Diamond And Ceramics Perfectly Collide Tasting Radar Isa Series Touch Watch

Diamonds are born for women. Bright diamonds are women’s best friends. The application of diamond is not only exclusive to jewelry accessories. More and more watch designs are also incorporating diamond inlay technology. Radar’s control of diamonds is completely different from other brands. At Baselworld 2014, Radar launched a new Isa series of diamond-set ceramic watches. This is Radar’s first new masterpiece of directly setting diamonds on ceramics. Today’s editor will take everyone to appreciate the charm of this watch. Where, the watch’s official model: 277.0042.3.071.

  Radar perfectly uses ceramic materials on watches, not only subverting the entire watch industry, but also leading the design trend of high-tech ceramic watches. Among them, the Isa series is a wrist-mounted timepiece designed for women. It has a distinctive elegance and continuously integrates new innovative technologies, which has become the focus of attention.

   While continuing the design of the classic oval case of the Isa series, this watch is the first perfect fusion of diamond inlay technology and ceramic materials, and the beauty of the watch has thus been sublimated, becoming a favorite choice of many women. The dial, case and strap of the watch are set with 132 crystal clear diamonds, always shining dazzling light.

  The strap is made of white high-tech ceramics, and the surface is carefully polished to have an excellent texture and gloss, which enhances the elegance of the watch. At the same time, the moist ceramic material is extremely comfortable to wear, and the low-sensitivity characteristics are more intimately fitted to the skin, making it hard to touch.

  It is not easy to embed diamonds in ceramics. It is understood that first the watchmaker accurately identified the position where diamonds need to be set on the single structure case and each tiny high-tech ceramic bracelet link to ensure the perfection of the pattern. According to the marked position, a small hole is drilled in the ceramic with a laser, and then softened platinum is injected into each small hole in a precise amount, and then a diamond is set on it. Each diamond is set by hand using traditional watchmaking techniques. After setting, the platinum is almost completely covered.

  The watch has 132 diamonds, of which 92 are on the dial. All the diamonds used are top Wesselton diamonds, and the clarity level is VVS. The crystals are clear and perfectly cut, creating a beauty beyond the reality and a low-key luxury. charm.

  Watch using a titanium three folding clasp, which buckle wrist strong and beautiful, engraved on the outer side clasp radar LOGO classic English as a modifier, but also subtle filling elegant.

  Another feature of this watch is the tactile design. To adjust the time setting, first set the watch to the setting mode. After touching the case at 8 o’clock for about 5 seconds, quickly slide your finger over the right of the case. Side, the watch will emit a short beep sound; when setting the hour hand, slide your finger clockwise along the left side of the case to adjust it for one hour, and slide it counterclockwise to adjust it backward. One hour; when setting the minute hand, slide your finger clockwise along the right side of the case to adjust it for one minute forward, and slide it counterclockwise to adjust it for one minute backward.

  The watch strap is made of high-tech ceramics and is set with 26 diamonds. The selected diamond is also the top Wesselton diamond, with a clarity grade of VVS, and has a perfect cutting process.

  The watch is equipped with a quartz movement to provide accurate timekeeping for the watch, and the thin and light quartz movement is also very suitable for the characteristics of women’s watches.

Summary: Radar Isa series of real diamond limited edition watches with 132 diamonds throughout the body, shining at all times, is the first choice of many women’s love, at the same time this watch is also the first time that radar perfectly combines diamond mosaic technology with ceramic materials , Fully demonstrates the bold innovation and courageous spirit of the Radar brand in fine watchmaking. The current domestic reference price for this watch is 94,200 yuan.
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