Breaking The Boundaries Grand Seiko Hi-beat 36,000 High-frequency Professional 600-meter Diving Watch

For many years, many leisure diving enthusiasts have been craving for diving watches from Grand Seiko. Today, Grand Seiko’s strict self-setting standards are presented for the first time in professional diving watches. It has a titanium case, an exclusive 9S Hi-beat high-frequency mechanical movement, and excellent anti-magnetic functions. The Grand Seiko logo of this new watch is located at 12 o’clock on the dial, returning to the original design style of Grand Seiko, and taking the Grand Seiko watch to a whole new field.

Hi-Beat 36,000 RPM Professional 600m Dive Watch Limited Edition SBGH257G
Professional-grade diving watch built to Grand Seiko standards
   That’s what all Grand Seiko’s personality is. Outstanding daily static error accuracy of -3 to +5 seconds, clear and easy to read, durable, all these features are attributed to the high-strength titanium case and strap, and the characteristic smooth edges, This is only possible with SEIKO’s exclusive ‘Zaratsu’ grinding technology. This is the demanding standard of Grand Seiko, while meeting the needs of professional divers. The case of this watch is specially designed for saturation diving, using SEIKO’s innovative technology without valve helium-proof technology, equipped with a high airtight case and L-shaped waterproof gasket. The rotating bezel is engraved with deep grooves, making it easy for divers to wear even with heavy gloves. The strap can be adjusted to adapt to changes in underwater pressure. Even the dial is made especially for professional diving: the dial is made of iron to prevent magnetism and achieves a magnetic resistance of 16,000 A / m. The entire watch and all parts are developed and manufactured for long-term durability. The case, arbor and crown are designed for safe use, and the bezel is specially made of 4 parts to facilitate Disassembly and assembly.

Led by limited edition watches
   There are two Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36,000 high-frequency professional 600-meter diving watches. The first is a limited edition. It is equipped with a high-strength silicone strap and a high-strength titanium strap. The strap and dial are presented in a special Grand Seiko blue, with a limited edition of 500 worldwide. The second is a black dial and will be a permanent member of the Grand Seiko watch collection. Both new watches will be available from August 2017.


Hi-Beat 36,000 RPM Professional 600m Dive Watch: SBGH255G, 257G
Movement specifications: 9S85 high frequency mechanical movement
Power system: automatic winding mechanical
Rotating speed of swing wheel: 36,000 rpm (10 rpm)
Accuracy: static day difference +5 to -3 seconds
Power reserve: 55 hours (full chain state)
Number of gems: 37 stones
● case
 High-strength titanium
 Sapphire crystal with non-reflective coating
 Screw case back, screw crown
 Water resistance: 600 meters for saturated diving, magnetic resistance: 16,000 A / m
 Diameter: 46.9 mm, thickness: 17.0 mm
● strap
 High-strength titanium, tri-fold button switch with security lock, adjustable buckle
 Limited edition comes with a high-strength silicone strap (SBGH257G)
Recommended retail price in China: RMB 89,500 (SBGH255G); RMB 91,000 (SBGH257G)
Limited edition of 500 pieces worldwide (SBGH257G)
Listed in August 2017