astronomer and cartographer PetrusPlancius; the telescope and the image of the southern constellation including the base, stern and sail are from French astronomy Home NicolasLouisdeLacaille.
 Phoenix Nirvana, reborn
  Nature is an all-encompassing treasure chest with strange animals, plants of various shapes, and very different landscapes. Economists study their economic value, archaeologists study their history, and designers study their history. Aesthetic Value. Each animal symbolizes the reproduction of a race. Over time and culture, many animals have also given people ideals. As a result, many animal elements have gradually been used in watches. Phoenix symbolizes life, vitality and passion. This watch gives us more surprises.

  VanCleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels combines a number of traditional craftsmanship, giving the dial a mysterious hue like a deep sky and the symbolic power of magic stars. First, the fine engraving and carving techniques are used to create a gorgeous relief pattern on the surface of fine gold, and then the dial is plated with gorgeous colors using the filling and hilly enamel. The flying attitude of the Phoenix is ​​as light as the silk gauze floating in the air, with clear and sweet singing and colorful feathers. This background is like a dark red flame, and a beautiful phoenix appears under the catalysis of the hot flame. The plume of Phoenix is ​​gorgeously swirling, blooming in a delicate and warm color, changing from tender yellow to orange red, and the tail is trailing a brilliant light. A circle of gorgeous diamonds witnessed this sacred moment. The bottom case of each watch is engraved with a theme image of the corresponding dial and the Latin name of the corresponding constellation.

  In addition to the watches described in detail above, Van Cleef & Arpels also has many uniquely designed watches, whether it is the starry sky, animals, birds, flowers or other elements, each watch is a masterpiece of the watchmaking masters, each Every idea has its ingenious source. Every innovation makes the world know Van Cleef & Arpels more and make the brand’s brilliance even more dazzling. A small step in appearance is a big step in the change of internal structure.
Summary: The ordinary timepiece just completes the simple timing process, and many people like simple physical objects, but when the ordinary has been perfected, the combination of more artistic elements is also a kind of creativity and progress. Further success. In the process of timepieces, one more emotion and appreciation is also a joy of life. (Watch home map / Wen Li Shuai)