Earl Gouverneur Series Perfectly Presents The Historical Tradition Of Art Design

Piaget Gouverneur series fuses the two connected shapes of circle and ellipse, which is ingeniously balanced to perfectly present the historical tradition of artistic design. Upon closer inspection, each watch demonstrates the extraordinary skills of Piaget’s fine watchmaking workshops, and is the masterpiece of the father and son, showing the superb skills of two generations of designers. The new Gouverneur collection is the result of Piaget craftsmanship and history, and is part of the Black Tie watch collection. The extraordinary horology of this series complements the design. The Gouverneur series includes three mechanical movement models: automatic, chronograph and tourbillon, each in rose gold or white gold with diamonds. This unique new classic collection, created by Piaget’s fine watchmaking workshop, is a joint work of father and son, containing the stories of two generations of designers.
Black Tie series case design is unique, elegant and unique, including Emperador, Emperador Coussin, Protocole, Rectangle à l’ Ancienne models, now added to the Gouverneur series with leather strap. Each Black Tie watch model is carefully decorated on the case, movement and dial. These ingenious techniques are all made by Piaget. They are not limited to the movement itself, but also include the production of original watch cases. The Black Tie watch series not only showcases the mechanical movement of Piaget’s fine watchmaking workshops, but also incorporates new and complicated functions developed each year, making each timepiece unique.
Balance beauty and structural modeling
The Gouverneur watch series uses round and oval designs to cleverly arrange unique aesthetic structures to create a balanced visual effect.
The oval is placed in a circle, and the circle is integrated into the oval. From the outside to the center of the dial, the Gouverneur watch displays an elegant and harmonious shape. The round case with the oval dial opening, and the circular design placed in the center of the dial, these superimposed shapes make the Gouverneur series show its unique temperament, and add meticulous decoration and logo to the styling structure.
For a long time, painters, sculptors, and architects have adopted superimposed shapes, and they have tried to strike a balance between circles and ovals. The circle is a symbol of perfection and absolute beauty. Circles can bring endless changes and present infinite motion. The oval shape is reminiscent of symbolic meanings such as innovation and protection. If these two shapes balance each other, their creative changes cannot be ignored. Countless artists have the same design experience, and many of the modeling creations in art history are based on the characteristics of this balanced state.
Piaget’s fine watchmaking workshop, combining traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, is committed to creating extraordinary styling designs, and uses the Gouverneur series to show new perspectives. By referring to many art works, Piaget designers are inspired by them.
The Gouverneur series originates from the inheritance of the technology and knowledge of two generations of designers, and the two also explore different artistic inspirations in person.
My father designed the black Tie series of watches, and my son created a variety of dials, which made Piaget’s unique styling elements still stand today, and transformed into a timeless style. It is true that the balanced design of the watch is based on the communication between the two generations, which makes Piaget’s new Gouverneur collection embody an immortal beauty.
The unique new Piaget Gouverneur watch series injects the aesthetic elements of the round shape and shows the unique flexibility of the oval, and its artistic orientation is meticulously integrated into various fashionable and elegant timepieces.
大师 Home-made movement master
The Gouverneur series has three models equipped with Piaget movements, including two new ultra-thin movements that showcase the essence of the brand. The Gouverneur calendar automatic watch is equipped with Piaget’s own 800P movement; the Gouverneur chronograph watch is equipped with the new 882P movement; and the Gouverneur tourbillon watch is equipped with the new 642P movement.
Gouverneur series movement oscillating weight engraved with the Piaget family emblem, adding fine details to the watch. This series is also available in two color options, perfectly reflecting the harmony and beauty of the watch.
The white gold model is equipped with a black oscillating weight to match the black lining of the strap; the rose gold model is equipped with a gold oscillating weight, which perfectly complements the tone of the case.
Piaget’s Fine Watchmaking Workshop is responsible for the design, R & D and production processes of the above three movements.
Gouverneur automatic watch with calendar function
UvGouverneur automatic watch is equipped with Piaget’s own 800P movement, and is equipped with a large-size screw balance and balance stop. The dual barrel provides a power reserve of up to 85 hours. Known for its robustness, this calibre pushes the watch’s central hour, minute and second hands, as well as the date at 6 o’clock. The movement is engraved with Piaget’s signature modification and blends with the brand’s design elements, such as the Geneva wave pattern, the polished round main plate, chamfered bridge, blue steel screws, and the oscillating weight with the Piaget family emblem.
Gouverneur chronograph
The Gouverneur chronograph is equipped with the new 882P ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement. What makes this classic model special is its dual timer design, which reminds people of an antique chronograph stopwatch.
In addition to the flyback chronograph function (with long seconds and minute timer at 3 o’clock), the movement also pushes the hour, minute hands, 24-hour dual time zone display at the small dial at 9 o’clock, and the 6 o’clock Date indication.
This ultra-thin, self-winding mechanical movement with a thickness of only 5.6 mm is equipped with a large-scale screw balance and balance stop. Its vibration frequency is 4 Hz (28,800 times per hour). The dual barrels provide a power reserve of approximately 50 hours when the timekeeping mode is activated. The 882P movement inherits the traditional elements of the brand’s fine watchmaking and is equipped with a vertical clutch and a column wheel.
The Gouverneur chronograph watch is set with a transparent sapphire crystal case back. Movement of the oscillating weight.
Gouverneur tourbillon watch
Gouverneur Tourbillon watch is equipped with the new 642P movement, which is only 4 mm thick and extremely slim. This extraordinary mechanical movement is equipped with an ultra-thin (2.8 mm) and extremely lightweight (0.2 g) floating tourbillon, with the P letter logo for Piaget. This asymmetrical letter shape showcases sophisticated watchmaking skills. In addition to the floating tourbillon at 12 o’clock on the hollow dial, the 642P movement is also equipped with an astronomical moon phase display at 6 o’clock, which requires only one day of error adjustment every 122 years. Its moon phase small dial also further proves that Piaget’s fine watchmaking workshop is determined to integrate technology into the design, which highlights the circular design of the dial.
The Piaget 642P floating tourbillon movement provides a power reserve of about 40 hours and is complemented by hand-crafted high-quality watchmaking, including a polished round main plate, a polished chamfered hand-drawn bridge, and a chamfered hand-drawn tourbillon frame. And blue steel screws, showing the unique style of Piaget.
Super Master Carved Gold
Piaget’s own Gouverneur case has a diameter of 43 mm and is available in rose and white gold, all set with diamonds. The perfectly modified matte polished surface highlights the ingenuity of different shapes to form a highly complex case. Each model also contains the signature modification elements of extraordinary models, such as the frosted case and sides, polished graduated bezel and caseback, polished case corners and oval chronograph buttons, all embodying Piaget’s extreme craftsmanship pursue.
The three Gouverneur models in white gold are equipped with diamond bezels, and the setting process is carried out in the Piaget workshop. This double-row diamond design highlights the soft and slender shape of the bezel, as well as the double design of the round and oval shapes of the Gouverneur series.
精致 The exquisite structure and balanced dial also incorporate the styling elements of the Gouverneur series. The outer circle of the ellipse gradually becomes round with the center direction. Another flexible design is to add rich decorative patterns around the dial. The closer to the center of the dial, the simpler the pattern. The round timer and the moon phase display of the tourbillon model make this watch more attractive and charming. The subtly designed case is the hallmark of the entire Gouverneur collection. The white gold model is paired with a black lined leather strap, while the rose gold model is lined with brown.
The meticulous details, perfectly matched movement and case, as well as the mechanical device and styling design, all reflect the extraordinary knowledge of Piaget’s professional watchmakers. Piaget’s fine watchmaking workshop contains endless skills, original homemade movements and a full set of watch external components, which are rare in the unique field of fine watchmaking.