Ceramic Circle Platinum Diamonds

Omega is one of the most famous watch brands. Excellent product quality and large product output make the sales of Omega watches always occupy a leading position in the industry, and the product quality is very good. Let Omega brand have a good reputation in the market.
The Ocean Universe GMT series also launched a new watch in Basel last year, which has made people’s eyes bright, and everyone still remembers it. This year, Omega launched two new watches of the same style, but the materials and colors are slightly different. Is this the Omega approaching the new era of GMT? A while ago, my colleague introduced the ‘Sao Orange of the same paragraph’. Let me briefly introduce this marine universe watch with platinum and diamonds in ceramic rings.

This watch can be said to be selected from the top materials in the material, the case is made of platinum, and is set with diamonds inside. In fact, this is simple, but it is very complicated to do, because these two materials are extremely hard, and the accuracy of the scale and groove must be maintained. It cannot be achieved without superb technology. And there are not only diamonds on the case, but also diamonds on the bezel and the back, a total of 113. There are only eight watch cases made with such a complicated technology.
For this watch, the functions are not very important bonus points, although its functions are also very good.

After launching the first coaxial movement in 1999, Omega kept improving the technology. This watch is equipped with movement 8615, which was born in 2012. It is also the first movement in the Omega family of coaxial movements with a day-of-the-week calendar display and instantaneous jump function. It has a built-in SI14 silicon spring for enhanced magnetic immunity. Because the technology is still very advanced and may not be mature in some places, Omega provides 4 years of after-sales service for this. However, the movement of this series of movements is still very stable, and the durability is still after effects.
Needless to say, the function of this watch has long been affirmed. Due to the high cost and the limited edition of 8 pieces, everyone can buy it. It is estimated that the real thing is a luxury, and it should be the object of choice for the real rich. Its appearance is already very beautiful, the built-in movement also belongs to the industry’s excellent technology, a good watch is certain, but it is too difficult to buy it.
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