Complicated Watches Are Also Hot. Tasting The Athens Royal Ruby Flying Tourbillon Watch

This year’s Basel Watch Show, each one has launched a new ladies watch, a major feature of the new women’s watch is that it is more and more complicated. Although the complex female watch is a big trend, the most important thing is the appearance as a female watch, how to make a watch for a woman, how can there be a beautiful appearance. The following introduces a watch with coexistence of beauty and wisdom, the latest Royal Ruby flying tourbillon watch launched by Athens, this watch can be said to be one of the models of this year’s women’s advanced complications watch.

   The most eye-catching part of the watch is the touch of red. The translucent red is blended into the completely hollow dial, which makes the watch full of temptation and exotic style. The precious stones set on the watch add to its attractive charm. The dial boldly uses bright red to add a hot beauty to the watch, attracting the wearer’s attention, while showing the complex device of the flying tourbillon.

   The highlight of this watch is the flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock, mysterious and elegant. The watch is based on the principles of the famous Swiss watchmaker James Pellaton, using ruby ​​crystal plate and bridge plate. The Royal Ruby flying tourbillon seems to be able to resist gravity and float on the substrate for rotation. The hollow movement parts are neatly arranged on the dial, showing a rare balance aesthetics. It is very elegant with the invisible winding mechanism. These nuances flow away magically over time, increasing the mystery of the flying tourbillon.

   The flying tourbillon is thin and light, and the center is hand-set with red gemstones, adding a sense of gorgeousness. Ruby is the hardest gemstone besides diamond, and it is definitely the confidence choice for this new watch material.
   Each ruby ​​is perfectly cut and shaped by a gem-cutting master and carefully set on a 41 mm platinum case. Some people believe that rubies can protect warriors on the battlefield; maintain peace between enemies; and ensure health, wealth, wisdom, and love success.
   The case is set with 92 diamonds, the bezel is set with 60 diamonds, and the inner ring is set with 48 diamonds and 12 rubies. It weighs 3.27 carats.
   The diamond-studded case is complemented by a gorgeous alligator leather strap with platinum folding buckles that complement each other, highlighting the luxury of the watch.
   The circular gear mechanism can be clearly seen from the back of the watch, and the empty movement parts are neatly arranged on the dial, showing a rare balanced aesthetic; with the invisible winding mechanism, it is very elegant. These nuances flow away magically over time and are fascinating. The watch is equipped with a manual winding movement with a power reserve of about 96 hours.

   The Royal Ruby flying tourbillon watch is limited to 99 pieces worldwide. The Watch House is fortunate to have photographed the second watch.

Summary: This Royal Ruby flying tourbillon watch fully displays the watchmaking process, and the ruby ​​setting adds to the watch’s hot style. The watch is not only another masterpiece of watchmaking, but also an exquisite and luxurious work of art.