From A Simple Belief-to Create A Watch That Will Never Break

The beginning of everything stems from a simple belief: to create a watch that will never break. This is a historic challenge started by Casio G-SHOCK developers with a strong belief to subvert tradition. On January 10 this year, Casio G-SHOCK series held a new product launch conference in Shanghai.

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 In 1983, the first Casio G-SHOCK was born. The birth of this series at the age of 35 in 2018 is destined to be an extraordinary year. To this end, the Casio brand has been preparing for this celebratory day since last year. In addition to holding or participating in preparations and supporting some sports events, Casio has also prepared special gifts for everyone on this landmark birthday.

Casio G-SHOCK series MRG-G000B-1A4

 First of all, at the end of August 2017, in order to commemorate the 100 million mark of Casio’s G-SHOCK series shipments, a high-end new product of the MR-G series was introduced. This watch uses a red design theme. In addition, in order to highlight its special significance, Casio also engraved the number 100000000 on the back of the case.

Casio G-SHOCK series ‘Four Gods’ watch

 In addition to the major milestone of ‘Breaking a Billion’, Casio has also collaborated with well-known Singaporean designers to design the ‘Four Gods’, four special models with Chinese characteristics, and named them ‘Blue Dragon’, ‘White Tiger’, ‘ Suzaku ‘and’ Xuanwu ‘. In addition, the G-SHOCK-style all-black watch also welcomes a new member. In order to return to the origin and return to black, on the occasion of the 35th anniversary, Casio released the MATTE BALACK watch, a unique black matte surface, showing the charm of Casio black watches.

 Under the black background, the G-SHOCK’s TOUGHNESS spirit is highlighted; the bezel and other details shine bright gold. Similarly, the combination of black and gold is also the most popular design of the Casio G-SHOCK series. The new GOLD TORNADO was also launched when G-SHOCK was 35 years old.

 Based on the iconic 5600, 5700, and 6900, Casio also released a new RED OUT watch this year, with magma and pillars of fire as the idea, and the brand color red as the color, bold, distinctive and impressive. .

Casio G-SHOCK Year of the Dog Limited Edition

 One of the highlights of this new product launch was the release of the Year of the Dog G-SHOCK, which was designed together with the highly impressive music godfather MC Hot Dog of Chinese hip-hop. The color scheme of red and gold, plus the pattern engraved with the Chinese zodiac ‘dog’ on the back of the case. Hotdog himself also came to the scene of the press conference to help Casio G-SHOCK. In addition to the latest scenes brought by the above watch home, you can also follow the official website of Casio for more information about the latest models of the G-SHOCK series.