Go To Vacheron Constantin House In Shanghai And Appreciate The Extraordinary Watch Culture

No. 796 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai is a Shanghai style building built in 1927. It has typical neoclassical architectural features. It was the earliest private house for Jiang Bingsheng on Shanghai. The ‘Shanghai Vacheron Constantin House’ is located here. Among the old houses. Entering ” is like synchronizing into the art hall of a high-end watch.

In the process of repairing this building early in 2006, the designers of Vacheron Constantin designed noble and elegant traditional walnut furniture and display cabinets on the basis of retaining the original wooden stairs and stained glass. For 200 years, the founders of Vacheron Constantin have been painstakingly selecting and repairing each flagship store. They hope to find the right place to show the outstanding watchmaking technology to the public through a beautiful environment. Here is an ancient pendulum that has been baptized for several times, describing Vacheron Constantin’s persistence for more than two hundred years. Antique watchmaking tools are copper-colored, silently explaining the rigor and dedication of watchmakers to every guest who enters here.

On the first floor, in the watch and clock exhibition hall, very scarce goods such as Vacheron Constantin’s mask series shine in the showcase. From the brand communications manager Zhang Yuwei, this is the most complete place of Vacheron Constantin’s products in Asia.

Alexandr Alexandre Kerguen, a watchmaker at headquarters in Shanghai for a long time, is in charge of the customer service center, providing customers with watch repair and maintenance, including cleaning, planing, and polishing. As long as you have time, you can drink red wine, smoke cigars, and learn about the collection of watches with watch craftsmen from Geneva. Customers can also see the watchmaker repair the watch with his own eyes, and the watches with complicated functions must be sent Back to Geneva headquarters for repairs. The Vacheron Constantin House also has a hidden VIP watch safe service room, where customers can deposit 14 watches, which are regularly maintained and maintained by watchmakers.

爱好者 For watch collection enthusiasts, it is a treat to watch watchmakers make every watch pointer, and to pursue endless details on the technical and aesthetic level.

日内瓦 The watchmakers from Geneva showed these old and complicated, traditional and modern handicrafts live. Not only that, Vacheron Constantin also offers ‘special custom workshops for attic artisan workshops’ for Chinese collectors. The guests talked happily with the watchmaker about the collection and selection of watches. Every collector loves that a watch designed and customized according to their needs is more distinctive and attractive.