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In the international market, Grand Seiko is a new brand, but in Japan it has a glorious history of more than half a century. Grand Seiko will be global in October 2010 Market entry.
At the 2010 Baselworld International Watch Fair, SEIKO WATCH CORPORATION announced its intention to provide Grand Seiko watches to the global market. Grand Seiko has completed preparatory work at this stage. It will ship to 20 markets in Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania in October.
 Grand Seiko brand
Since launching exactly 50 years ago, Grand Seiko has been SEIKO’s best product. A very simple and pure idea inspired it; the idea is: Grand Seiko is more accurate, more durable, clearer and more suitable for wearing than other watches in the world. Today, Grand Seiko is a luxury brand, providing customers with watches made by master watchmakers in SEIKO’s two dedicated watchmaking studios using exclusive movements and the highest-grade materials.
Every Grand Seiko watch can be identified at a glance because of its simple shape and its low-key elegance. From the earliest Grand Seiko watches in 1960 to today’s latest series, each Grand Seiko has a common practical beauty and pure design style, which has also become the symbol of the watch. Simply put, Grand Seiko is SEIKO’s top watch.

Seiko’s top watches since 1960
Grand Seiko Collection
22 watches from the Grand Seiko collection are designed for men. This series includes 10 mechanical watches, 9 watches equipped with Grand Seiko’s exclusive Spring Drive movement, and three other watches equipped with SEIKO’s commemorative 9F quartz movement. Grand Seiko’s quartz movements are all high-performance, each movement is completed to the highest standards of Grand Seiko and provides Grand Seiko unique features.
Never before has a new luxury brand come to the world market with such a strong technical support camp.

 9S Automatic Movement Series-9F Quartz Movement Series-Spring Drive Movement 9R Series
Website of Grand Seiko
Grand Seiko is already well-known in Japan, and in other markets, it also enjoys a good reputation among many collectors and watch enthusiasts, but the brand is still unknown to most consumers who are considering buying luxury watches of. In order for Grand Seiko to open its doors to the world, the company has set up an English website with a detailed description of the brand’s history, movement, watch series and quality. is the brand’s new home.

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Source: Seiko Watch Corporation