Let Everything Go To Miss: Four Big Moon Phase Women’s Watches Recommended

The moon phase watch is designed according to the profit and loss of the moon. Due to the changes in the weather and the pollution of the city, we may not always see the moon phase at that time. The most common moon phase in watches is now The display is reflected by the fan-shaped moon phase window on the dial and the moon phase disk on the movement.

Patek Philippe Calendar ref. 4936 Watch
For the first time, Patek Philippe introduced a ladies-only annual calendar. As a patented timer, the annual calendar can accurately display the date of the month and month. It only needs to be adjusted once a year in February. This model 4936 is extremely charming and attractive, and is specially designed for women’s wrists. 18K white gold case, black mother-of-pearl dial, smooth grey alligator leather strap; 156 white top Wesselton diamonds embedded in the base, flawless and rare. ‘Caliber 315’ self-winding mechanical movement; annual calendar, moon phases, long seconds; Geneva premium seal; water-resistant to 25 meters.
The moon phase watch is designed according to the moon’s profit and loss. Due to weather changes and urban pollution, we may not always see the moon phase at that time. Now the most common moon phase profit and loss display in watches is the fan shape on the dial. The moon phase window and the moon phase disk on the movement reflect the cooperation. The full moon and blue starry sky are printed on the moon phase disk. As it rotates day by day, the full moon is obscured by different angles of arcs on the fan-shaped window, thus showing the change of the lack of the moon. When the watch in your hand shows all the colors, it is to remind you, let go of everything in your hand, and run away with your thoughts.

MontBlanc Star Lady Gold Moon Phase Women’s Watch
From the name of the watch, Star Lady Gold, you can know that this moon phase female watch has twinkling stars, a total of 5 hexagonal stars of different materials, with 0.055 carat diamond, white or rose gold, hollow and black and white original styles, appearing on the surface, hands And crown. Mother-of-pearl dial with matching silk strap, bezel and lugs with stud diamonds, watch diameter 36 mm, bezel and lugs set with 104 top Wesselton step-cut diamonds; shiny pearls The mother-of-pearl dial looks like the deep night sky, with moon phases displayed between 9 and 12 o’clock. A star-shaped diamond on the dial coincides with the moon phase to form a star-moon map; the edge of the dial is inlaid with 80 diamonds; the outer ring of the calendar at 6 o’clock is also inlaid with 24 diamonds, forming a flashing halo.

Zenith ChronoMaster Moon Phase flagship moon phase women’s watch
With the charming and classic design of ChronoMaster Moon Phase’s flagship moon phase women, Zenith women realize their starry dreams. The double beaded case is more slim (37.5mm in diameter), set with brilliant diamonds, and the dial is covered with a glittering mother-of-pearl coat, but it still retains the Roman numeral intarsia and wheat ear pattern unique to ChronoMaster’s flagship. Complication watches are available in rose gold with a brown alligator strap or stainless steel with a black and white strap.

Longines Master Series Watches
不锈钢 This Longines master stainless steel moon phase watch is indeed a model of professionalism and keen insight. Built-in L600 automatic movement. The white mother-of-pearl is lined with a diamond bezel set with 100 high-quality diamonds in the top Wesselton VVS, weighing 0.9 carats. At 6 o’clock, there are moon phase display and date display; the day of the week and month display are set at 12 hours. The watch back sees through the moving movement. Water-resistant to 30 meters.

Introduction To Jaeger-lecoultre Tourbillon Movement

As the backbone of Jaeger-LeCoultre, the Master series emphasizes not only deep technological value, but also its performance and design in terms of practicality. And even if it is equipped with a precise tourbillon device, the Master series still does not change its precise and practical nature. In addition to being able to wear it with peace of mind, it also adds a number of practical orientation functions suitable for business people.

Master Grande Tradition a Tourbillon 43
 Cal.978 automatic refining movement. Platinum material. Diameter 43mm. Hour, minute, second indication. Date, time indication. Tourbillon. Sapphire crystal. Bottom cover. Water-resistant to 50 meters. Limited to 200.

 Cal.978 adopts Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new-generation tourbillon mechanism. The R & D team designed a new balance wheel with an inertia of ‘11.5 mg × cm2’. This new balance wheel has four weight screws that can adjust the inertia It can stably allow the balance wheel to run at a high speed. The energy loss caused by the friction of parts can also be solved by Jaeger-LeCoultre’s special low-friction coefficient ‘spyr’ shaped gear. Housed in a tourbillon frame with limited space.
 As for the Cal.978 automatic winding movement commonly used in the tourbillon watches of the ‘Master Grande Tradition a Tourbillon’ and ‘Master Contral Tourbillon’ series, in addition to the basic hour, minute and second indication functions It also has date indication and 24-hour second time function. The date indication part also has a special ‘jumping’ design. When the date reaches the 15th day, in order not to hinder the wearer from enjoying the tourbillon mechanism at the 6 o’clock position, the pointer will then jump directly over the tourbillon. On the 16th, in addition to the designer’s inspiration, such ingenuity must also have a certain technical foundation to achieve.
 In the most important part of the tourbillon, Cal.978 adopts Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new generation tourbillon mechanism, whose vibration frequency is ‘28,800 times / hour’ which is rare on the tourbillon. In terms of watch common sense, the size and vibration frequency of the balance wheel are directly proportional to the mainspring energy consumed. For a tourbillon mechanism with a high vibration frequency like Cal.978 movement, the general practice is to reduce the size of the balance wheel and increase the frequency. Boxes, but they will have a huge impact on the aesthetics and daily practicality of appreciation! Jaeger-LeCoultre’s R & D team refused to compromise, so they set out to design a new balance wheel in order to maintain its size enough, coupled with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s special low-friction “spyr” shaped gear, allowing the entire tourbillon mechanism to play its role. Maximum operating efficiency.
 This new tourbillon mechanism is not only used on Cal.978 movement, but also on Cal.987 derivative movement with perpetual calendar function. In addition, these two movements are no exception. Before leaving the factory, they must pass the Master Series exclusive and rigorous ‘1000-hour astronomical table test’ quality certification.

Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon aQuantieme Perpetuel
 Cal.987 automatic winding movement 炼 18K rose gold material ∕ Table diameter 42mm ∕ Hour, minute and second indications ∕ Perpetual calendar function ∕ Tourbillon ∕ Sapphire crystal surface and bottom cover ∕ Water-resistant to 50 meters ∕ Limited to 300 pieces

Master Date Tourbillon
 Cal.978 automatic winding movement ∕ 18K rose gold material Ø 39mm diameter, hour, minute, second indication ∕ date indication ∕ tourbillon ∕ sapphire crystal mirror surface, bottom cover ∕ waterproof 50 meters

Master Tourbillon
 Cal .978 automatic winding movement ∕ 18 K rose gold material ∕ table diameter 41.5mm ∕ hour, minute, second indication ∕ date, two places time indication ∕ tourbillon ∕ sapphire crystal mirror surface, bottom cover ∕ water-resistant to 50 meters — –

Vacheron Constantin’s New York Event Reviewcory Richards’ Everest Adventure Tour

On June 18, 2019, New York-Vacheron Constantin held a press conference to celebrate the adventure of Everest by Corey Richards. The American explorer and photographer also took the opportunity to review his recent ‘outstanding’ adventure.

  For Cory Richards, a professional photographer and long-distance explorer, the world is full of surprises, which makes people tirelessly discover and explore. Despite his rich adventures, the Himalayas have always held a special place in Cory’s heart. He has summited Everest twice, including the anaerobic climb in 2016. He never stopped challenging, and embarked on his third journey without hesitation. This time, he chose the route on the north slope of Mount Everest in Tibet to climb the roof of the world. This route is famous for its extremely difficult environment. Unfortunately, the extreme weather conditions made the expedition difficult. Despite a year of careful preparation by Corey Richards, the weather conditions that have not improved have led him to end this year’s summit challenge ahead of schedule. Facing the majesty of nature, this is undoubtedly a wise choice.

Mutual commitment


  The enthusiasm, openness and tolerance of the world, constant innovation, boldness, and the pursuit of pushing the limits of the American explorer and photographer are also what Vacheron Constantin has always upheld. These common persistences and passions for their respective businesses prompted Vacheron Constantin and Corey Richards to explore the beauty of the earth together. Vacheron Constantin collaborated with a number of talented young talents to showcase the brand’s ‘unique talents’ concept. Corey Richards is one of them. These talents are recognized for their professionalism and constant pursuit of excellence. The brand’s “unique talent” and creative cooperation with young talents present Vacheron Constantin’s rich and unique brand world. Corey Richards captured the unique beauty of the earth and nature with the lens during this Everest expedition. These photos and video works will be displayed in Vacheron Constantin stores around the world. At the same time, the brand also used this creative work to launch the Overseas Vertical and Horizontal Series of two time prototype watches, this watch also accompanied Corey for the third Everest challenge.

OVERSEAS Prototype watch in two places, pays tribute to Everest challenge launched by Corey Richards

  In order to grasp the climbing rhythm of this Everest expedition, Corey Richards needed a watch that could display both the local time in Nepal and the time in the United States. To this end, he chose the Overseas Time and World Series two time watches. And to commemorate this challenge and his constant pursuit of excellence, Vacheron Constantin specially designed a prototype timepiece for him, and carved a corresponding pattern on the oscillating weight according to a photo of Mount Everest he took.

  The 41-mm diameter case is forged from strong and ultra-lightweight titanium, while a hard tantalum reinforcement is added under the bezel. In addition, the two crowns are also equipped with titanium protective reinforcements. This watch is paired with a dark grey Ventile® tech strap with orange stitching, and is known for its high density and excellent water resistance. In addition, the prototype’s dark grey frosted dial with orange accents and the NAC-coated movement demonstrate a unique sporting spirit.

  Model 7910V / 000T-B603
  Caliber 5110 DT
     Vacheron Constantin develops and manufactures self-winding mechanical movements
     22K Gold Overseas Vertical and Horizontal Series Exclusive Oscillating Diameter 30.6 mm (13¼ Laws), 6 mm Thickness Power Reserve for about 60 hours
     Vibration frequency 4 Hz (28,800 times per hour)
     234 parts
     37 gems
     Certified by the Geneva Seal
     Display function hours and minutes
     Central seconds
     Second time zone, set by crown
     Day and night (morning and afternoon) indication at 9 o’clock, synchronized with home time
     The date indicator is located at 6 o’clock, synchronized with the local time, and set by the button
  Case titanium and tantalum
     41 mm diameter, 12.8 mm thickness
     Tantalum crown, titanium crown reinforcement with antimagnetic soft iron inner ring
     Screw-down crown and 90-degree twist lock push-button transparent sapphire crystal case back
     Water-resistant to 15 bar atmospheric pressure test (about 150 meters)
  Dial Dark grey frosted grain dial
     Black anodized 18K gold hour markers and hour and minute hands with Super-LumiNova®
  Strap Dark grey Ventile® tech strap
     Comes with interchangeable gray rubber strap
  Buckle Titanium pin buckle

Breitling Helps The Movie ‘captain China’ Witness The ‘miracle Moment’ That Is On The Verge

This year’s National Day document, the annual blockbuster film ‘China Captain’ adapted from the real event of the successful handling of the 10,000-meter high windshield rupture by the heroic crew of Sichuan Airlines Flight 3U8633 on May 14, 2018, is about to be released. For a long time, Breitling has a deep historical connection with the aviation industry. This time Breitling joined hands with Bona Films to acclaim the world-renowned ‘Captain Watch’ Breitling Aviation Time Series (Navitimer), to pay tribute to the heroic creation of epic-level landings in the midst of a blast.

   Breitling, a Swiss independent watchmaking brand, contributed to the National Day gift film ‘Captain China’ starring actors such as Zhang Hanyu, Du Jiang, Ou Hao and Yuan Quan. The movie is adapted based on the real events of the Sichuan Airlines flight crew’s successful handling of the special situation: when the crew performed a flight mission, the cockpit windshield glass burst and fell off at an altitude of 10,000 meters, and the cockpit pressure was extremely rare. At the critical moment, the hero’s crew Proper disposal ensures the safety of all personnel on board. In particular, Captain Liu Chuanjian used strong psychological qualities and rich skills to escort the passengers and flight attendants of the entire airliner, guaranteed the lives of 119 passengers and 9 crew members, and created a miracle in the history of civil aviation in the world. The film ‘Captain China’ focused on the crew members who transformed into air heroes due to this ’emergency disaster’, fully showing the process of the special situation, the team went further to Hollywood to ask the team of ‘Captain Sally’, Strive to truly restore this thrilling moment of life and death.

   Breitling accompanied the captain of China to witness the moment of heroes
   The captain Liu Chuanjian, who implemented the world-class forced landing of the Chinese version, was hailed as the captain of the Chinese version of Sally. ‘With awe, always fearing life, rules and responsibilities, and practicing your post skills carefully in order to ensure the safety of passengers and protect their lives at critical times.’ Just as Captain Liu Chuanjian said. It is said that behind the ‘creation’ and ‘epic’ is the rigorous and scientific professional spirit and the exquisite and refined technology to escort. Off screen, Captain Liu Chuanjian was photographed wearing a Breitling watch on multiple occasions. In the spirit of faithfully restoring the prototype character, in the movie ‘Captain China’, the protagonist Liu Changjian, played by Zhang Hanyu, also wears Breitling watches.

   Breitling watches have long been known as ‘professional wristwatches’ for their precision and extraordinary quality. Breitling watches ensure that every instrument and equipment can deal with the shock, vibration, extreme temperature, and magnetic problems that pilots need to face in the cabin. It provides pilots with professional and accurate technical support and strengthens the brand’s aviation watches. Leading position in the field.
   For nearly a century, Breitling has a long history in the aviation industry. As early as the founding of the 19th century, Breitling was a manufacturer of rugged precision timepieces, providing chronograph watches for pilots around the world. In the 1930s, the brand even introduced airborne timing equipment designed for the cockpit of the aircraft, which was favored by pilots and was then embraced by multinational air forces. To this day, Breitling still occupies a special place in the hearts of pilots. As the equipment on the wrists of flying heroes, today’s pilot watches are no longer just a single timing tool, but also an important partner to protect the lives of pilots.

   Breitling’s ‘Captain’s Watch’ is always ready to accompany generations of pilots to the skies and face all opportunities and challenges together. The ‘Captain China’ movie which helped Bona Films is also Breitling paying tribute to the Chinese aviation heroes and witnessing the aspirations of the pilots Ling Yun.

Kaishan Masterpiece Tasting Series 7027 Rose Gold Watch

When referring to Breguet’s Tradition series watches, most people will think of its eccentric small dial. The gentleman is elegant and easy to read at a glance. Inspired by Mr. Louis Breguet’s Subscription watch, it is very suitable for men Formal wear. Today, the Watch House brings you a Breguet series of men’s watches, the official model: 7027BR / G9 / 9V6.

   Aside from this, this year marks the 240th anniversary of the creation of the Breguet brand, and the Tradition series has just ushered in its 10th anniversary. The handed down series is undoubtedly a very young “new blood” in the brand, and it has attracted wide attention. The three watches of the 7027 are the beginning of the Tradition series that was launched in 2005. It is the first Breguet watch to show the mechanical structure of the movement’s bottom plate from the front.

Case diameter 37 mm

   The case of this watch is made of 18k rose gold with a diameter of 37 mm and a thickness of 11.8 mm. The details of the case continue the classic design of Breguet. It is equipped with a Breguet Cal.507DR manual winding movement, which costs four Years of development and completely independent design and production, smoke gray platinum metal cladding, power reserve display on both sides of the movement.

18k Rose Gold Gear Crown

   The gear crown made of 18k rose gold has a simple and exquisite shape, which makes the slim case more elegant. The top of the polished crown is embossed with the Breguet brand logo, which shows the distinguished brand identity.

Black alligator strap

   Black alligator leather strap with neat and beautiful texture and black stitching for fine workmanship.

Coin pattern decoration

   The slender side of the case is decorated with Breguet’s consistent and classic coin pattern, which fully shows the brand’s style and grasp of watch details. The round bezel is polished and polished, exuding the faint luster unique to platinum, noble and elegant.

18k Rose Gold Pin Buckle

   This watch is equipped with an 18k rose gold pin buckle for easy and safe wearing.

Welded rounded lugs

   Breguet’s classic-style welded rounded lugs are small and exquisite. Fine polishing reveals the luster of platinum. It is comfortable to wear and fastens the strap with screws.

Black plated 18k gold dial

   Black plated 18k gold dial with eccentric 12 o’clock position and hand-engraved pattern. Individual numbers and Breguet signatures, Roman numerals and minute circles with needlepoint hollow Breguet polished steel hands are easy to read at a glance.

Movement parts are displayed directly on the dial

   The classic design of the handed down series is to display the bridge, barrel, transmission gear, escapement and other movement parts usually hidden under the splint directly on the dial, so that the mystery of precision mechanical operation is presented without reservation. Right now. The centerpiece of this watch is clearly visible at 2 o’clock, at 4 o’clock, and the balance wheel is supported by a well-balanced bridge with vitality. From 6 o’clock to 9 o’clock, the drive wheel system rotates slowly and regularly. The movement’s active transmission system is fully exposed, depicting the mystery of time passing.

pare-chute suspension

   The Breguet pare-chute suspension specially developed to protect the hairspring is clearly visible at 2 o’clock.

Power reserve tank

   The power reserve slot at 11 o’clock provides a 50-hour power reserve display.

Breguet Cal.507DR manual winding movement

   The bottom case is made of a whole piece of sapphire crystal, and the exquisite movement can be seen at a glance. It is equipped with a Breguet Breguet Cal.507DR manual-winding movement. The front and back surfaces of the movement are basically sandblasted. The practical functions of anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance are well reflected. The movement is 14½ centimeters long, with 34 jewel bearings, providing a 50-hour power reserve. It adopts linear lever escapement, single metal balance wheel and Breguet hairspring, adjusted in 5 different positions.

   Summary: Breguet’s Tradition series watches have always been Breguet’s highly popular collections, combining Breguet’s unique style and brand-new skills. Many netizens have also purchased the forum. Its heritage of Breguet’s classic details and frontal exposure. The movement of the movement has fascinated many watch friends. Very suitable for men who like orthodox old-school style with formal dresses for some important occasions.

Song Yongchun: Art Collection On The Wrist

Today, with the huge fluctuations in the traditional investment product market and the increasingly high threshold of the art market, stable and generous income watches are more and more like investment products. Although it has not been in the collection field for a long time, its short history has not weakened the value of watches and clocks as a work of art. At auctions in recent years, the transaction prices of watches and clocks have become higher and higher. No wonder some people say that choosing a good watch is better than choosing a good stock. Watch collection investment has become the citron of the moment. Today, the hands turning on the wrist are not just as simple as telling the time. It should be said that no luxury product can be used like a watch, with such a high usage rate and a solid appreciation space. Surveys conducted by professional research institutions show that high-end watches have become the most popular luxury items with a 34% market share, and are ahead of traditional luxury items such as jewelry (19%) and art (17%). The small size and high value of the watch make it easy to carry and save, and an expensive watch treasure can also be passed down from generation to generation.
‘time is money
     Over the past 20 years, the wave of watch collections has surpassed the wave. It is not difficult to see from the repeated high-priced transactions of major auction houses that more and more people are increasingly enthusiastic about watch collections. A small watch, tens of millions of dollars, this can not help but recall the old saying: time is money. I have to admit that watches are one of the most ecstatic items for men. Man’s enthusiasm for precision machinery seems to be innate. In business activities, the best expression of men’s taste and strength is the top brand dress watch. Perhaps because of this watch you wear, you have won the respect of your opponents, and it has become one of the secret weapons for successful negotiations.
     In 1868, PatekPhilippe watch factory produced the world’s first watch (wristwatch). With the technological update, the internal movement of the watch is constantly complicated, and the watchmakers have incorporated artistic elements into the watch, making this originally cold machine continue to emit a charming light, slowly attracting countless pairs of machinery For those who are interested, nowadays watches are not just people’s requirements for time, they have also become people’s status and status symbols, which have caused the attention of collectors. Collectible top-level watches have high-quality movements and classic shapes. Some discerning collectors and investors have begun to pay attention and quickly joined the ranks of collectible watches. Watches have become the new favorite in the collection industry.
Unique eyesight for collection
     With the enthusiastic pursuit of watch investment and driven by high profits, counterfeit watches came into being, and the emergence of counterfeit watches also brought huge risks to collections. As a collector, it is very rare to be able to grasp the fashion trends, styles and models of collectible watches. It is really difficult to distinguish the authenticity of watches, so Tibetan friends must be more careful. The most important thing for watch collection is to put it right. Buy watches from the perspective of wearing and appreciation. Do not invest blindly. Have a unique vision. Also determine your own collection direction. Focus on interest and supplement investment.
     Collecting art must be distinguished from pure investment speculation. It has more cultural flavor and personal hobbies and perceptions. This is especially important for watch collection. Of course, you must understand all aspects of watch knowledge, and it is also important to like it yourself.
The first step is to recognize your own economic strength and understand the price differences between different brands and styles. From tens of thousands to ten million yuan, there is a considerable distance in the price of watches in the field of collection.
The second step, with the approximate price level, you can find a few brands you like, or a style series, a special feature, or a specific topic. The choice is based on antique watches, or new watches, new watches with a small number or even discontinued production, whether to wear while collecting, or to invest in unopened.
     Experts remind beginners to be especially careful about tables with ‘story’, because it is often difficult to verify in this regard, it is easy to be fooled, and it is not easy to shoot. Professionals can usually only analyze an antique watch from the perspective of technology, authenticity and falseness. If it lacks the support of core elements, the value of collection is often questionable.
     In addition, the two purposes of collection and self-use must be clearly distinguished. If it is only for investment, it is best not to buy a new watch, because the value of the new watch can only be limited to very few brands, such as some limited edition models of Patek Philippe. Watch auctions have the opportunity to pan for gold, but first of all, you must buy what you like, not just for investment, but also purely for chasing fashion.
Watch maintenance
     As a non-stop and extremely complicated metal product, the watch also needs regular maintenance and maintenance, and the maintenance of famous watches is more particular. Collectors should know more professional maintenance knowledge. First of all, when the watch is stored for a long time, do not put it on. In a humid place to prevent rust or discoloration of the movement and dial. Second, keep away from televisions, radios, etc. to prevent magnetization. Camphor pills or sanitary balls may cause chemical changes with the lubricant in the movement, and cannot be stored with the watch. Furthermore, although most watches are water-resistant, it is definitely not good to be exposed to water for a long time. The watch is protected against cold water instead of hot water. After frequent expansion and contraction of the rubber ring inside the watch, the waterproof function will be greatly weakened.

Half Of The New Tables In 2018 Have Been Finished

It is not too late to get to the topic. This year’s SIHH Geneva watch exhibition has ended. I write some of my feelings and also serve as a summary of this year’s Geneva watch exhibition.
   Many years ago, when I first came into contact with watches, when I first knew about these exhibitions, I did n’t have any contact with watches and bags, so I was “virtual”. Talking on paper ‘is similar to’ keyboard car god ‘. Later, my wife began to contact the small business of watches and bags, and I became ‘down to earth’. I used to talk about it, but now it’s true. Discount quotes, sales and recycling, which watches are large and which are difficult to obtain, you know. Therefore, I often write watches, mainly writing mainstream watches, complex watches, niche watches that most people usually consume and contact. I rarely involve them because they have nothing to do with most people.

Vacheron Constantin produced a steel watch with a public price of only 90,000 yuan this year.

Cartier’s new Santos, compared with the old models, have changed a lot.
   I believe what brothers have watched at the Geneva Watch Fair this year. Everyone can see that many brands are lowering the entry threshold and lowering prices. Within 100,000 to 100,000 is the price range for most people to buy watches. Many new watches of mainstream brands are at this price. Vacheron Constantin produced a lot of steel watches this year, especially those with a public price of 90,000 yuan; Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new Beibei series junior three-pointer steel watches also cost more than 50,000 yuan; Cartier’s steel case Shantos also cost more than 50,000; IWC is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. The price of the commemorative steel watch is relatively normal; the price of the small Panerai is also relatively low. As we all know, after these new watches are listed, due to factors such as exchange rates, discounts, and secondary markets, the public price itself is not too high, and the actual price must be known to everyone. The price is more affordable.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new Beibei series junior calendar (top) and junior calendar (bottom).
   A brother wrote a message to me on WeChat, and he said, ‘In the end, two or three years later, you will find that each brand has a low-cost watch. This is said here, verified in two or three years later.’ Everyone chats, but I think what he said is true. The price of each house has been reduced. On the one hand, I think it is a good thing, so that more people can buy luxury watches. But there is one problem that everyone needs to pay attention to. Spend less money than before, bought a high-end brand entry table, the brand is big, there is face in front of people. But when you meet players who are familiar with watches, everyone knows the true value of this watch. So in the mainstream watches circulating in the market, expensive is still expensive. For example, Lange 1, New and Vertical, Royal Oak, Da Fei, Portugal 7, the core and characteristics of each family are concentrated on these classic models. For every penny you buy, it depends on whether you want face or liking. With A3 and Magotan, who do you choose? These are real problems.

Lange’s new TRIPLE SPLIT triple chronograph.

The new Freak Vision in Athens.
   I often say that there are a large number of mainstream watches on the market. These cousins ​​buy more. I am also the person who buys these watches, so I can give you some reference information. Complex tables are mainly eye-opening and knowledge-raising. Several complex watches on display at Geneva this year are very good. What impressed me most was Lange’s TRIPLE SPLIT three-track chronograph. In the past, Lange had a Double Split, which can track minutes and seconds. Now the new TRIPLE SPLIT can chase hours, minutes, and seconds, which is very good. Of course, this watch is destined to belong to a small number of people, but I will write it out later, because every time you add a tracking needle, a set of calipers with a stop-second is added to the movement. very complicated. The new Freak Vision in Athens is also very unique, I will talk about this watch later. Brothers who are familiar with the watch market and trading should know that Freak’s circulation is actually not small. It is a complex watch that is often seen in the domestic secondary market. It can be seen that there are many likes.

The Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept is only 2 mm thick.
   In addition, this year Piaget and Audemars Piguet produced two ultra-thin watches. Piaget’s Altiplano Ultimate Concept is only 2 mm thick, making it the thinnest mechanical watch in the world. Audemars Piguet introduced the new Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar. This watch is also the world’s thinnest self-winding perpetual calendar. The new 51.33 million calendar movement used in this watch can be regarded as a super improved version of Audemars Piguet 21.2 million calendar movement. As you all know, the trend of watches is mainly sports watches, these ultra-thin watches are mainly used to ‘dazzle’ to show how good they are. Audemars Piguet’s new ultra-thin perpetual calendar is a platinum head and platinum chain, and the value can be imagined.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak’s new ultra-thin perpetual calendar.

   In fact, each brand will launch a lot of new models every year, but only a part of it can be displayed at the watch exhibition. Because the watches exhibited at the table show are definitely the latest and most complicated watches, and some of the regular watch changes and color changes will not be promoted vigorously. Some watches that are not on display, but will be hard to find in the future. For example, in July this year, Audemars Piguet launched a military style 44mm offshore chronograph with a khaki bezel and camouflage strap. Steel case, ceramic ring, camouflage military, 44 caliber, we don’t need to think about it, this watch is definitely the super hot model on the market this year.

Audemars Piguet’s new color matching ceramic ring offshore timing will be available in August this year.

   It won’t be long before the new watches at the Geneva Watch Fair are available. A few days ago, the full calendar of the historical masterpiece series steel case just released by Vacheron Constantin, I went to the central palace of Wangfu last week and found that it was already there. Like the new Cartier Santos, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC’s new Portuguese meter, and new Panerai, these watches are definitely watches that many brothers are “within range”. If you are not in a hurry, the brothers can continue to wait and see, because after the Spring Festival, the Basel watch exhibition will start again, so that when the new watches are released in the first half of the year, you can start in the second half of the year.

Introduction To Vacheron Constantin’s ‘attic Craftsman’ Custom Watch Service

The special order service of Atelier Cabinotiers launched by Vacheron Constantin in Vacheron Constantin in 2006 is to provide customers with a unique personalized experience, using precision watches from 1755 The production process, and the patience of listening to the needs of customers to create a wrist for customers far better than the product ‘orphan’. There is no series, no physical products, no product catalogs, only a pair of ears listening to customer needs. All requests from customers, from the simplest to the most daring, need to be carefully evaluated by a special team of ‘Loft Craftsman Special Order Service’. These requirements must be consistent with the watchmaking spirit of Vacheron Constantin in order to be passed. Subsequently, ‘Attic Craftsman Special Order Service’ brought together watchmaking experts. Every new project involving technology development is supported by a team of engineers, mechanics and watchmakers. Their joint efforts can turn the most bizarre dreams into reality technology.
Art of the Cabiniers
 From the eleventh century, the first goldsmith to make Geneva famous was the goldsmith. Since then, their exquisite work has been favored by European royalty. Engravers and enamelers were inspired by this process and quickly established their own powerful industry associations. As a result, watchmakers, diamond cutters, engravers and bracelet makers flooded into Saint-Gervais, the oldest city on the banks of the Rhone in Geneva. After 1650, the number of watchmakers exceeded the number of goldsmiths, and watchmaking became a pillar industry in Geneva.
 However, Saint-Gervais, surrounded by walls, is full of narrow, shady streets. In order to make better use of the midday sun, the artisans like to set up the workshop on the top floor of the building. These workshops are usually narrow and crowded, sometimes built directly in the attic, with narrow windows lined up densely. The works born here have won a stable reputation for their outstanding quality. Soon, these workshops were called ‘lofts’ (closets), and their owners were called loft artisans. These trained attic artisans consider themselves not part of the artisan class, but the nobles of the artisans, or more like a group of artists, have received considerable education and training. In this way, for centuries, daily life, economic and social life in Geneva have left the artistic imprint of the attic artisans in the Saint-Gervais region.
Vacheron Constantin Exclusive Tradition
Back at the beginning, Vacheron Constantin has encouraged watchmakers to create watches based on customer needs, making the design of the watch and the selection of functions and components take a lot of time. It turns out that spending time and effort is worth it, and guests’ needs and dreams for watches are likely to be realized. Collectors of Vacheron Constantin watches know this very well. For example, Henry Graves Jr., a well-known New York banker and watch connoisseur, is an example of Vacheron Constantin’s custom-made watches.
Two other notable figures, King Fouad of Egypt and his son King Farouk, are also keen to collect Vacheron Constantin’s unique watches. A story vividly tells their love for a special watch: When the young Prince Farouk and his mother Queen Nazli visited Geneva in 1937, he was eager to visit the factory of Vacheron Constantin. Responsible Charles Constantin took the prince to the factory. While he was surprised by the prince’s extensive knowledge of watches, the prince revealed that he had taken apart many watches and studied how they worked. As early as 1934, during an official visit to Geneva, the city government gave him an exquisite watch made by Vacheron Constantin. There are 13 hands running on the dial: in addition to the regular hour, minute and second hands, there is also a chronograph seconds hand, a 30-minute chronograph hand, a double chase chronograph hand, four hands that display the perpetual calendar and the alarm clock hand 3. Power display pointer and spring energy device. This watch also features a minute repeater and moon phase display, consisting of 820 components, including 55 gems.
Launch of Attic Craftsman’s Special Custom Service
Vacheron Constantin, in order to reproduce the original intention and charm of 18th century Geneva timepieces, that is, based on mutual communication and creativity, and also to meet the growing needs of enthusiastic collectors, in 2006 launched the ‘Attic Artisan Special’ Customized Service & rdquo ;. This service inherits this tradition. Whether it is the ultimate complex requirements or the poetic time expression, or the machine-engraved pattern or enamel dial, whether it is Roman numerals or Arabic numerals, whether it is the center second hand or chronograph function, any watch enthusiast expects the same features. Can be realized. Next, whether to take the watch out for careful tasting or as a secret collection, leave it to the guests themselves. Either way, this is a very happy thing.
Here, there is no series, no physical products, no product catalog, only a pair of ears listening to customer needs. Everything begins with the story of a custom-made watch that has never been made public. A historical connoisseur requested that a master’s oil painting be reproduced on the dial with a ‘high-temperature open flame’ painted enamel technique; a poetry lover wanted to add a magnificent bell sound to his watch, and only on the birthday of his lover each year The time is only once; there is also a watch enthusiast with complex functions who dreams of having a mechanical masterpiece that has never been tried before.
All requirements, from the simplest to the most daring, need to be carefully evaluated by a special team of ‘attic artisan special order service’. These requirements must be consistent with the watchmaking spirit of Vacheron Constantin in order to be passed.
The industry’s only top custom service
 Vacheron Constantin is currently the only watchmaker in the industry to provide such personalized service, combining excellent quality with professional technology. ‘Special custom service for attic artisans’ The most important point is to bring together watchmaking experts. Every new project involving technology development is supported by a team of engineers, mechanics and watchmakers. Their joint efforts can turn the most bizarre dreams into reality technology. Vacheron Constantin’s designers and R & D department are on call whenever needed. The team dedicated to project development and follow-up will also take over the related work. There is also a special contact person responsible for communication between the team and the customer.
 As an additional customer service, ‘Loft Craftsman Special Customized Service’ has a special website for customers to understand the relevant situation. Customers can enter the website through identity verification to directly check the production progress of customized watches. Photos and videos to understand each stage of production, so you can view every process of watch production at any time.
 However, ‘the most valuable thing about a loft craftsman’s special order service’ lies in the superior craftsmanship. Vacheron Constantin’s masters of machine-engraved patterns and enamels are the only heirs of the industry who are proficient in the corresponding technologies; the masters of carving and the masters of precious stones have inherited the ancient tradition and perfectly combined talent and technology. The watches born in the hands of these masters of art are unique and represent the pinnacle of precision watchmaking. Like all watches created since 1755, they will eventually find their place in the brand’s glorious history and achievements.
La Fabrique’s by-product: Geneva’s famous jet d’eau
 In the beginning, watchmakers in Geneva created watches independently from beginning to end, but with the development of the watchmaking industry, this situation must change. Gradually, various groups of attic artisans began to combine: case assemblers, machine engravers, engravers, packers, gilts, enamelists, and of course watchmakers. ‘Freedom of training’ and work are under strict control to ensure that the production of watches and jewelry is of high quality. The intensive activities of Saint-Gervais led to the rename of the area as La Fabrique (factory). Here are merchants and craftsmen, as well as wealthy merchants who come to loft workshops to order directly. Around 1800, there were about 5,000 attic artisans in a city of only 26,000 inhabitants.
 Surprisingly, according to historical records, the origin of Geneva’s famous spring water jet d’eau is entirely due to these attic artisans. In 1886, in order to provide electricity to artisans in La Fabrique and the city, the government built a hydroelectric power station on the Rhône River close to Saint-Gervais. This high-pressure system enabled the local industry to use small piston engines. This engine is smaller and more energy efficient than a steam engine. However, every night when the craftsmen finish their work and turn off the engine, the operator of the hydropower station immediately shuts off the pump to avoid danger caused by excessive pressure. At this time, someone thought of installing a safety valve that sprayed water into the air to release excess pressure. In this way, the first jet d’eau 30 meters high was born.

Combining Classics And Innovations Baselworld 2015 Tissot New Products Summary

Baselworld 2015 is nearing its end. As the annual industry event, Baselworld brings together the industry’s most outstanding watchmaking skills and is also the source of inspiration for watch and jewelry design. It can be said that A world-class art exhibition. At this year’s watch exhibition, we not only saw the future development trend of the watch industry, but also felt the solid strength of traditional watchmaking. Tissot is a watch brand that continues to seek classics while continuing to innovate. Let us review together What new products did Tissot release at the Baselworld 2015?
Tissot Professional Solar Watch

   The Tissot Tengzhi professional solar watch is the focus of everyone’s attention. Tissot still did not let us down at this exhibition and continued to launch a brand new watch. The new product is the first solar-powered touchscreen watch. It has more technical content. For example, the new bezel uses a compass instead of numerals, and the minute hand arrow with Super-LumiNova® environmentally friendly coating makes reading easier, which means that time and time can be quickly discerned even in the dark. direction.

Tissot Professional Solar Watch
   The dial of this watch is a two-tone dial that reflects the field of view and makes the display part of the second tone. Functionally, this watch is not inferior to the previous generation. It is equipped with 20 kinds of touch screen functions suitable for daily use, such as a perpetual calendar that can indicate the day and week number, 2 alarm clocks, dual time zones, and a weather forecast with relative pressure. , Altimeter with altimeter, segmented and lap timer with log function, compass, azimuth, regatta function and backlight.

For more details, please click: Tissot has a wide range of watches and models. Both elegant gentlemen and tasteful men have watches suitable for wearing. At this year’s Basel 2015, Tissot continues to launch a new product for tasteful men. This is the legendary gold watch shown above.

For more watch details, please click: Tissot’s new vintage series ladies watches, which presents warm rose gold and luxurious diamonds together, achieving a perfect combination of classic and modern.

For more watch details, please click: Just like the elegant flamingo represented by Flamingo, the Tissot Flamingo watch is a successful example of design. The nobleness of the flamingo stems from its slender legs, while the Tissot Flamingo series uses stylish and slim accessories to create an elegant and smooth appearance. At the same time, this series of watches is also a beautiful work of art: removable lugs and elegant beauty create the luxury and elegance of jewelry accessories. breath.

Tissot launches flamenco watch
  This series of watches uses stylish and slim accessories to create an elegant and smooth appearance. The watch uses removable lugs and watches to fully demonstrate the unique ideas of Tissot. The dial design of the watch is accompanied by rich and luxurious details, showing the meticulous concept of watchmaking. The crown is made of a smooth, facet-free hemispherical gemstone, polished to make it brilliant. Flamingo watches come in different styles, including stainless steel and gold with dazzling mother-of-pearl dials, and low-key styles with elegant black dials and leather straps. All kinds of details make Tissot Flamenco women The watch is no longer just an elegant timepiece, it is also an exquisite work of art.
For more watch details, please click: This year Tissot has been officially designated as the timing and partner of the World Motorcycle Championship. To this end, during the Basel 2015, Tissot specially launched a racing series MotoGPTM2015 limited edition automatic mechanical watch.

Tissot Racing MotoGPTM2015 Limited Edition Automatic Watch
   The watch not only incorporates dynamic technology, but also perfectly fits the sporting spirit of the World Motorcycle Championship. It integrates the passion of the track into the design of the watch. While experiencing the charm of the timepiece, it also enjoys the speed experience of motorcycles. This watch’s case is domineering, with a new corner design, very dynamic. The function buttons of the watch are like the pedals of a motorcycle, with a strong mechanical sense. The suspension rod at the connection position can effectively avoid the collision caused by the movement and bring more safety protection to the wearer. The dial of the watch is more like a motorcycle’s instrument panel in black, gray, red, and white, which makes the reading more clear, but also shows the coolness and passion of the sport. The calendar display at 3 o’clock looks like a motorcycle. The black visor and magnifying glass, and the dynamic GT stripes between the disc surfaces remind the wearer who is keen on sports and passion to move forward quickly.
For more details, please click: Tissot has always been inextricably linked with sports. The latest racing series MotoGPTM 2015 limited edition automatic watch at Basel 2015 highlights the spirit of Tissot’s sports forward. The familiar red and black GT stripes are both eye-catching and beautiful. They complement the avant-garde new case and buttons shaped like motorcycle pedals. The button design is the latest feature of the Tissot racing series. This cool watch is limited to 3333 pieces.

Tissot Lichi 516 Classic Sports Watch

   The design of the new watch showcases motorcycle components such as brake discs on the bezel, tire marks on the back of the strap, and rear wheel suspension in the strap and case attachments. This carefully crafted Swiss watch also features a tyre-shaped transparent case back, giving you a glimpse into the inner workings. On the dial decorated with flags, the delicate design of the starting and running time markers and the Super-LumiNova® environmentally-friendly luminous coating on the hands highlight the sports theme. The passion in a Tissot watch.
For more details please click: des Tourelles

   The Chemin des Tourelles series is a special model for Tissot, which contains the main history of Tissot. This watch is named after the street where Tissot was founded in 1907 in Le Locle, Switzerland, where it is still the home of Tissot. Tissot launched this series of watches to pay tribute to the brand’s 161-year expertise in contemporary design.

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