Berluti And Hublot Launch Two Berluti Classic Fusion Tourbillon Watches

A seemingly unlikely partnership, but with fruitful results. Swiss watchmaker Hublot joins hands with shoe family Berluti to design and create two special timepieces that showcase the brand’s philosophy of ‘fused art.’

   ‘The art of fusion is the fundamental promise of Hublot DNA,’ said Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot. ‘It is also the spirit that guides all brand actions and partnerships. Hublot and its partners, especially Berluti, the footwear family Are all part of the concerto tone, linked by the common values ​​of excellence, uniqueness and innovation. ‘

   ‘By combining professional knowledge and creativity, we have once again achieved our common goal: the classic fusion tourbillon Berluti watch, and the new timepiece is the result of the perfect fusion of Berluti’s superb shoemaking and Hublot advanced watchmaking.’ Antoine Pin, executive vice president of Berluti Means.

   The launch ceremony of the classic fusion tourbillon Berluti Scritto king gold watch and the classic fusion tourbillon scritto black watch was held at the Hôtel d’ Evreux Hotel in Paris. The two new watches are limited to 20 pieces each, with a case diameter of 45 mm. They are made of King Gold and polished black ceramic. They are equipped with a hand-wound skeleton movement. The leather dial is decorated with Berluti’s signature Scritto pattern. Admire the delicate operation of the tourbillon.

   The new watch comes with an authentic Berluti Patina Venezia leather (black rubber-lined) strap and a custom Berluti case and leather care tools.