Saint Honoré Launches New Coloseo Chronograph

The dynamic design of this new generation of round watches is more bold and ergonomic.
The 44mm ultra-thin case design is very fashionable, while embodying the contemporary style interpreted by the crown and the bridge protecting the crown. That ‘falling’ corner ensures that the strap fits perfectly on the wrist. In short, all the design details of this watch will trigger an extremely rare wave of elegance.

This quartz stopwatch reveals its excellent quality and versatility: the two buttons of the case perfectly blend with the appearance of the case, the pure leather strap is adjusted to a thickness of only a few millimeters, and the center of the dial There are two timers and a large date display. The key is to be on the right side and ensure that the watch remains perfectly readable in all circumstances.
From its quartz timer or fully automatic performance, this Coloseo further confirms the Saint Honoré brand’s know-how for men’s watches.
Source: Saint Honoré

Go Straight To Basel, Nevele Magnificently Interprets The German Hollow Watch

Although the 2014 Basel International Jewellery and Watch Fair is nearing the end, it has not affected the enthusiasm of the exhibitors and the media. For the German watch fans who are familiar with the Perpetual Group, those surprise watches at the show always show their unexpected design feelings and become their long-term conversation after dinner. Now let’s take stock of the new Nieve watches from the Basel Group at Basel.

  From Nieve in 1936, it was formerly a legendary jewellery store—Kremer, which is now one of the largest and oldest watch and jewelry stores in South Germany. Neveel insists on making in Germany. From design to production, it is done in the German workshop. To ensure the best quality, its raw materials are selected from Germany and Switzerland.
  The questionnaire, tourbillon, and perpetual calendar are hailed as the invention of three major complex watch movements of the century. In addition, Nieve is also good at making enamel dials. Its unique feature is the introduction of 100% full-hand engraving technology on the surface design with a diameter of only 42mm, fully showing the unique style of combining art and machinery. The skeletonized watch introduced at the Basel exhibition this time shows the technical beauty of high-end watches.

  The exquisite and meticulous carving art is integrated into the hollow dial, and the vivid image of the panlong is gorgeously presented. The combination of long-standing Chinese dragon elements and high-end German watchmaking skills is stunningly embellished with beautiful crystals, like glittering fashion accessories on the wrist, enough to focus on countless flashes. The slender gourd-shaped hands, the pleated gold-plated case, the carved pumpkin-shaped crown, and the careful attention to detail have witnessed the high-end quality of the Nevere brand.

  In addition to hollow-out watches, Nieve also launched a series of new products at the Basel show. Among them, the innovation series once again took innovation as the highlight and won many participants to stop and appreciate. Resolute and tough coated stainless steel case, a high-end model tailored for the modern business crowd. The gentleman’s simple dial, engraved with embossed round hour markers, and pencil-shaped hour markers are creative. The high-end equipment of the mechanical movement is blessed with a distinguished and elegant leather strap, which is highly suitable for modern men’s pursuit of life taste.

  The new products launched by Nieve’s succession series are as precious as ever, and they inherit the extraordinary craftsmanship while also adding design changes. The classic and romantic Paris-neusseau decorative dial highlights the sense of nobility of time. A sapphire glass with a diamond hardness comparable to the high-definition multi-function type. The slender hands add a vivid mix of blue and red to add cleverness to the dial. The domineering crown and black leather strap highlight the outstanding temperament of a charming man.
  At the 2014 Basel show, like the high-end and high-value Nevele brand, Zeppelin, a subsidiary of the Berbide Group, Jacob Jenson, Elysee, Messerschmitt, Messerschmitt, British Gersoll Ingersoll, Braun Braun brand is not inferior.

  The company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, and has branches in London, England and Xiamen, China. Since 2003, the Perpetual Group has been committed to bringing high-quality European watch wear experience to Chinese consumers, becoming the general agent in China of many well-known watch brands in Germany and other European countries, with formal sales authorization. , Responsible for all-round marketing of the brand in China. At present, the chain is developed in two ways: direct flagship stores and authorized franchising. There are physical retail stores in first-tier cities such as Qingdao, Dalian, Shenzhen, and Chengdu.
并非 For the Bebelde Group, which is not the first time to participate, attending the 2014 Basel Watch Fair is more a mentality of showing German design and sharing the latest models, showing more authentic German watches to watch fans and media. At the same time, the Bebel Group hopes to find more like-minded partners, seize the current good opportunities of German watches in China, and create a brighter future.
The above is the 2014 Basel watch related information carefully prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, please pay attention to it. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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Louis Vuitton Statement Indicates That Sales Did Not Slow Down Excessively In The Third Quarter Of 2012

Recently, the top French luxury goods group Louis Vuitton said that the growth of its flagship brand Louis Vuitton in the third quarter has not experienced a significant slowdown compared to the second quarter. The group’s statement lowered the concerns of investors who feared that after enjoying many years of rapid growth, the brand’s growth has lost momentum, especially in Asia.
   ‘There was no significant slowdown in the third quarter compared to the second quarter,’ Jean-Jacques Guiony, chief financial officer of the Louis Vuitton Group, said at a conference on Tuesday. However, there were some slowdowns, especially in Asia China, the passenger flow in China this year is lower than last year.

   The chief financial officer said that there had been no reductions in the order of Louis Vuitton products, including embossed canvas bags worth 600 euros.
   LV is the world’s largest luxury brand with sales of more than 7 billion euros, accounting for 75% of the total sales of the Louis Vuitton Group. Luxury investors are worried that Chinese customers will no longer like brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci because they know fashion better. Some investors also believe that the Chinese government’s suppression of the conspicuous consumption that has grown as a result of this has led Chinese consumers to choose brands that are not very high-end and to be more cautious about luxury consumption.
    A report released on Monday showed that China has become the number one luxury goods market over Japan, the United States and Europe. But the situation here has also become more and more complicated, and people’s consumption patterns have changed from excessively inclined logo brands to completely high-quality products. Chinese consumers are still waiting and watching.

Athens Blue Toro Limited Edition Perpetual Calendar

This high-tech perpetual calendar uses a self-winding caliber developed by the Athens Watch Factory and has dual time zone functions. It is the easiest and most time-tested perpetual calendar watch in history. Blue Toro’s limited edition perpetual calendar has a striking appearance. It uses innovative materials and stylish dial design. It has the aesthetic characteristics of the watch and also inspired the name of the watch. The watch’s outer ring and quick-adjustment buttons are made of high-tech ceramics; the design of the hollow hands makes it easy to read the date display of the four lattice windows; the design of the bottom of the watch allows the wearer to play the wonderful and complex movement of the Athens watch.

• All functions can be adjusted by a single crown. Even in 2100 AD, when other perpetual calendars had to be returned to the factory to adjust the errors, the Athens ‘El Toro Challenger’ perpetual calendar can simply enter the new century by turning the date back by one day.
• Equipped with a patented hour hand quick adjustment button, there is no need to remove the watch, just press the (+) (-) quick adjustment key to quickly adjust the second time and date, allowing people to grasp the minutes and seconds.
• Arrow-shaped hands can indicate home or second time.
• Pioneered the dual-window large date display of the watch, and created the first reversible movement design. The four windows of year, month, date and day of the week can be adjusted back and forth quickly by using the (+) (-) button. The unique design is patented. , Is a perfect example of Athens’s homemade movement.
• The wearer can appreciate the beauty of the movement of the 22K gold automatic disc from the see-through rear caseback; the power reserve is about 45 hours.
The El Toro Challenger Perpetual Calendar watch is certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Agency (C.O.S.C.) to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the watch.

Technical Information
Model: 326-00-3
Movement: Automatic UN-32 movement, 34 stones
Kinetic energy: about 45 hours
Functions: Perpetual calendar function, single crown adjustment of all functions; second time zone time display in the central position, patented hour hand quick adjustment device; third hand indicating home time; patented double window large date display
Case: 18K rose gold with blue ceramic bezel
Size: 43 mm
Water resistance: 100 meters
Dial: Blue / Silver Plated
Surface: anti-glare and wear-resistant sapphire crystal
Case back: wear-resistant sapphire crystal
Crown: Screw-in crown
Strap: rubber strap with titanium / enamel folding buckle; crocodile leather strap with folding buckle

Go To Vacheron Constantin House In Shanghai And Appreciate The Extraordinary Watch Culture

No. 796 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai is a Shanghai style building built in 1927. It has typical neoclassical architectural features. It was the earliest private house for Jiang Bingsheng on Shanghai. The ‘Shanghai Vacheron Constantin House’ is located here. Among the old houses. Entering ” is like synchronizing into the art hall of a high-end watch.

In the process of repairing this building early in 2006, the designers of Vacheron Constantin designed noble and elegant traditional walnut furniture and display cabinets on the basis of retaining the original wooden stairs and stained glass. For 200 years, the founders of Vacheron Constantin have been painstakingly selecting and repairing each flagship store. They hope to find the right place to show the outstanding watchmaking technology to the public through a beautiful environment. Here is an ancient pendulum that has been baptized for several times, describing Vacheron Constantin’s persistence for more than two hundred years. Antique watchmaking tools are copper-colored, silently explaining the rigor and dedication of watchmakers to every guest who enters here.

On the first floor, in the watch and clock exhibition hall, very scarce goods such as Vacheron Constantin’s mask series shine in the showcase. From the brand communications manager Zhang Yuwei, this is the most complete place of Vacheron Constantin’s products in Asia.

Alexandr Alexandre Kerguen, a watchmaker at headquarters in Shanghai for a long time, is in charge of the customer service center, providing customers with watch repair and maintenance, including cleaning, planing, and polishing. As long as you have time, you can drink red wine, smoke cigars, and learn about the collection of watches with watch craftsmen from Geneva. Customers can also see the watchmaker repair the watch with his own eyes, and the watches with complicated functions must be sent Back to Geneva headquarters for repairs. The Vacheron Constantin House also has a hidden VIP watch safe service room, where customers can deposit 14 watches, which are regularly maintained and maintained by watchmakers.

爱好者 For watch collection enthusiasts, it is a treat to watch watchmakers make every watch pointer, and to pursue endless details on the technical and aesthetic level.

日内瓦 The watchmakers from Geneva showed these old and complicated, traditional and modern handicrafts live. Not only that, Vacheron Constantin also offers ‘special custom workshops for attic artisan workshops’ for Chinese collectors. The guests talked happily with the watchmaker about the collection and selection of watches. Every collector loves that a watch designed and customized according to their needs is more distinctive and attractive.

1815 ──exploring Time Lange 1815 And Saxony’s Important Invention

Lange’s 1815 watch series is reminiscent of Ferdinando Adolf Lange, the founder of the Saxony precision watch industry born in Dresden in the same year. 1815 was also a turning point in European history: Napoleon returned from the last battle in Waterloo. The Vienna Conference established a new international order. Innovative inventions have also accelerated the advent of the industrial age and brought endless inspiration to young people like Ferdinando Adolf Lange. The David Safety Light, introduced in 1815, is one of the new inventions.

 Deep underground: miner safety lights and 1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUAL CALENDAR under the ‘Reiche Zeche’ mine in Freiberg, Saxony. Since pocket watches were rare at the time, miner’s lamps also had a time display function. Workers are accustomed to calculating the working hours by the duration of the miner’s light.

 The mining industry, which has been the source of Saxony’s wealth since the Middle Ages, ushered in a major breakthrough in 1815. This has since saved the lives of thousands of miners worldwide and enabled the development of new resources. In 1815, the British chemist Humphry Davy successfully developed a safety light, eliminating a major threat to underground work at the time by miners, which was the explosion of biogas. When the concentration of biogas in a mine reaches a critical level, even the smallest spark can cause a fatal explosion.

 David observed that when a highly explosive biogas / air mixture was confined to a narrow metal tube with a diameter of less than 3.5 mm, it would not ignite. This inspired him to place the flame of a miner’s lamp in a round tube wrapped in a tight mesh. The result was very successful. The thermal conductivity of the metal kept the temperature of the flammable gas below the ignition point, thereby preventing the explosion of biogas. Another benefit of this invention is that any biogas entering the tube through the metal mesh will light blue fire at the top of the flame. Now, miners can judge the concentration of biogas around the air through the size of this aperture.

 However, David lamps also have the disadvantage that the smoke and dust formed on the screen will reduce the brightness. However, the quick Saxons quickly found a workaround. In 1884, Carl Wolf from Zwickau was awarded a patent for a gasoline lamp with a borosilicate glass tube. This lamp does not accumulate soot and burns brighter, and became popular after its launch. Friemann & Wolf soon became the world’s largest manufacturer of mining lamps. During the same period, Lange became synonymous with Saxony’s watchmaking craftsmanship and became internationally renowned.

 The ‘Reiche Zeche’ in Freiberg was commissioned in 1384. This is the oldest mine in Saxony on record. The Himmelfahrt-Fundgrube to which this mine belongs was once the largest and most productive mine in the region, with more than a thousand horizontal roadways. Today, it is a research and training mine managed by TU Bergakademie Freiberg, an internationally renowned mining technology university.