Precise Timing Tasting Treasure Qilai Malilong Flyback Chronograph

The Marly Dragon series is the masterpiece of Breguet’s timeless temperament. Its chronograph style is dynamic and elegant. On 2016 baselworld, Bucherer launched a new chronograph, which not only has accurate chronograph function, but also equipped the watch with exquisite flyback chronograph function. Today’s Watch House brings you this Bucherer flyback chronograph, official model: 00.10919.03.13.01.

   In addition to the accurate chronograph function, this Bucherer Marie Long flyback chronograph is equipped with a unique gear assembly to control the exquisite flyback chronograph function, making the picture of the chronograph function more pleasing to the eye.

Bucherer Marly Dragon 00.10919.03.13.01 watch

   This watch has a charming round case in rose gold, and its silver dial is equipped with ordinary timekeeping and chronograph functions, using rose gold hands and hour markers. The watch is fitted with an elegant brown alligator leather strap. The design is subtle and elegant.

Round timing button and crown for easy pressing or holding

   The side of the case is equipped with two chronograph buttons and a crown. The chronograph buttons on the upper and lower sides are cylindrical for easy pressing; the side of the middle crown is decorated with pit patterns for easy grasping, and the top is decorated with Bucherer. Sign.

Elegant brown leather belt with reasonable cut

   The watch is stitched with brown stitching, with fine stitching and a reasonably cut brown strap. The strap is elegant and generous, with natural and beautiful decoration. There is a buckle on the strap.

Rose gold case with smooth surface and smooth lines

   The watch’s case has beautiful lines, and the sides show a beautiful and smooth streamline; the surface of the case has been polished to give it a luster and sparkle in golden red. The watch’s bezel and case are layered, giving the case a more dynamic look.

Clearly structured and ingenious dial arrangement

   The dial is meticulously crafted. The high-quality silver dial is set with 10 gold or steel three-dimensional hour indexes, which are respectively matched with rose gold or steel. The sword-shaped hour and minute hands and the bar-shaped chronograph hands for the Marion series are also the same. Material matching. Another feature is that the dial design is simple and neat. The small seconds at 9 o’clock and the minute timer at 3 o’clock. The two micro-concave timers have a well-balanced layout. With the speedometer scale on the edge of the dial, the levels are clear and elegant.

Swirl-shaped chronograph minute dial

   The small dial at the three o’clock position of the watch is a 30-minute chronograph dial. The small dial is indicated by Arabic numerals and scales and a needle-type hand, and is controlled by a chronograph button on the side of the case. The small dial is decorated with vortex patterns, which looks very delicate.

Nine o’clock small seconds dial with clear scale and flexible pointer

   The small dial at 9 o’clock is a small seconds dial, with a vortex pattern on the dial surface, with a bar shape and Arabic numerals on the outer edge, and a hollow sword-shaped hand placed in the middle. This small dial is a chronograph second.

Polished curved lugs exquisitely shaped

   The lugs of the watch are curved, which is not only beautiful, but also makes the watch fit more closely with the wrist. The lugs and case are integrally cast, and they are also carefully polished.

Easy pin buckle opening and closing, easy to wear

   The pin buckle placed on the strap is made of rose gold, which echoes the case; the surface of the buckle is polished and very smooth, with the Bucherer logo engraved on it. The buckle is easy to open and close, and it is not easy to open it by yourself.

The watch movement can be seen through the case back

   The Malilong flyback chronograph is equipped with a CFB A1970 self-winding movement. This movement is equipped with a gear assembly that controls the flyback chronograph function, allowing the movement to execute multiple timing programs in rapid succession. Flyback timing refers to the time when the watch owner presses the zero reset button during a timing program. The dynamics of the hands: When the time pointer resets to zero, the timekeeping system is still operating. When the watch owner releases the zero reset button, the timekeeping hands Launch another timing program in real time, and start another timing program in two simple steps. Generally, a chronograph has three steps: stop timing, reset to zero and start.

Summary: The watch uses elegant rose gold to create a chronograph movement with excellent performance, and the dial designed with ingenuity is elegant and generous, showing the beauty. The carefully treated case and lugs are meticulous, adding elegance to the watch. This flyback chronograph demonstrates elegance in the movement, showing the timeless temperament of the Maliron series.