It Is A Watch And An Artistic Creation Kunlun Watch Corum 浪 浪 Watch

Kunlun Watch CORUM launched a new limited edition of the coin watch series: Wanderer Watch. Stray coins have witnessed a kind of folk art created by homeless people. Today, the talented and unique artist Alexei. Aleksey Saburov made his return. The so-called stray currency was once the currency of the poor, based on the five-cent nickel coin issued before the Great Depression.

Kunlun collaborated with artist Aleksey Saburov to carve five-cent nickel coins circulating in the United States in the early 20th century into exquisite patterns and transform them into watches, recreating the early history of stray coins in watch creation.

Its value is negligible, and even homeless people have to reprocess it to get a small profit from it. This is the origin of the name ‘Hobo coins’. Since the transformation of the small denomination coin minted in the United States in 1913, it has witnessed a history of soft wandering and hope, creativity and folk craftsmanship. Stray coins are masterpieces of migrant workers who travel across the continent with freight trains, soldiers heading to the front lines of World War I, and penniless artists who pursue the ethereal American dream.
At present, pure stray coins are extremely rare. Since 1992, the independent association, the Original Hobo Nickel Society, has firmly defended this historical heritage, and is committed to protecting this kind of folk art from the critical period of American and world history before the 1929 crash. Independent artist Alexei. Sabrov promoted the revival of this historical art form. The Russian sculptor who settled in New York produced the stray coins of the 21st century, ingeniously interpreting folk drawings, legends, deities and beliefs, based on real 5 cent coins at the beginning of the century, creating a veritable masterpiece of unique carving art.

Wanderer Watch

925 sterling silver material / CO 082 self-winding movement / hour and minute display / hand-engraved faceplate / sapphire crystal mirror / water-resistant 10 meters / diameter 43mm
Each stray coin is completely carved by hand and is unique. Alexei. Sabrov created novel and unique patterns for the brand, used as the face plate of 43 mm diameter watches, and equipped with a self-made automatic mechanical movement. The unique timepiece of this new ‘Coin’ watch series will be paired with a denim strap for the first time. The grey-blue tone matches the silver case and the crown decorated with a sapphire.