Charming And Glamorous Rolex Oyster Perpetual Diary Pearl Lady White Gold Watch List

The annual Basel International Jewellery and Watches has been opened, and the special report team in front of the Watch House has begun to work. They will bring you the latest, fastest and most comprehensive watch exhibition reports. Now let us first appreciate the big pictures of the latest watches launched by Rolex at the Baselworld.
   At this exhibition, Rolex launched three new Oyster Perpetual Diary Pearl Lady watches, each with a new 39 mm case. Every 18 ct yellow or white gold watch subtly blends Rolex’s watchmaking craftsmanship with the charm of gold and colored gemstones.

   This 18 ct white gold model is set with 48 gradient-cut square-cut sapphires on the bezel. Each group of natural stones is assembled to achieve the perfect gradient effect, from blue to purple-red.
   The new-generation 3235 caliber showcases outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship, with 14 patents, which excels in precision, power reserve, shock resistance, antimagnetic, convenience and reliability. This movement is equipped with Rolex’s newly designed patented Chronergy escapement, which is energy efficient. Provides a 70-hour power reserve.

Watch details:


   Finally, let us reveal the price.

   The above is the cutting-edge information of the Rolex Pavilion at the Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair 2015 prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, so stay tuned.

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Vacheron Constantin Heritage Series Carved 14 Days Power Reserve Tourbillon

The 14-day power reserve tourbillon of Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle heritage series embodies the unexpected encounter between tradition and modernity. By combining the complex functions of the tourbillon, which also began in the early 19th century, with openwork and openwork, Vacheron Constantin surpassed traditional watchmaking techniques and launched this extraordinary work with modern charm. The dual three-dimensional effect of this watch is inspired by the movement of the 2260 SQ movement and Gothic inspiration. The exquisite deconstruction lines of each component enhance the depth effect, which is breathtaking.

 Although the first tourbillon appeared in 1801, only a few watchmaking families have the ability to independently develop and manufacture this complex function. There are only a few watchmakers who can engraving art on this, and only a few of them can simultaneously give them power reserve functions of up to 14 days. Vacheron Constantin is one of them.
 Combining a tourbillon with such an amazing power reserve requires a unique construction. The upper part of the Patrimony Traditionnelle engraved 14-day power reserve tourbillon is equipped with four barrels, that is, two pairs of barrels, which are more ‘dense’ than the bottom. Vacheron Constantin’s 2260 SQ movement is a layered structure that eliminates spatial differences and creates a depth effect. The engraving pattern specially designed to enhance the three-dimensional effect reinforces this effect again.

Pursuit of ‘patterned’ modern style
 Engraving craftsmen often engraved the engraving movement along the straight or curved lines of the bridge and the main board. This is a very delicate work. It is necessary to ensure that even if certain materials are removed, the parts still work perfectly and at the same time create a transparent effect. This will expose very small imperfections, so it cannot tolerate the slightest flaw. .

 Vacheron Constantin is constantly looking for new challenges. The 2260 SQ movement breaks the rules and establishes a new path, setting a new milestone in the art of carving. In order to ensure that the carving process echoes the distinctive movement structure, Vacheron Constantin launched a style exploration with the theme of “pattern stacking”. Specific mechanical elements constitute Gothic ribbed vaults, vertical and horizontal straight lines, and deconstructed curves, completely subverting the traditional aesthetic balance. The interaction of light and structure is new, highlighting the three-dimensional structure of the movement; further enhancing the sense of depth and height; the contrast between matte and polishing gives this watch a unique light.

Meticulous workmanship
 Although engraving itself is just a pure aesthetic process, each process of engraving movement is more complicated than the solid movement. . To achieve an ingenious balance between openwork art and practical functions, it takes an average of two months to conceive and mold only two processes, and it takes a long time to decorate, chamfer and carve by hand. All these operations require dexterity and patience. Vacheron Constantin has been outstanding in the art of carving since the brand first produced the first carved balance plywood nearly 260 years ago when the brand was founded. The 2260 SQ movement completely follows this long-established hand-made tradition. The unique layered structure creates more space for surface decoration, so the space for manual craftsmanship is greater. Compared with the solid movement, the chamfering and hand decoration time of each 2260 SQ movement is increased by 10 hours, and the carving time is increased by 40 hours.

Excellent watch certified by the Seal of Geneva
 Vacheron Constantin’s pursuit of superior quality and perfect detail goes far beyond movements. With its fascinating mechanical structure, the 2260 SQ movement is perfectly placed in the precious platinum case, and the case lines are clean and neat. The Patrimony Traditionnelle heritage series carved 14-day power reserve tourbillon discards the central dial and instead uses an elegant rock gray bezel around the inner ring with white gold hour markers. The tourbillon frame at 6 o’clock is inspired by the Maltese cross, and the small second hand is placed on the tourbillon frame.
 From mechanics to appearance, every part of this new Vacheron Constantin watch is perfect. This extraordinary watch has been certified to the highest standards of fine watchmaking and is renowned for its Geneva Seal certification, demonstrating its quality, workmanship and reliability.

The art and technique of carving
 Vacheron Constantin’s timepieces are not only a mechanical boutique with a time display function, but also a perfect work of art, reflecting the unique technical beauty of more than 250 years of history. As early as the founding of the brand in 1755, Vacheron Constantin’s craftsmen skillfully used arts and crafts to add the beauty of watches and clocks. Hand sculpting is one such technique. This challenging craft requires the patience and skill of the master craftsman, which has been used to make extremely lightweight clocks since the brand was founded. The first Vacheron Constantin watch manufactured by Jean-Marc Vacheron in 1755 was already equipped with a carved balance wheel splint. Since then, Vacheron Constantin’s pursuit of transparency has continued to produce more and more sophisticated mechanical parts. By 1924, Vacheron Constantin produced the first solid-engraved movement and mounted it on a pocket watch. Since the 1960s, Vacheron Constantin, as a leader in this extremely complex field, has shown endless creativity, gradually using the engraving process on various complicated movements. Carving craftsmanship combined with other artistic craftsmanship shows the miniature miracles of clockmaking on various pocket watches and watches.
 Watchmaker that can apply engraving technology to complex functions such as three questions, perpetual calendar and tourbillon, but Vacheron Constantin is not satisfied with this, but reshapes the aesthetic concept and transforms its own craftsmanship accordingly, and expands again His own artistic territory. It leads the sculpting process to create a sculptural effect that forms a staggered curve with straight lines, making the parts of the watch also architectural masterpieces, creating a dazzling light and shadow effect.

Technical specifications
Patrimony Traditionnelle Heritage Series Carved Tourbillon with 14 Days Power Reserve
Model 89010 / 000P-9935 Certified by the Geneva Seal
Caliber 2260 SQ
Independently developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Manual winding mechanical movement
29.10 mm diameter (12’’’¾)
Thickness 6.80 mm
Power reserve of about 336 hours (14 days)
Vibration frequency 2.5 Hz (18,000 times / hour)
231 parts
31 gems
Hours, minutes, small seconds, tourbillon frame at 6 o’clock, power reserve
Case 950 platinum
42.00 mm in diameter, 12.22 mm thick
Transparent sapphire crystal case back
Water resistance passed 3 bar atmospheric pressure test (about 30 meters)
Dial rock grey outer ring, 18K white gold applied hour markers, white hands
Strap Hand-stitched Black Square Mississippi Crocodile Strap
950 platinum three-piece folding clasp
Polished half-Malta cross design

Bremont Watches Support British Charity ‘walk With The Wounded’

Bremont watches actively support charitable activities, and recently became the official British watch supplier of the Antarctic League Challenge with the Wounded (with the wounded) and the appointed timekeeper of the conference.
Three expeditions consisting of men and women who were wounded in the war are preparing for the most high-profile modern expedition, an expedition to Antarctica over 3 °. Disabled soldiers from the United Kingdom, the United States and the Commonwealth (Australia and Canada) will accept this difficult challenge. After hard training under all weather conditions, the expedition will fly to Antarctica in November. Their goal is to reach Antarctica on December 17, 2013. It is predicted that this will be the largest modern expedition of this type, which will last four weeks. The expedition will trek 335 kilometers and endure the severe cold of minus 45 degrees Celsius and the wind of 50 miles per hour.

Bremont supports British charity ‘walk with the wounded’

This expedition is another rewrite of the world record in 2011-a long journey to the North Pole and another expedition to Everest in 2012. Bremont’s sponsorship has played a huge role in the expedition.
British charity Walking With The Wounded, founded in 2010, is an organization that helps disabled soldiers rebuild their lives. Every day, young men and women soldiers bear great risks with professionalism and courage in extreme situations. Some people have lost their lives and many have suffered serious injuries. The charity aims to provide a support network for wounded officers and soldiers and assist them in planning futures they may never have imagined.
These inspiring expeditions show the public their bravery and, of course, raise public awareness. The funds raised for the charity by the expedition will provide retraining and reeducation to the wounded soldiers after their retirement, and rebuild their careers and lives.
Bremont co-founder Giles English said: ‘We are excited to be supporting the Antarctic Allied Challenge with the charity’ Walk with the Wounded. ‘Bremont has a history of working with eye-catching explorers and polar exhibitions, so this It’s the best project to strengthen our continued support for military charities. ‘
Source: Bremont

Xu Jinglei Wore A Citizen Wrist To Show Herself In ‘china Talent Show’

Recently, Citizen brand spokesperson Xu Jinglei once again appeared in ‘China Talent Show’ as a dream observer. As the only woman among the four dream observers in this issue, Lao Xu’s naturally revealed intellectual and elegant temperament brought ‘Xu Xu Chunfeng’ to the show. In this issue, Xu Jinglei debuted in an off-white dress. Whether it is a simple cut or an elegant hue, it complements Xu’s intellectual elegance. The retro-styled ring between the flashing fingers and the earrings with full design sense also highlight the fashion taste of Lao Xu; while the Citizen Xinyue Travel Eco-Drive Global Multi-Wave Radio Control Women’s Watch EC2002-50D is worn as a whole The finishing touch. The rose-gold case strap and neutral natural mother-of-pearl dial are a perfect blend of modern fashion and retro style. Xu Jinglei exudes a feminine charm from the inside out.

     From shooting photobooks in Europe to study tours in the United States this year, from domestic awards to Japanese magazine cover shoots, for Lao Xu, a watch is not only an important accessory, but also her travel through different time zones at home and abroad. Intimate time housekeeper. ‘ It is understood that this watch worn by Xu Jinglei is the limited edition model EC2002-50D of Xu Jinglei launched by Citizen. It has global radio wave functions. Simply select the name of the city in your time zone and automatically receive the local standard time radio signal and proofread it. Time and date, so that the wearer can always have a good time. At the same time, this watch uses a light kinetic energy movement, as long as there is light, there is energy, which can effectively avoid the environmental pollution caused by waste batteries, which also reflects Lao Xu’s attitude to environmental protection.
     In the program, Xu Jinglei’s candid and funny comments were also praised by the audience. Just as Xu Jinglei said in an interview: ‘I haven’t set any style for myself, and the reviews are real thoughts. I hope that the audience can see the most authentic side of me.’ It is also because Xu Jinglei is both internal and external The personality traits of the sincere self are in line with the brand connotation of Citizen’s wise, calm and enterprising, which has promoted the two sides to work together so far. In the future, I believe that through the stage of the talent show, more and more people can enjoy the unique charm and style of Lao Xu.

Six Major German Watch Brands Collectively Appeared In The 2015 Basel Watch And Jewellery Gala. Perpetual Group Launched The ‘100-year German Watch Glory Return’ Annual Marketing Drama

[2015 Basel] As the ‘Oscar’ annual industry event in the watch industry, the 43rd International Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair will be held from March 19th to 26th, 2015. Basel will gather because the city will welcome more than 150,000 attendees and 4,000 media representatives from around the world to participate in this grand event that will set the trend of watch and jewelry trends next year and feel its creativity and innovation.
   BASELWORLD is a traditional annual trade fair in Swiss history, and now the Swiss Watch and Jewellery Fair has become the world’s most important industry event. At present, the largest independent agent group of the independent German table-the agent brand of the Beide Group will be present at this event. At the same time, a large number of independent family German watch brands in the southern German Black Forest, the watchmaking town of Pforzheim (PFORZHEIM) will also debut in the form of a group in Hall 2.
   The company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, and has branches in London, England and Xiamen, China. Since 2003, the Perpetual Group has been committed to bringing high-quality European watch wear experience to Chinese consumers, becoming the general agent in China of many well-known watch brands in Germany and other European countries, with formal sales authorization. , Responsible for all-round marketing of the brand in China. At present, the chain is developed in two ways: direct flagship stores and authorized franchising. There are physical retail stores in first-tier cities such as Qingdao, Dalian, Shenzhen, and Chengdu. After experiencing rapid growth for about 5 years, the Perpetual Group has established a comprehensive marketing channel. Its German-based watches are mainly used, from light luxury to high-end, from traditional to designer watches, has gathered more than 20 well-known brands, and most of them are the general generation in China. In 2015, the company will launch the marketing plan for the whole year with the theme of ‘Hundred Years of Watch and Glory Return’, and make every effort to create well-known watches with pure German descent, such as Langkun and Zibolin. At the same time, the German-Chinese Watch and Jewellery Association, which was established in Hamburg in 2014, will also have a number of exchanges and cooperation in 2015.

   As the first stop of marketing in 2015, the Perpide Group attaches great importance to this Basel exhibition. A German military watch master from 1925, and also a German-speaking SEK special police watch for Lang Kun, inspired by the Zeppelin airship, a Zibolin watch exclusive to the German royal family; Germany has won IF design awards Braun watches, Jacob Jensen, a well-known Danish designer brand, Messerschmitt, known as the ‘German Eagle’ pilot watch, and the legendary multinational watch Ingersoll from 1982, etc. Seoul Exhibition, bringing new products for watch fans around the world in 2015.
   Among them, the German military watch master from 1925 and the German pilot watchmaker Lang Kun who is also a German SEK special police watch exclusively for watches will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the brand celebration in 2015. Just after the first tasting session of the industry media in Beijing, President Andreas Gunter rushed to BASEL to welcome distributors, media and partners worldwide. Well-known domestic media fashion time, watch house, watch magazine, YOKA men’s network, etc. have already made appointments with watch watches and interview time with the Lang Kun brand, and will make detailed reports in the form of special topics after the exhibition. In order to meet the 90th anniversary, Lang Kun will also debut the special edition of the 90th anniversary pilot watch at the BASEL exhibition. This 90th Anniversary Special Edition is a limited edition of the 75th Anniversary of 2000. For the first time, the small seconds hand of the 6478 manual mechanical movement has been transformed into the original central stop seconds. At the same time, there will be unique on the case, back cover and movement And the raw ear part will also imitate the original B-UHR to be integrated with the case. Mr. Gunter, the president, said that this would be the closest replica of the original B-UHR on the market.

   In addition, Lang Kun will also welcome a special visit to the watch factory of the media group on the 23rd. Previously, domestic media visited the watchmaking industry in Dresden, Germany, and it was the first time for a visit to the Black Forest area, another watchmaking area in Germany. The German watch tour of “Hundred Years of German Watches and Glory Returns”, which is sponsored by the Perpide Group, will lead Chinese media to experience the watch culture of southern Germany for the first time. In addition to the Lang Kun watch factory, the media will also visit another ARISTO factory famous for its pilot watches and German steel belt manufacturing in Milan, as well as the factory and jewellery chain KRAEMER of the German high-end watchmaker NIVREL. ARISTO’s MESERSCHMITT and NIVREL are both Acting Brands of China Group in China. In addition, the media group will have a cordial meeting with the German Watch Association and will visit the Museum of Watch and Jewellery Technology in Pforzheim. During the journey, Ms. Yao Tian, ​​President of the Perpide Group, will be accompanied throughout the journey. Many well-known domestic watch experts Bai Yingze, Netease Fashion, Bund Pictorial and many other media will visit the three major watch factories to experience the watchmaking craftsmanship in southern Germany and learn about the history of watchmaking in southern Germany.
   In addition, Lang Kun will also welcome a special visit to the watch factory of the media group on the 23rd. Previously, domestic media visited the watchmaking industry in Dresden, Germany, and it was the first time for a visit to the Black Forest area, another watchmaking area in Germany. The German watch tour of “Hundred Years of German Watches and Glory Returns”, which is sponsored by the Perpide Group, will lead Chinese media to experience the watch culture of southern Germany for the first time. In addition to the Lang Kun watch factory, the media will also visit another ARISTO factory famous for its pilot watches and German steel belt manufacturing in Milan, as well as the factory and jewellery chain KRAEMER of the German high-end watchmaker NIVREL. ARISTO’s MESERSCHMITT and NIVREL are both Acting Brands of China Group in China.
   It is reported that, in addition to the ‘factory tour’, this media group will also have a cordial meeting with the German Watch Association and visit the Museum of Watch and Jewellery Technology in Pforzheim. Domestic watch experts Bai Yingze, Netease Fashion, Bund Pictorial and other well-known media people will accompany them to visit, experience the watchmaking craftsmanship in southern Germany, and learn about the history of watchmaking in southern Germany. During the trip, Ms. Yao Tian, ​​the President of Perpide Group, will also be accompanied throughout the journey.