Commemorating Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s 200th Birthday And Celebrating Langer Stores In Beijing Skp

2015 is the 200th anniversary of Ferdinand Adolf Lange, the founder of Lange. On October 13th, Lange held a commemorative event in Beijing. The most influential contemporary Chinese soprano singer and Hui Hui presented saxony watchmaking history with a beautiful singing voice.
LANGE 1-Contemporary 1994

   Ferdinando Adolf Lange was born on February 18, 1815 in Dresden, the capital of Saxony, Germany. In 1842, he collaborated with his master and father-in-law, Gutkaes, to build the famous five-minute digital clock for the Dresden Semper Opera House.

Bronze statue of Ferdinando Adolf Lange

   In 1845, Lange set up a watch factory in the small town of Glashütte near Dresden, which was the cornerstone of His Majesty’s precision watchmaking industry. In 1878, the ‘Fairy King of Bavaria’ Ludwig II customized the ‘Wagner Pocket Watch’ to Lange, and Lange presented Wagner’s most brilliant opera in his case-‘The Ring of Nibelungen’ through enamel painting The five scenes represent the pinnacle of German watchmaking in the era of pocket watches.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Lange factory building, from left to right: Walter Lange, Angela Merkel, Stanislav Tillich and William Schmid

Merkel visits Lange’s new factory building

   After the heavy losses of World War II and the reluctance to withdraw from the Cold War, in 1990 after the reunification of Germany and Germany, Walter Lange, the great-grandson of the founder, returned to his hometown of Glashütte to re-register the Lange trademark and set foot on Saxony The revival of precision watchmaking. In October 1994, Lange’s masterpiece LANGE 1 returned to the altarpiece. Once launched, it became the most representative of the brand. The introduction of a large calendar window on the eccentric dial is a five-minute digital clock born from the Semper Opera House. Lange’s respect for history and tradition.

Five-minute digital clock of the Semper Opera House

   Lange is a firm recorder of German time, witnessing the changing times and historical development. On the afternoon of August 26, 2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the town of Glashütte to unveil the new watchmaking building of Lange. This is not only a high recognition of Lange’s achievements and contributions, but also the most solemn gift to Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s 200th birthday. At the same time, the development of Lange’s business in the world has opened a new chapter: the brand’s second store in China has entered the Beijing SKP mall in July.

Lange Beijing SKP Store 1

Lange Beijing SKP Store 2

   The commemorative dinner on October 13th seemed to be located inside the Semper Opera House. The exquisite five-minute digital clock stood directly above the stage. The dinner was kicked off by Mendelssohn’s ‘Goodbye Forest’-this is German The boy’s choir of the Holy Cross in Dresden sang for Merkel at the opening ceremony of the new factory, and culminated in the two classic opera arias of Hehui. The whole night was full of the charming charm of music.

Semper Opera House