Chopard L.U.C Xp Watch Series-golden Snake Watch

12 Zodiac is the wisdom of ancient Chinese tradition. I believe in this great wisdom that everyone is destined to be born. At the moment of birth, it seems to be connected with the ancient times. It inherits the code of the zodiac from the plan of the universe. The 12 kinds of zodiac all have different auspicious and mysterious meanings. As the sixth sign of the zodiac, the snake is a keen symbol, possessing a strong sixth sense and extraordinary insight. Although snakes are often regarded as poisonous beasts in fairy tales, the unique charm of the snake symbol, intuitive perspective, and awesome refinement still have special appeal. Chopin cherishes this ancient Chinese wisdom, and specially launched the Golden Snake Watch in the Year of the Snake based on the Chopin LUC XP watch, which combines the western craftsmanship with the Chinese tradition.
The Chopin LUC XP watch is the perfect crystallization of Japan’s top traditional craftsmanship and Switzerland’s top luxury watchmaking craftsmanship. Mr. Kiichiro Masumura, Japan’s national treasure master of lacquer art, uses Japan’s top traditional lacquer painting techniques to guide Chopin’s unique Ukiyo-e painting, and the simple and implicit makeup of the L.U.C XP watch. Nine special swatches have been created before, and more special commemorative models will be introduced in combination with Chinese tradition. The Golden Snake Watch, launched in 2013, uses 18K rose gold and gold powder to draw the snake body. The entire dial displays the peaceful atmosphere of Wanfu Jinan, and the pink and pink flowers blooming on both sides bring happiness and joy.

Chopin L.U.C.

Mr. Masahiro Masamura is a Japanese temple-level artist. He has been officially named the ‘National Treasure of the World’ by Japanese officials for his outstanding achievements in traditional Japanese lacquer painting and dill painting. Japan’s ‘National Treasure of the World’ art title began in 1950. It was established by the Japanese government to reward those who have made outstanding contributions to the inheritance of traditional culture and heritage, as well as traditional crafts. Japanese traditional lacquer painting and maki painting are also among this. . Mr. Koizumi Sankyo was also awarded the top master painter’s certification from Yamada Heiando in Japan in 1998. His delicate strokes and craftsmanship were awarded honors. Chopin’s nine dill-painted watches are from their hands. The dill-painted dials convey a vivid and moving look. The beauty of traditional craftsmanship is on the watch, which perfectly fits the Chopin L.U.C XP ultra-thin watch style.
Ancient traditional crafts, art beyond time and space
Urushi is a long-established Japanese lacquer art. The raw lacquer raw material is extracted from the resin of Urushi tree, also known as ‘lacquer tree’ or ‘Japanese lacquer tree’. Lacquer tree mainly grows in Japan and China. The process of collecting resin is similar to collecting rubber from rubber tree, which can only be collected once a year. And very few.
Rhenium resin needs to be stored for three to five years after being collected before it can be processed into a wear-resistant, honey-resistant raw lacquer. The processed raw lacquer is usually applied to daily necessities such as bowls and boxes, which need to be painted layer by layer, and each layer is very thin. Maki is a kind of lacquer painting process. It mainly uses metal powder such as K gold powder, embellishes lacquer painting, outlines and highlights the outline of lacquer painting. The fine gold powder is embellished on the lacquer with small bamboo tubes and guinea pig writing brushes to outline the slender lines. This is a pinnacle of craftsmanship, and only a few lacquer masters are familiar with this.
The Chopard L.U.C XP watch series is the first to introduce this precious lacquer painting process into the dial decoration. As early as 2008, Chopin first produced lacquered watches, but only launched in the Japanese market. Today, Chopin has again launched 9 lacquered treasures, including 9 different dial themes. The dial design is guided by the lacquer master Mr. Kiichiro Masamura, and the complete drawing and gold powder decoration are carefully made by Yamada Heiando, a lacquer maker also known as a national treasure. Five of them are inspired by the basic elements of the universe in ancient Chinese philosophy-the ‘Five Elements’, that is, gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, corresponding to five kinds of spirit beasts: crouching tiger, blue horned dragon, basalt snake turtle, and phoenix , Moonlight Unicorn. The remaining four models are peacock, jungle, goldfish and night sky. In 2013, the Golden Snake model of the Chinese Year of the Snake was launched. Each dial is carefully hand-drawn and unique, and every detail is worthy of careful taste and endless charm.

Chopin L.U.C XP watch

L.U.C XP watch, perfect case
Only the XP model in the Chopin L.U.C series watches can be transformed into such an artistic treasure: the L.U.C XP ultra-thin watch, with a case thickness of only 6.8 mm, reveals an elegant and noble texture, and is paired with a thin dill painting art to become the embodiment of perfect craftsmanship. The watchmakers of the L.U.C. Fleurier watch factory specially researched and designed the eccentric small automatic dial with two-way upwards and two spring barrels, so that the power reserve of 65 hours can be maintained in such a narrow case. In addition, in order to make the case with a diameter of 39.5mm look more detailed and smooth, the designer has also trimmed the bezel and lugs to be more slender, giving the watch a precise balance and light and flexible characteristics.
The L.U.C XP diy watch is made of 18K rose gold case (18K white gold case for night sky and goldfish-themed models) and black alligator strap. This series of watches is also equipped with a specially-made lacquer box, which is black and gold inside. The design of the lacquer box was completed by Yamada Heiando.