Cartier Parrot Flower Watch Makes Ephemeral Eternity

For several years, Cartier has enthusiastically met all kinds of challenges. Over time, over time, over time, we have created excellent watches. Praise the short-lived beauty of the moment the flowers bloom, and let the beauty stay forever. This year, Cartier introduced a new floral inlay technique into the watchmaking field, making the dial of the 42mm Ballon Bleu de Cariter watch more colorful.

 This model is a perfect combination of two craftsmanships-one is the first application in the field of watchmaking, which makes the flowers and their fleeting beauty become eternal; the other is from the field of jewelry, which makes the dial more complicated Multicolored.

 The two processes complement each other to create a new magic, making the watch colorful-blue and orange feathers, dark black beak, emerald green eyes, and brilliant white diamonds inlaid on the crown and dial bottom. The Ballon Bleu de Cariter has never been so colorful

 Ballon Bleu de Cariter watch

 Making ephemeral beauty everlasting takes a lot of time and a series of complex steps: collecting petals and coloring them, trimming each petal, and then pasting them to a thin thickness with the help of a carefully inlaid pedal saw On wood chips, they transform into precious and gorgeous feathers, full of lifelike shapes and fragile, in sharp contrast to the shiny beak and emerald eyes made of black agate. In order to make black or gray feathers more eye-catching, the spots need to be completed one by one using a micro-painting process. Regardless of whether it is a fine inlay or a gem inlay, it takes at least dozens of hours to create such a fine dial in the Cartier Watch Workshop.