Another Great Breakthrough Brief Comment On The Iwc Constant Power Tourbillon Watch

This watch is the latest watch released by IWC at the Geneva Watch Fair in 2013. The biggest feature is the constant power mechanism in the tourbillon, which was developed in 2013. The engineer’s constant-power tourbillon watch, which was first applied in the engineer’s watch family in 1949, is the IW590001 watch of the IWC series that I have brought to you today.

 In traditional manual winding watches, the tension of their movements in the initial state is always greater than the end state, and the resulting power is constantly changing. And IWC uses the tourbillon constant-power tourbillon device. The constant-power mechanism integrated in the tourbillon can be seen inside the watch, which is the true heart of the watch.

 This watch has a 950 platinum and ceramic case, a black dial design, a black alligator strap, and a platinum pin buckle. With a large diameter of 46 mm, the magnificent tourbillon device is located at 9 o’clock on the watch.

 At 9 o’clock, the tourbillon device of the watch allows people to appreciate the charming structure of its multilayer structure. For precision machinery enthusiasts, it is a special enjoyment to watch the high-precision and complex operation of clockwork, gear trains and fork rods. The black tourbillon bridge is very eye-catching, with a countdown scale, and black screws, which emphasize the technological temperament of the dial.

 The moon phase display at 1 o’clock on the watch is a cool moon phase display in the northern and southern hemispheres, and the countdown displays the number of days from the next profitable moon.

 The power reserve display between ‘4 o’clock’ and ‘5 o’clock’ is an innovative masterpiece of IWC. It adopts a retrograde design and displays the remaining winding power through a triangular pointer. The connecting bridge is cleverly designed and will not hide the IWC logo during the 96-hour walk of the watch. Three accumulators are embedded in the bezel, the design of which is inspired by technical instruments, which further highlights the chic sports characteristics of the watch.

 The dial’s black tones are delicate, with a black high-tech ceramic bezel and a solid platinum crown guard, making the watch’s calm and technological temperament a natural fit. On the inner circle of the watch, you can see the classic icon with a long history, which is composed of the nested capital letter ‘I’ and the slender serif. The letter symbolizes the engineer (Ingenieur) and also gives the relief pattern a special depth.

 From this picture we can see the sapphire crystal glass bottom design of the watch, so that we can carefully watch the gear gear engagement and operation in the leisure time. Black alligator strap with platinum pin buckle.

 The watch is equipped with a newly-developed IWC 94800 manual winding movement, which combines the power of two barrels into one, which can provide the larger torque required for a constant-power tourbillon. It also provides the power needed to drive the moon phase display.

Summary: Inside the tourbillon, a constant dynamic mechanism integrated into it can be seen-the true heart of the timepiece. This ingenious mechanism decouples the escapement from the direct power transmission of the wheel train, thereby ensuring that the amplitude of the balance wheel is stable, thereby making the travel time rate almost constant. The power is temporarily stored in the balance spring and delivered to the escape wheel. The hairspring is tensioned once every second, and you can observe that the tourbillon hand also jumps forward in seconds. After every 5 single swings of the balance wheel, the brake wheel and tourbillon carrier also start to operate. The rotation of the brake wheel causes the tourbillon carrier to rotate, thereby causing the hairspring to be tensioned again. After about 2 days, the constant power mode will switch to normal mode: at this point, the second hand will jump in every fifth of a second. The constant-power tourbillon can ensure that the travel time is absolutely balanced and accurate for at least 48 hours.
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