Life Is More Than Just The Eyes And The Desire To Chase Freedom

Many things have n’t had time to think about, so it happened quietly; many years were too late, and they were washed away by time … If there was no reminder from Gao Xiaosong, those who were busy for life would have forgotten, ‘Life is more than In front of me, there are poems and distant fields. ‘When Xu Wei hummed with a clean and slightly vicissitudes voice,’ You came to the world with your bare hands, desperate to find the sea. ‘I don’t know how many eyes are red I want to travel back in time and space to find a young dream and chase the desire for freedom.

   With superb craftsmanship and simple lines, the dream of mankind to fly freely in space and time is realized on a unique watch. The designer of the famous Swiss watch brand Amy Long captured this desire with sharp eyes. , Created the ‘wing of time’ series, which is deduced by the brand ‘wing scepter’ logo, which is called ‘LES AILES DU TEMPS’ in French. The brand-new ‘Soleos of the Wings of Time Series’ is both sporty and sophisticated, full of masculine masculinity. This men’s watch perfectly interprets the spirit of the times and expresses the theme of human desire for freedom to fly.

   The pursuit of detail of the Emilion Time Wing series Soleos watch is even more impressive. This watch is exquisite and elegant, and its elegant shape is also suitable for wearing on different occasions. The dial adopts three-dimensional solar radiation pattern, exquisite craftsmanship shows exquisiteness and fortitude. 40 mm diameter sports watch with hour, minute, second and 3-point date window display. There are two dial colors to choose from, white or green and blue are in line with the current trend, with a touch of quaint temperament. The angular case gives this watch an extraordinary charm. The toothed bezel showcases the fine metal cutting process and also makes the case very individual.

   The new Soleos watch from the Emilion Time Wing series combines the craftsmanship of excellence in every watch. Advocating freedom, eager to break through the shackles, and living in a stress-free life are the pursuit of most urbanites. Wear this Timewing series Soleos watch, let freedom and dreams fly on your wrist, always show your pursuit of life and The desire for freedom!