Mb & F Collaborates With Stepan Sarpaneva To Create A Stunning Watch Moonmachines

MoonMachines is part of the MB & F ‘Performing Arts’ series – ‘Performing Arts’ watches are a collaboration between brands and external artists or designers to reinterpret existing limited production of watches and clocks or special projects Watches. Maybe you also have these ‘Performing Arts’ such as the HM2.2 ‘Black Box’ watch designed by Alain Silberstein, the JWLRYMachine created in collaboration with Boucheron, or the unique ‘Only Watch’ watch created by the brand and artists from various countries. The watch is fresh in memory.
Each of these special projects makes the brand very happy, but co-producing MoonMachines with Stepan Sarpaneva is probably the smoothest collaboration, because he is not only a talented watchmaker, but also cares about humanistic values, which makes the two It becomes easier for creators to work together (according to Maximilian Büsser).

Stepan is a true independent watchmaker unfettered by traditional thinking. He returned to his homeland of Finland after working in Switzerland for 10 years. His design combines mastery of watchmaking skills with his own unique creativity to attract people’s attention. If you are familiar with the watches he creates, you can recognize the symbolic characteristics of his design elements at a glance: the face of an iconic moon.
Sarpaneva’s DNA is injected into this new line of watchmaking machines.
In order to create MoonMachine, Stepan rotates HM3 Frog by 90 degrees, and adds the moon phase complication of his uniquely created unique moon phase icon to the starry sky of the Big Dipper.

The moon phases indicated by a pair of hand-polished moons can be seen through a corona-shaped window, and the northern hemisphere automatic disk made of 22K gold and stainless steel sets the best background for the moon phase disk: the stars are laser Cut to reflect light from the bottom of the movement. Surprisingly: The sky full of stars is actually a rotating automatic disk, which not only gives MoonMachine a vitality, but also really gives the moon phase complex functions and movements the power.
HM3 Frog has enough space on the dial side to allow watchmakers to sway freely, so the bird screen was chosen as the platform for MoonMachine’s creation. In addition, the frog-eyed indicator ball is more reminiscent of the moon colony in science fiction. Building.
MoonMachine is available in three limited editions, each produced in 18 pieces, including titanium, black titanium, and rose gold.
Source: MB & F