Breitling Helps The Movie ‘captain China’ Witness The ‘miracle Moment’ That Is On The Verge

This year’s National Day document, the annual blockbuster film ‘China Captain’ adapted from the real event of the successful handling of the 10,000-meter high windshield rupture by the heroic crew of Sichuan Airlines Flight 3U8633 on May 14, 2018, is about to be released. For a long time, Breitling has a deep historical connection with the aviation industry. This time Breitling joined hands with Bona Films to acclaim the world-renowned ‘Captain Watch’ Breitling Aviation Time Series (Navitimer), to pay tribute to the heroic creation of epic-level landings in the midst of a blast.

   Breitling, a Swiss independent watchmaking brand, contributed to the National Day gift film ‘Captain China’ starring actors such as Zhang Hanyu, Du Jiang, Ou Hao and Yuan Quan. The movie is adapted based on the real events of the Sichuan Airlines flight crew’s successful handling of the special situation: when the crew performed a flight mission, the cockpit windshield glass burst and fell off at an altitude of 10,000 meters, and the cockpit pressure was extremely rare. At the critical moment, the hero’s crew Proper disposal ensures the safety of all personnel on board. In particular, Captain Liu Chuanjian used strong psychological qualities and rich skills to escort the passengers and flight attendants of the entire airliner, guaranteed the lives of 119 passengers and 9 crew members, and created a miracle in the history of civil aviation in the world. The film ‘Captain China’ focused on the crew members who transformed into air heroes due to this ’emergency disaster’, fully showing the process of the special situation, the team went further to Hollywood to ask the team of ‘Captain Sally’, Strive to truly restore this thrilling moment of life and death.

   Breitling accompanied the captain of China to witness the moment of heroes
   The captain Liu Chuanjian, who implemented the world-class forced landing of the Chinese version, was hailed as the captain of the Chinese version of Sally. ‘With awe, always fearing life, rules and responsibilities, and practicing your post skills carefully in order to ensure the safety of passengers and protect their lives at critical times.’ Just as Captain Liu Chuanjian said. It is said that behind the ‘creation’ and ‘epic’ is the rigorous and scientific professional spirit and the exquisite and refined technology to escort. Off screen, Captain Liu Chuanjian was photographed wearing a Breitling watch on multiple occasions. In the spirit of faithfully restoring the prototype character, in the movie ‘Captain China’, the protagonist Liu Changjian, played by Zhang Hanyu, also wears Breitling watches.

   Breitling watches have long been known as ‘professional wristwatches’ for their precision and extraordinary quality. Breitling watches ensure that every instrument and equipment can deal with the shock, vibration, extreme temperature, and magnetic problems that pilots need to face in the cabin. It provides pilots with professional and accurate technical support and strengthens the brand’s aviation watches. Leading position in the field.
   For nearly a century, Breitling has a long history in the aviation industry. As early as the founding of the 19th century, Breitling was a manufacturer of rugged precision timepieces, providing chronograph watches for pilots around the world. In the 1930s, the brand even introduced airborne timing equipment designed for the cockpit of the aircraft, which was favored by pilots and was then embraced by multinational air forces. To this day, Breitling still occupies a special place in the hearts of pilots. As the equipment on the wrists of flying heroes, today’s pilot watches are no longer just a single timing tool, but also an important partner to protect the lives of pilots.

   Breitling’s ‘Captain’s Watch’ is always ready to accompany generations of pilots to the skies and face all opportunities and challenges together. The ‘Captain China’ movie which helped Bona Films is also Breitling paying tribute to the Chinese aviation heroes and witnessing the aspirations of the pilots Ling Yun.