Bell & Ross Launch Gold Compass

BR 01-92 Compass Gold Compass Watch Limited to 250 pieces

 BELL & ROSS’s most watched series is the square case watch with four corner lock screws, which not only shocked the watch industry when it was launched, but also impacted every watch fan and industry colleague while launching a new design. His heart not only inspired the watch industry to follow suit, but also ignited the pursuit and collection of watch fans. Whether it is skull, compass or radar, it has become a collector’s pocket list, especially the limited number of unique products, which has also enhanced the rareness and speciality of the watch, just like a stock that has not risen, causing all Attention and tide of buying.

 Following the launch of the Black Steel Compass BR 01-92 Compass, enquiries have remained high, and snap-ups have become commonplace, but the limit of 500 pieces worldwide is indeed difficult to satisfy every market and watch fan. To this end, BELL & ROSS has lived up to expectations and launched the BR01-92 Compass gold compass that subverts traditional styles and better. Of course, it still maintains a limited amount of tradition to maintain its rare and unique sense.

        BELL & ROSS BR 01-92 Compass gold compass watch, limited to 250 pieces.

 Bell & ross BR 01-92 Compass gold compass watch

Unlimited creativity

 Rather than a watch that simply rotates the case without changing the reading structure, the essence of the Bell & Ross square watch is derived from the transplantation of the instrument concept of the aircraft cockpit dashboard to the watch structure. Aviation technology is used as a reference object to ensure that the timepiece has clear display, excellent performance and reliability and durability; Bell & Ross locks the focus on the flight instrument of the cockpit, taking the precise display performance of the navigation and positioning compass as inspiration, and breaking away from the old Framed, presenting a unique watch architecture, the BR 01 Compass limited edition gold compass watch, like a compass that guides the course of life, is a ticking flow of time.

New time display

 BR 01 Compass limited edition gold compass watch, time display inspired by navigation compass: the bezel is divided into upper and lower halves, by two independent coaxial dials for 12 hours and 60 minutes, respectively, the center of the upper half of the mirror The white straight line corresponds to the continuously rotating turntable, which can indicate the time, although it is special but clear and easy to understand. The design of the rose gold and black steel case, combined with the wave-cut rose gold bezel, gives the masculine domineering a soft beauty. The lower half of the surface can see the regular rotation of the disc through a darker perspective window. The new time display brings simple fun and surprises beyond the tradition !.

Achievements of technical challenges

 Designing and producing the BR 01 Compass gold compass watch is a big challenge for watchmakers and engineers at Bell & Ross:
● To replace the pointer with a turntable, there may be uneven weight. To solve this problem, Bell & Ross applied innovative materials and cutting-edge technology to create an extremely light and strong turntable, which has a non-deformable and extremely low friction coefficient. Advantages, will not have a negative impact on power reserve and travel time accuracy.
● The master watchmaker ensures that the size of the two dials is accurate to the micron level, and ensures that the two dials rotate smoothly.

The BR 01 Compass watch uses a combination of fixed indicator lines and minute dials to replace the traditional hour and minute hands display mode, which reflects Bell & Ross’s bold innovation and the courage to break the rules.