Moon Watch’ Watch Omega Speedmaster! Chinese Cars That Can Go To Space See The Wey Brand!

In the watch industry, when it comes to diving watches, flying watches, racing watches and other models, I believe that everyone will not be too unfamiliar. These watches were originally created to serve certain professional fields. They all have their own special ‘housekeeping skills’. But when it comes to ‘moon watch’, that is, a watch that can be used on the moon, only the Omega Speedmaster series. Here, the ‘lunar watch’ we are talking about was not created by the Omega brand for marketing. There are many real stories behind it. As early as 1962, American astronaut Wally Schirra personally purchased the Omega 2 Speedmaster series watch CK2998 as his first flight watch and performed the US manned space flight mission ‘ Mercury. In the ‘Mercury’ project-Hercules 8 mission, Shi Aila wearing the Omega Speedmaster series CK2998 boarded the Sigma 7 spacecraft, this watch is also the first Omega watch into space. Following the launch of the Omega Speedmaster “CK2998” blue and white limited edition watch in 2016, Omega launched a black and white limited edition of this series in 2018, which is still limited to 2998 pieces at a public price of 43,600 yuan. Classic black ceramic bezel with white enamel pulse reading scale for easy calculation of heartbeats per minute. The 39.7 mm watch uses a stainless steel case. The three classic black small dials are neatly arranged on the silver dial. From a distance, it feels a little ‘panda’. The hour and minute hands are blackened with Alpha hands, and the chronograph seconds hand is painted in red lacquer. The black leather strap of the racer style is full of sportiness. The back of the watch is engraved with a limited number of editions and the iconic emblem of the hippocampus, following the tradition of the original ‘CK 2998’ watch. The watch is equipped with the Omega 1861 movement, which has a deep historical connection with the moon watch. This rhodium-plated movement has a power reserve of 48 hours and uses traditional manual winding. Nowadays, the manual winding movement of the Speedmaster series watches is almost identical to the watch movement worn by NASA astronauts on the moon. In 1969, when President John F. Kennedy announced the challenge to manned the moon, only one American had stayed in space for 15 minutes and 28 seconds. This shows how bold this statement is. This historic moment accompanied the astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the moon’s surface. At that time, he was wearing a Speedmaster professional watch. Since then, this watch has a ‘lunar watch’. Good reputation. From the ‘Gemini’ program to today’s International Space Station program, the Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph is always the only NASA-certified equipment that can participate in all manned space flight missions. Today’s Omega Speedmaster professional chronograph, also commonly known as the ‘Moonwatch’, uses this 42mm chronograph with a black dial with a speedometer scale, showing a unique design style. Hour scale, central hour and minute hands are coated with Super-LumiNova. The carbon fiber crystal mirror protects the dial and features a 30-minute chronograph dial, a 12-hour chronograph dial and a small seconds dial. The stainless steel case with the same material bracelet or black leather strap, the movement also uses the Omega 1861 manual winding movement, also to pay tribute to the classic. The Omega ‘Moon Watch’ has a special case and two straps: one is a ‘NATO’ NATO military nylon strap, and the other is a strap for astronauts. In addition, there are bracelet changing tools and operating instructions, Speedmaster magnifiers, metal tags, and a booklet describing the exploration of Omega Speedmaster. The stainless steel case and the stainless steel bracelet ‘lunar watch’, the public price is 37,200 yuan, for ‘moon exploration’ enthusiasts, this Omega moon watch is indeed rich in high commemorative value. April 24 this year is China’s fourth spaceflight day. Since China’s first artificial earth satellite Dongfanghong 1 was successfully launched on April 24, 1970, it was approved by the State Council in 2016 and will be in April every year. The 24th is designated as China Aerospace Day. On this day, the Chinese luxury SUV leader WEY signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Aerospace Foundation and China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, officially becoming China Aerospace’s first partner in the automotive field. As this cooperation coincides with the first maritime launch of the Long March 11 launch vehicle, the WEY brand will create four ‘China firsts’: the automotive brand will become the Chinese aerospace business partner for the first time, reaching China’s first maritime launch partnership, national level The rocket was jointly named by the brand for the first time and China Aerospace and China Automotive jointly established the ‘Joint Technology Innovation Center’ for the first time. It is worth mentioning that the Long March 11 rocket undertaking the maritime launch mission was officially named ‘CZ-11 WEY’. When the rocket launch day is when the WEY brand really takes off, it will give the WEY brand Brings Supreme Glory. The cooperation between the WEY brand and China Aerospace is not just a superficial symbolic cooperation. The WEY brand and China Aerospace jointly create a ‘Joint Technology Innovation Center’. At the signing ceremony, the WEY brand also hired Mr. Peng Kunya, chief designer of the Long March 11 Solid Transportation Rocket of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, as the president of the United Technology Innovation Center and the technical inspector of the WEY brand. In this newly established joint technology innovation center, the two sides will integrate China’s aerospace technology into the research and development and manufacturing of automobiles through joint development. The specific content covers seven aspects including aerospace-grade aerodynamics, aerospace-grade zero-defect research and development, and aerospace-grade structural safety technology. The cooperation results obtained by the United Technology Innovation Center will first be applied to WEY VV6 Aerospace Special Edition models. If you say, the Omega Speedmaster series has written a legend of human spaceflight to the moon. Then, the Chinese luxury SUV leader WEY brand reached a strategic cooperation agreement with China Aerospace, which opened a period of history for Chinese brands to ‘go up’. I am also looking forward to what surprises the WEY VV6 special edition model with aerospace research and development strength will bring to everyone. Let us wait and see. (Text / Qiu Xiaozheng)