Bremont Watches Support British Charity ‘walk With The Wounded’

Bremont watches actively support charitable activities, and recently became the official British watch supplier of the Antarctic League Challenge with the Wounded (with the wounded) and the appointed timekeeper of the conference.
Three expeditions consisting of men and women who were wounded in the war are preparing for the most high-profile modern expedition, an expedition to Antarctica over 3 °. Disabled soldiers from the United Kingdom, the United States and the Commonwealth (Australia and Canada) will accept this difficult challenge. After hard training under all weather conditions, the expedition will fly to Antarctica in November. Their goal is to reach Antarctica on December 17, 2013. It is predicted that this will be the largest modern expedition of this type, which will last four weeks. The expedition will trek 335 kilometers and endure the severe cold of minus 45 degrees Celsius and the wind of 50 miles per hour.

Bremont supports British charity ‘walk with the wounded’

This expedition is another rewrite of the world record in 2011-a long journey to the North Pole and another expedition to Everest in 2012. Bremont’s sponsorship has played a huge role in the expedition.
British charity Walking With The Wounded, founded in 2010, is an organization that helps disabled soldiers rebuild their lives. Every day, young men and women soldiers bear great risks with professionalism and courage in extreme situations. Some people have lost their lives and many have suffered serious injuries. The charity aims to provide a support network for wounded officers and soldiers and assist them in planning futures they may never have imagined.
These inspiring expeditions show the public their bravery and, of course, raise public awareness. The funds raised for the charity by the expedition will provide retraining and reeducation to the wounded soldiers after their retirement, and rebuild their careers and lives.
Bremont co-founder Giles English said: ‘We are excited to be supporting the Antarctic Allied Challenge with the charity’ Walk with the Wounded. ‘Bremont has a history of working with eye-catching explorers and polar exhibitions, so this It’s the best project to strengthen our continued support for military charities. ‘
Source: Bremont