Discussion On Hong Kong Asian Haute Horlogerie Exhibition

[House of Watch and Clock Culture Watch] Just now, in Hong Kong in October 2015, the watch circle has completed a gorgeous feast. The world’s lovers, watchmakers, watchmakers and The 12 top watchmaking brands are dating here, not in Switzerland, but in Hong Kong.

   The 3rd WATCHES & WONDERS ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch & Clock Exhibition was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) at 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong on September 30, 2015. It is a 4-day event, mainly for Asian high-end watch enthusiasts, Collector, Asian media and watch retailer. A total of 12 brands participated in the Haute Horlogerie Show, including Lange, Cartier, IWC, Piaget, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, Richard Miller, Van Cleef & Arpels, Panerai, Montblanc, Roger Duro Peter and Baume & Mercier.

   Today, WATCHES & WONDERS “Clocks and Miracles” Asia’s high-end watch exhibition has become a climate in terms of quality and influence. It is not only the third largest watch event after SIHH Geneva International High-level Watch Salon and BASELWORLD. , Is also the only high-end watch exhibition held outside Switzerland, the keywords in this are: Asia, Hong Kong, clocks, high style.

New Asian layout for Haute Horlogerie
   For the horology exhibition in the horological industry, people have become accustomed to and agree with the grandest BASELWORLD international high-end watch and jewelry exhibition and the highest SIHH Geneva international high-end watch salon. These two old-fashioned high-end banquets have a long history. And playing a different role in the industry, has always been equally divided in the world of high-end watch exhibition. Nowadays, the Asian high-end watch exhibition under the name of ‘Watches and Miracles’ appears in Asia and Hong Kong as a symbol of the third largest force. There is no doubt a new regional layout of high-end watch events. So why is Asia? Why is it Hong Kong?

   In fact, the holding of the ‘Watches and Miracles’ Asia Haute Horlogerie exhibition originated from the idea of ​​the Exhibitors Committee of the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon (SIHH). The official statement is: ‘Watches and Miracles’ Asia’s high-end watch exhibition aims to hold a high-end watch event in Asia to satisfy the admiration of many timepiece lovers in Asia. This argument sounds really full of humanity. However, the more convincing and more compelling must be the data on the Asian watch market.
   Since the 21st century, the Asia-Pacific region has been one of the main exporters of Swiss watches and clocks, which is crucial for the development of the Swiss watch and clock industry. In 2014, Asia-Pacific watch sales accounted for 54% of the Swiss watch industry’s total overseas sales. So in the Asia-Pacific region, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan are important markets for Swiss watches. Why would you choose Hong Kong?

   The reason why Hong Kong has become the preferred venue for the “Watches and Miracles” Asian High-end Watch and Clock Fair is closely related to the important trade status and special geographical location of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. First of all, because it is directly facing the huge market in Mainland China, Hong Kong has become the largest export market for Swiss watches and clocks, and the third export destination for Swiss timepieces. At the same time, Hong Kong is also a major hub of Asian watch trade, not only favored by the watch industry exhibition, but also has the status of exhibition industry of various industries.

   In this way, Hong Kong should be the first choice in the overseas expansion of the Swiss watch industry.
Richemont Group is the biggest winner
   In a magnificent high-end watch and clock event, we were too busy to marvel at the new design of watches, the complicated functions of dazzling technology, the glamorous brand culture, the exhibition halls with different styles, and the rich experiences. The brain is flooded and stimulated by various visual symbols. However, gorgeousness faded, and we couldn’t help thinking, who controlled this feast of perception?

                     Richemont Group brands
   We might as well look at the brand behind the show, the watchmaking giant behind the brand. In the conventional field of vision, we see the individuality of each fine watchmaking brand, each brand is a historical, glittering existence, each with its own charm and uniqueness. But in fact, of the 12 brands participating in the WW, 11 brands except Richard Mille belong to the watchmaking giant-Richemont Group. Because Richemont Group is the largest sponsor of SIHH in Geneva, the industry has always said that SIHH is a special event of Richemont Group. Well, in the ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Asian High Watch Exhibition (WW), which is also hosted by the SIHH Exhibitors Committee in Geneva, Richemont Group also obviously has a special status significance. In this way, if you say ‘WW’ It is no exaggeration for Richemont’s Asian special.
   However, according to the current official information released by SIHH, perhaps the WW in 2016 will change and it is not impossible. SIHH’s official information states that in 2016, the 26th Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon will add 9 new independent watch brands. This resolution was initiated by the Swiss Haute Horlogerie Foundation. At that time, the number of participating brands will increase to 24. The new camp adjustment will undoubtedly bring a fresh wind to SIHH, bringing a more diverse and different sense of high-end watches. So, at the same time, will the WW Asia Fine Watch Fair, which is also hosted by the SIHH Exhibitors Committee, be affected in the next year’s camp and change? Everything is speculation, but expectations can be there.
   For Richemont Group, the new camp adjustment is favorable and harmless. Swiss independent watch brands have always been a special presence. They are niche, different in style, and good in quality. The newly added independent watch brands not only will not cause competition pressure on the Richemont brand, but will enhance the style of the watch exhibition. And attention. After all, it’s boring to always write and direct.
From fried rice to miracles
   Those who participated in the two previous ‘Watches and Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch Exhibitions all know that although the so-called Asian watch and clock event is lively and enthusiastic, there is no such thing as a ‘miracle’ in terms of new products. Maybe everyone holds the attitude of testing the water. The first two exhibitions didn’t seem to get enough attention. Most of the products exhibited by the brand were works exhibited on SiHH at the beginning of the year. They were displayed again in Hong Kong. The rhythm of fried rice.
   But maybe because of the two watch exhibitions, the attention and influence of WW has been evident. Through the third watch exhibition that just ended, it can be seen that all brands participating in the show have come out with real things, regardless of the number of new products. Still new quality is a real contest. Even brands will launch special high-tech complex watches and ultra-luxury high-end jewelry watches because of WW, which can be described as men’s watches and women’s watches.

Cartier Clé de Cartier Mysterious Hour Watch

                  Cartier Cristallin High Jewellery Watch
   Cartier performed particularly well in WW, launching 8 new men’s watches with advanced complication functions, each of which is a complex model of high-end watches, advanced models of complex watches, plus 3 absolutely luxurious high-end jewelry watches , In both quantity and quality.

Lange 1815 commemorative honey gold watch

   Lange, which has always been low-key, has launched two masterpieces in the three classic series of 1815, LITTLE LANGE 1 and Saxonia, especially the 1815 series of honey gold commemorative 236.050 watches made of 18K honey-colored gold with innovative materials. Some precious metal materials are unobtrusive and have a unique hue.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pocket Time Instrument

 Roger Dubuis Excalibur Brocéliande skeleton watch
   Roger Dubuis has launched the very eye-catching Excalibur Spider Pocket Time Instrument pocket watch. The new star-shaped hollow watch brings out the art of hollowing out to the fullest. An Excalibur Brocéliande hollow-out watch for women adds the ivy design of jewellery decoration. Ms. Zhan’s fortitude and softness.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory Q8102520

Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory Q8108420

   Jaeger-LeCoultre still wins with the ultra-thin master series and the geophysical astronomy series, and at the same time, the ivy mysterious watch of the dating series is sure to impress the heart of female watch fans. Vacheron Constantin moved 57260, the most complicated function in history, to WW.

The watch dial incorporates gem-setting, gold-carving and fine-painting

Van Cleef & Arpels collaborates with artist Nelly Saunier to create fine feather inlays

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Martin-Pécbeur Azur

   Van Cleef & Arpels continued to write the fairy tale of ‘Donkey of the Donkey Skin’ with hard gems and inlays, and vividly portrayed the birds in the dial with fine feathers. It not only cleverly captured the heavens, but also became the most popular at the WW watch exhibition. A chapter with artistic beauty.

Montblanc Heritage Collection Perpetual Calendar Sapphire Watch

   If the performance of each brand is in line with people’s expectations, Montblanc with a writing instrument culture seems to bring beyond expectations. The newly launched Heritage Collection Perpetual Calendar Sapphire Watch, Viller Series Cylindrical Gossamer. The flywheel night sky Geosphères watch and the heritage precision chronograph series external tourbillon minute chronograph expressing the Gamma Diamond Limited Edition watch are really eye-catching, sighing again and again: ‘Montblanc has been really good these years …’

   It can be seen that the WATCHES & WONDERS ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Asian high-end watch exhibition has begun to the third period, and finally appeared WW’s own ‘miracle’.
Table show play like this
  Of course, at the Asian event of high-end watches and clocks, all brands, media and watchmakers gathered here, watch appreciation is definitely the top priority. However, the style of the Haute Horlogerie exhibition has always been higher than that of other luxury goods industries. It will always prepare something for those who come together, not to mention the SIWH exhibitor committee, the organizer of WW, has always hosted the style of the world. The highest international watch and jewellery salon in Geneva, then at this watch and clock gathering in Asia, the experience and sensory enjoyment will naturally not be inferior.

Exhibitors participate in the ‘Clockwork Class’ event

   In addition to preparing wine, food, and brands for the participants at the WW Asia High-level Watch & Clock Fair, there are also more professional, sharing and experiential watch lessons, introduction to watchmaking, creative exhibitions, and a full range of experiential activities. Participants take full sensory enjoyment beyond the watch. Of course, the more feelings, the heavier the task, and the burdensome reporting task, it is unavoidable to be so disappointed!

   As a watch media, it is also a pride to witness the growth of a young watch exhibition held in its own country, especially the WATCHES & WONDERS ‘Watches and Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch Show has only held a short three sessions. Such influence and attention have been formed. This is not simply the demand data of the Asian watch market. It also represents that our friends around us increasingly want to wear a watch that suits them.

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