Earl Piaget Polo Tourbillon Watch

Piaget Polo Piaget’s relative tourbillon watch, the movable tourbillon frame suspended at the end of the minute hand, is Piaget’s revolutionary invention. This watch is set with 730 diamonds and weighs about 19.3. carat. Diamond inlay alone takes 200 hours to complete.

At the same time, in contrast to the enamel painting on the tourbillon, the painting style with the Paris city skyline as the main purpose, is also a tribute to the French antique biennale, an art unit that has held top art exhibitions in cities of light and shadow since the 1960s. This watch combines the sophisticated technology of the relative tourbillon with the exquisite craftsmanship of enamel painting on the case. The Twelve Avenue Totem extending from the Place de l’Etoile is carved on the face plate. The flanks depict famous monuments and landmarks that have earned the city unparalleled popularity.