Combining Classics And Innovations Baselworld 2015 Tissot New Products Summary

Baselworld 2015 is nearing its end. As the annual industry event, Baselworld brings together the industry’s most outstanding watchmaking skills and is also the source of inspiration for watch and jewelry design. It can be said that A world-class art exhibition. At this year’s watch exhibition, we not only saw the future development trend of the watch industry, but also felt the solid strength of traditional watchmaking. Tissot is a watch brand that continues to seek classics while continuing to innovate. Let us review together What new products did Tissot release at the Baselworld 2015?
Tissot Professional Solar Watch

   The Tissot Tengzhi professional solar watch is the focus of everyone’s attention. Tissot still did not let us down at this exhibition and continued to launch a brand new watch. The new product is the first solar-powered touchscreen watch. It has more technical content. For example, the new bezel uses a compass instead of numerals, and the minute hand arrow with Super-LumiNova® environmentally friendly coating makes reading easier, which means that time and time can be quickly discerned even in the dark. direction.

Tissot Professional Solar Watch
   The dial of this watch is a two-tone dial that reflects the field of view and makes the display part of the second tone. Functionally, this watch is not inferior to the previous generation. It is equipped with 20 kinds of touch screen functions suitable for daily use, such as a perpetual calendar that can indicate the day and week number, 2 alarm clocks, dual time zones, and a weather forecast with relative pressure. , Altimeter with altimeter, segmented and lap timer with log function, compass, azimuth, regatta function and backlight.

For more details, please click: Tissot has a wide range of watches and models. Both elegant gentlemen and tasteful men have watches suitable for wearing. At this year’s Basel 2015, Tissot continues to launch a new product for tasteful men. This is the legendary gold watch shown above.

For more watch details, please click: Tissot’s new vintage series ladies watches, which presents warm rose gold and luxurious diamonds together, achieving a perfect combination of classic and modern.

For more watch details, please click: Just like the elegant flamingo represented by Flamingo, the Tissot Flamingo watch is a successful example of design. The nobleness of the flamingo stems from its slender legs, while the Tissot Flamingo series uses stylish and slim accessories to create an elegant and smooth appearance. At the same time, this series of watches is also a beautiful work of art: removable lugs and elegant beauty create the luxury and elegance of jewelry accessories. breath.

Tissot launches flamenco watch
  This series of watches uses stylish and slim accessories to create an elegant and smooth appearance. The watch uses removable lugs and watches to fully demonstrate the unique ideas of Tissot. The dial design of the watch is accompanied by rich and luxurious details, showing the meticulous concept of watchmaking. The crown is made of a smooth, facet-free hemispherical gemstone, polished to make it brilliant. Flamingo watches come in different styles, including stainless steel and gold with dazzling mother-of-pearl dials, and low-key styles with elegant black dials and leather straps. All kinds of details make Tissot Flamenco women The watch is no longer just an elegant timepiece, it is also an exquisite work of art.
For more watch details, please click: This year Tissot has been officially designated as the timing and partner of the World Motorcycle Championship. To this end, during the Basel 2015, Tissot specially launched a racing series MotoGPTM2015 limited edition automatic mechanical watch.

Tissot Racing MotoGPTM2015 Limited Edition Automatic Watch
   The watch not only incorporates dynamic technology, but also perfectly fits the sporting spirit of the World Motorcycle Championship. It integrates the passion of the track into the design of the watch. While experiencing the charm of the timepiece, it also enjoys the speed experience of motorcycles. This watch’s case is domineering, with a new corner design, very dynamic. The function buttons of the watch are like the pedals of a motorcycle, with a strong mechanical sense. The suspension rod at the connection position can effectively avoid the collision caused by the movement and bring more safety protection to the wearer. The dial of the watch is more like a motorcycle’s instrument panel in black, gray, red, and white, which makes the reading more clear, but also shows the coolness and passion of the sport. The calendar display at 3 o’clock looks like a motorcycle. The black visor and magnifying glass, and the dynamic GT stripes between the disc surfaces remind the wearer who is keen on sports and passion to move forward quickly.
For more details, please click: Tissot has always been inextricably linked with sports. The latest racing series MotoGPTM 2015 limited edition automatic watch at Basel 2015 highlights the spirit of Tissot’s sports forward. The familiar red and black GT stripes are both eye-catching and beautiful. They complement the avant-garde new case and buttons shaped like motorcycle pedals. The button design is the latest feature of the Tissot racing series. This cool watch is limited to 3333 pieces.

Tissot Lichi 516 Classic Sports Watch

   The design of the new watch showcases motorcycle components such as brake discs on the bezel, tire marks on the back of the strap, and rear wheel suspension in the strap and case attachments. This carefully crafted Swiss watch also features a tyre-shaped transparent case back, giving you a glimpse into the inner workings. On the dial decorated with flags, the delicate design of the starting and running time markers and the Super-LumiNova® environmentally-friendly luminous coating on the hands highlight the sports theme. The passion in a Tissot watch.
For more details please click: des Tourelles

   The Chemin des Tourelles series is a special model for Tissot, which contains the main history of Tissot. This watch is named after the street where Tissot was founded in 1907 in Le Locle, Switzerland, where it is still the home of Tissot. Tissot launched this series of watches to pay tribute to the brand’s 161-year expertise in contemporary design.

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