Hymn To Power And Aesthetics Comment On Roger Dubuis Excalibur 42 Series Watch

It only took 17 years for Roger Dubuis to open the door to fine watchmaking. With its talented, bold and innovative design and craftsmanship, it has been accepted by the world and won widespread praise. Roger Dubuis has become a leader in the watch industry with his creative ideas. This kind of creativity is rooted in Roger Dubuy’s respect for the tradition of superb watchmaking craftsmanship, and his unwavering spirit of pioneering and innovative. As the world’s only top watch manufacturer whose entire line of self-made movements has been imprinted in Geneva, its four top product lines perfectly interpret its unique brand concept, which deeply reflects the player’s calmness (LaMonégasque) and the spirit of struggle (Excalibur) , The vitality of adventurers (Pulsion), and the style of celebs (Velvet). Today, the Watch House will bring you a Roger Dubuis Excalibur42 series watch, the official model of the watch is: RDDBEX0353.

  Roger Dubuis Excalibur 42 series is like a hymn of praise for strength and aesthetics. The shape of the watch is full of vitality, and the design is full of vitality. From every angle, the watch is full of vitality and vitality. A new Excalibur watch for the modern knight.

  This watch is made of stainless steel and has a round case with a diameter of 42 mm. At first glance, you can see the rough large lines. It has a distinctive urban feel. The dark gray dial is different from the white dial. And deep, also in the case design also adopted the classic design of the Excalibur series, circular arcs, grooved bezel. The overall visual impact is extremely strong, and it can be called a watch specially made for warriors.

  From the side, this watch is more three-dimensional, with sharp edges and corners, and the crown is engraved with the Roger Dubuis logo.

 The strap of this watch is a brown alligator leather strap, and the hand-stitched brown silk thread is even rougher.

 The brushed metal design on the stainless steel case highlights the strong metal texture and can well cover the scratches generated when wearing.

  The buckle is a stainless steel adjustable folding buckle, which is durable and engraved with Roger Dolby’s English LOGO as decoration.

  Roger Dubuis’ distinctive three-arm lug design is unique and highly recognizable.

  Dial with carbon gray satin sun print, carbon gray transfer Roman numerals, rhodium plated design. With rhodium-plated sword-shaped hands, the reading is clear and clear. At 9 o’clock, the dial is set with a small carbon gray seconds dial and a small grey second hand. At 12 o’clock, a white Roger Dolby English logo is printed as decoration.

  The bottom case is made of a whole piece of sapphire crystal, and the exquisite movement can be seen at a glance. The latest generation of the RD620 movement adheres to the tradition of being equipped with a micro-automatic winding mechanism, and re-interprets Roger Dubuis’ logo principles. It has a total of 184 precision parts and 35 jewel bearings. The movement has a diameter of 31 mm and a thickness of 4.5 mm. The vibration frequency is 28,800 oscillations per hour, which can provide a power reserve of 52 hours. Like all Roger Dubuis movements, these self-winding movements are engraved with the prestigious Geneva seal.

  Summary: Creativity and rigor are the two foundational values ​​of Roger Dubuis. They respect traditional watchmaking technology and become fresh blood in the field of fine watchmaking because of their distinctive personality. The unique design and tough style of the Excalibur series make it unforgettable at first sight. This watch can be described as a formal, casual, and sporty three-phase suit. It will not be awkward to wear on any occasion. The 42 mm dial and rough large lines adhere to the spirit of the warriors of this series and are more suitable for urban hardworking. people. The current quotation for this watch is 110,000 RMB. (Dong Hang, home of picture / text watches)

Panerai Invites Nendo To Give Time Figurative Form

After its debut at Tokyo Design Week, the installation exhibition ‘SLICE OF TIME’ commissioned by Panerai and commissioned by NENDO was moved to Milan Furniture Exhibition. This installation is inspired by the concept of time and the interaction between time and design. Panerai has always been known for its superb watch design. Especially during the Milan Furniture Fair, Palazzo Visconti, a magnificent site, presented the ‘Slice of Time’ installation exhibition to celebrate excellent design. The installation presents abstract time in a concrete form, and explores ‘lapsed time’ under the ingenuity of the famous Japanese designer Oki Sato and his studio nendo.

   The designer first produced a transparent empty case that looks like a watch, reflecting Panerai’s minimalist design projects, showing the brand’s classic digital hour markers and the shape of the case. Through stamping technology, the designer stretched the work to 16 meters, which became the initial shape of the installation. During the exhibition, the tubular ’empty case watch’ was cut into small pieces one by one in front of the visitor. The time required for each cut was reflected in the thickness of the finished product and became different thicknesses.

Panerai President Angelo Bonati and the founder of NENDO Design Studio are located at Palazzo Visconti, where the ‘Slice of Time’ installation exhibition venue is located.

The shape is like the transparent empty case of the watch, reflecting Panerai’s minimalist design items, showing the brand’s classic digital hour markers and the shape of the case.

Through stamping technology, the designer stretched the work to 16 meters, which became the initial shape of the installation. During the exhibition, the tubular ’empty case watch’ was cut into small pieces one by one in front of the visitor. The time required for each cut was reflected in the thickness of the finished product and became different thicknesses.
   There is a ring-shaped workshop at the site for polishing, sandblasting and assembly. In the working room, each process is also performed in a ring-shaped space, so that the processing is interlocked like a gear, and the production of the watch case is a ritual of 10 minutes. The tubular ’empty case watch’ becomes shorter with the passage of time. When it disappears, it is the end of the exhibition. The installation is like an hourglass, which makes people clearly perceive the passage of time and present a concrete ‘time’ form.

Designer Oki Sato poses with a tubular ’empty case’.
   By transforming ‘time’ into ‘length’, Nendo deduces the concept of time in an original way, including a circular time period, and the relativity brought about by the thickness of different cases, successfully presenting the abstract concept in a concrete form and becoming Unique pieces for customers to collect.
Panerai classic design
   Panerai’s watch design is impressive, and it stands in the fine watchmaking world. As early as the 1930s and 1940s, Panerai has designed underwater watches for naval use. The watch is sturdy and durable, and every detail has been carefully considered to perform the required function. Panerai watches are clean and simple, and their classic designs are famous in the world of fine watchmaking. Panerai has actively sponsored various projects that support design culture over the years to praise the brand’s excellent design. A number of international cooperation projects have emerged, including the ‘O ” co-organized with the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. ‘Clock’ exhibition, retail store design concepts conceived in collaboration with Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, and sponsored a number of events, including Design Miami (USA) and London Design Festival (UK). Panerai promises to continue to vigorously promote design in the future, and to establish its position as an international outstanding design advocate.
   Founded in Florence in 1860, Panerai was originally a watchmaker, shop and watchmaker’s academy. For many years, it has provided accurate timekeeping equipment for the Italian Navy, mainly designing products for the needs of diving special forces. Development projects such as Luminor and Radiomir watches have long been regarded as military secrets. Until the brand was acquired by the Richemont Group in 1997, these watches were launched on the international market. Today, Panerai opened a watchmaking factory in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, to develop and manufacture its own movements and watches, combining pure Italian design and excellent Swiss watchmaking skills. Panerai watches are available at authorized dealers and specialized stores around the world.
   nendo is a design studio founded in 2002. Chief designer and founder of nendo, Oki Sato, was born in Toronto, Canada in 1977. He was awarded the Master of Architecture degree by Waseda University in Tokyo in 2002. He has since been active in many design fields, including graphic and product design, Furniture, installation art, display windows, and interior design are all more involved in the architectural world. He was selected as one of the ‘Top 100 Most Admired Japanese’ by Newsweek in New York, and was appreciated by authoritative magazines such as Wallpaper and ELLE DECOR. Honors and other important awards. The Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA), the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris (Musée des Arts Décoratifs) and the Centre Pompidou all have exhibits from the studio of nendo.